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Lion's Gate, Sirius, Binary Stars - 8th August

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

In this blog-post we will look at the deeper significance of Lion's Gate and its connection with the star Sirius. We will also look at theories regarding binary star systems and the research of Walter Cruttenden of the Binary Research Institute who believes our sun is in orbit with another star and there is a lot of evidence pointing towards Sirius. We will also look at the astrology surrounding the Lion's Gate portal in 2023 and the opportunity to bring healing for a lot of yin/feminine wounding dynamics and relationships.

Healing Divine Feminine Wounds

On the 8th August, retrograde Venus will be exactly conjunct with Black Moon Lilith (the wounded feminine, where our hidden power lies) at 23° in Leo. Here the wounded feminine meets the Lion and may need to look at some truths about any wounding or egoic patterns which are preventing her from being in her power and aligned with the divine and living in harmony. Retrograde Venus is supporting this with her loving energy as she meets Black Moon Lilith with compassion and care, yet also self-reflection. Typical fears or wounds of Black Moon Lilith can include: fear of unworthiness, feeling unsafe or insecure in the world, fearing rejection, fearing abandonment, fearing change or being obsessed with status in society, fearing failure or self-criticism, fearing loneliness, isolation or being a perfectionist, fearing loss, death or being obsessed with death, winning or losing, fearing meaninglessness and falling into existential crises, fearing neglect or being controlling, fearing powerlessness or struggling with power issues and finally fearing vulnerability or struggling with trust. It is these fears which can make us doubt in the divine or our soul's purpose for us.

Aslan is on the move...What Black Moon Lilith fears have we allowed to dominate or control our lives and where have we fallen out of harmony with nature? Are we compassionately ready to surrender them? Has this picture triggered any hidden shadow? What will be the consequences, or karma, for playing around with nature and natural law? How can we be more compassionate and respectful to our bodies, the planet and each other and restore harmony?

Facing our Fears or Wounds

Avoiding certain scenarios means that our fears continue to dominate our lives - we may do anything to try and avoid them such as lying, controlling others, deceiving ourselves, criticising, judging, being overly-dependent on others, rescuing, being prideful or arrogant or engaging in emotional manipulation. Venus in Leo will give us the courage to face and accept any uncomfortable feelings or truths which we may have feared - this may have meant that our path of healing has actually been in experiencing what we fear the most so that this energy loses its charge and power over us. Then we can transmute our fear and be in acceptance and peace or even experience an ego death; we may connect back with the high vibration of our soul and more positive outcomes and timelines for ourselves.

Fear-Based Control

We may feel to contemplate what a higher intelligence means to us rather than controlling every aspect of our lives - this 'higher intelligence' is always at work - step back and watch your body and notice how it breathes for you, it cleans and heals wounds for you, it digests your food with processes you may not understand - if people were honest, they would see that although their ego may think it understands life and has the right to control everything, it is really part of something vast, mysterious and highly intelligent. It may also be time to say no to anyone in our life who pressures us to act in certain ways based on their own conscious or unconscious fears and to end any patterns of people pleasing or giving our power away. In this blog-post I am sharing some messages I have received along with discussions with astrologer Oka Fala.

The 'Mesopotamian lion' on the wall leading to the Ishtar Gate which was covered in bulls, lions and dragons - all astrological symbols. In her form as Inanna, Ishtar was associated with Venus and there were some shadow aspects associated with her which might be highlighted to us with Retrograde Venus this August, ready for transformation.

Retrograde or 'Underworld' Venus

This Lion's Gate holds powerful lion energy which has courage, authentic leadership and strength behind it. Compassion, from Retrograde Venus in Leo, is ready to transform any old or dying patterns; this may include shadow work in the realm of relationships and romance. Retrograde energy is more internal and reflective and gives us a chance to see what's not working or is not aligned with truth, or the divine's plan for us. Unhealthy relationship patterns may be revealed and we may discover the roots of these patterns in the subconscious from our childhood, parents, past lives, or ancestral dynamics. Oftentimes an unhealthy relationship dynamic will play out any patterns of the mother or father which are as yet unresolved and Retrograde Venus may help us identify where we have got stuck in any relationships out of fear, guilt, dependence or shame. Leo will bring us the courage to look deep into the heart of the matter.

The Lion-heart

The following week will also be potent. The new moon in Leo will occur on the 16th August and on the 13th August, the sun will meet retrograde Venus at 20° in Leo bringing up some self-reflections regarding the things (or people) we love in life and whether we are following our passions or not and whether we have Self-love - love of the divine within. The moon will then meet Black Moon Lilith on the 16th August, followed by the sun on the 17th; these may be potent days for releasing anything regarding the wounded feminine back to the light which the sun shines a torch on. Leo also holds one of the astrological fire festivals, known as Lammas on the 1st August and true astrological Lammas will fall on the 7th of August when the sun reaches 15° in the fire sign, Leo. In Christian culture this festival is known as 'Loaf Mass Day' when the first produce of harvest is celebrated with offerings of bread and wheat. In Celtic traditions, the celebration is known as Lughnasadh and it reveres the beginning of the harvest.

Links to The 'Golden Age'

Leo is the Latin word for lion and it has Greek roots – the lion of this constellation features in mythology and was associated with the Nemean Lion, a magical golden lion who could not be killed by the weapons of mortals and was eventually strangled to death by Hercules – there is a wildness to the lion which should never be forgotten. The Dendera Egyptian zodiac also featured a lion. In the ‘Zodiac Man,’ Leo is found in the area of the heart, the most powerful organ which we cannot live without - here is the 'lion-heart,' the place of strength and courage. The metal element of gold is traditionally associated with the sun, ruler of Leo; gold carries the symbol of Au and some apt words which contain Au include: august, authority, authentic and aurora, (meaning dawn – when the light first appears in the sky before the rising of the sun.) Leo and the sun is therefore connected with the theme of the 'golden age' which we will look at further in the blog.

Canis Major (the Great Dog) from Sidney Hall's Urania's Mirror.

The 'Dog Days' - Sirius

The Lion's Gate on the 8th of August happens during a time when Sirius rises at predawn from late July and throughout August and September, due to its heliacal rising. This depends on the latitude with Sirius rising in Egypt at predawn on the 7th August - yet Sirius can still be seen in the early morning at the same time as the sun during early August in the UK by 7am, although she doesn't rise before the sun until the 6th of September at predawn for this latitude when she becomes the 'morning star.'

Sirius is a star in Canis Major (the Great Dog) and is therefore called the 'Dog Star.' The sun in Leo is also connected with Orion's Belt which I will discuss further in the post. This is a powerful time of activation, receiving light codes, meditation, purifying with sunlight and setting intentions and a lot of energy across the cosmos is aligned to support our seeds of intent. These are the 'dog days' of summer. This phrase came from the Romans as dies caniculares and the word canicular is used to describe the 'dog days' of summer which the Greeks and Romans believed was connected to heat and the light from Sirius.

The Orion Correlation Theory

We are decoding more and more about ancient sites and their alignments and positions which often will align to the stars or reveal clocks or calendars. Graham Hancock and engineer Robert Bauval studied the celestial alignments within the Giza site in Egypt and discovered a link regarding the positions of the Great Pyramids and the lion-like Sphinx with the constellations. "They found that by turning the precessional clock backward - reading back into time - the belt stars of Orion would have aligned neatly with the three Great Pyramids at Giza, and the Sphinx (with the body of a lion) would face Leo, exactly as that constellation rose on the vernal equinox around 10,500 BC (to 11,500 BC depending on precession methodology). Even more astonishing, it is at this time, from a certain vantage point, that the band of the Milky Way would have appeared to rise up as an extension of the Nile on the horizon, the sacred river merging with the celestial river - as above, so below." From Walter Cruttenden's Lost Star of Myth and Time.

Inside the pyramids were found 'star shafts' which were narrow ducts leading up to the heavens; it is theorised that the ancients may have seen them as ways that the souls departed to the stars. Others believe that they could have been air shafts. These shafts aligned with Alpha Draconis (the 'Dragon,') Orion's Belt, Sirius, and Beta Ursae Minoris; the Queen's chamber pointed to Sirius and the King's chamber pointed to Orion. Orion was linked with Osiris and Sirius was connected with his lover, Isis. Sirius was also associated with the goddess Sopdet who was syncretised with Isis. In Egyptian mythology, Osiris was killed by his brother Set (sunset) and his body was dismembered in the river and reeds - Isis (Sirius) retrieved the fragments and resurrected her lover and then became pregnant with Horus. For the Egyptians, the rising of Sirius at dawn every year in July marked the start of the annual flooding of the Nile and she was seen as a bright symbol of fertility of the land (Osiris) and its yearly 'resurrection.' Sirius was very important to the Egyptians and their Sothic calendar cycle was connected to the heliacal rising of Sirius which is seen at predawn every summer and Sirius would appear in the sky along with sun. The three stars of Orion's belt can be used as a pointer to find Sirius and they line up in the early mornings in earlier to late summer for the northern hemisphere.

I have super-imposed the Leo constellation next to an image of the Sphinx so that you can see how the Ancient Egyptians may have connected it with the Leo constellation in a reclining posture with paws out at the front.

Leo Major from Sidney Hall's Urania's Mirror, shown with outstretched paws and hind legs in this image. Leo Minor ('The Smaller Lion') is also shown above.

On Lion's Gate, the date of 8/8, we see two infinity symbols with two eights. Interestingly, there are currently 88 designated constellations of stars and the full list can be read here. There is something highly significant about this number.

The three main stars of Orion's Belt super-imposed perfectly on top of the three Giza pyramids. Other sacred sites across the world also show similar alignments such as the three Aztec pyramids at Teotihuacan in Mexico.

Ages of the Cosmos

In his book, Lost Star of Myth and Time, Walter Cruttenden spoke about how the ancient western and eastern philosophers perceived time to move in cycles or ages with corresponding societies of light and dark which rose and fell. Their view was of a cyclical universe rather than a linear evolution as presented by many historians today.

"They say that just as each day has an increasing and decreasing amount of light and darkness...and just as each year has its seasons correlating to the amount of light received on Earth, so too is there an even grander cosmic cycle. It is this cycle, say the seers of the past, that causes the periods of enlightenment and darkness to move across the stage of Earth's history. The myth and folklore of virtually every ancient culture mention this type of cycle, or speak of the Ages of Man, each ushering in periods of growth and decay. It is the basis of the ancient Vedic theory of the Yugas, which says that history repeats itself in great cycles. In the West, the Greeks were the last to openly teach this belief, calling the cycle the Perfect Year, or Great Year." From Lost Star of Myth and Time by Walter Cruttenden.

This cycle was connected with the Precession of the Equinoxes - this is the position of the sun against the zodiac as it rises above the horizon on the spring equinox, which slowly moves backwards (precesses) over the years. It takes just over 2,000 years for the equinox position to move through a zodiac sign, meaning a full cycle lasts 24,000 years. Currently we are in the last stages of the 'Age of Pisces' preparing for our shift into the 'Age of Aquarius.'

"They believed this Long Cycle had seasons, highlighted at its extremes with a Golden Age and a Dark Age, similar to but different from the summer and winter of an Earth year. This large cycle consisted of four time periods (called by the Greeks the ages of Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Iron), again similar to but different from the four seasons. These were further divided into shorter periods that collectively corresponded with the twelve zodiacal constellations, meaning that there were twelve ages within this great cycle just as there are twelve months within a year." From Lost Star of Myth and Time, by Walter Cruttenden.

Binary Star Systems

We are currently learning more about the movements and cycles of stars in our Universe and many stars are 'binary stars' meaning that they orbit around one or more other stars. The writer and researcher Walter Cruttenden believes that our star is a binary star and has been conducting research at the Binary Research Institute. His documentary is called The Great Year and can be watched here which talks about the nature of the 'Precession of the Equinoxes' which, as mentioned, shifts in a cycle of around 24,000 years, called 'the great year' - and how this cycle could be explained due to a binary star orbit.

The Great Year

In Walter's documentary, The Great Year, the following ideas were discussed regarding the Precession of the Equinoxes and its possible connection with a binary star:

"In 1894, Swami Sri Yukteswar, a great Hindu sage described our solar system and the great cycle...The sun with its planets and their moons takes some star for its dual and revolves around it in about 24,000 years of our earth - a celestial phenomenon which causes the backward movement of the equinoctial points around the zodiac."

The documentary also revealed that binary stars are actually more common than we may have realised: "Roughly half the stars in the universe are alone, and the other half are in groups and often the groups consist of two and if we talk about a group of two then we talk about the binary stars. It can also be 3, 4, 5, there is no limit on that."

In this model, as the two suns approach each other, reflecting back their light, we experience golden ages and as the suns move away from each other, the earth goes into periods of darkness and darker ages. In Western culture, a cycle of four ages was spoken about consisting of the golden age, the silver age, the bronze age and the iron age. In Hindu culture this was known as the Yuga cycle consisting of the Satya, Treta, Dvapara and Kali Yugas. The ages had different spans, but in total it also took 24,000 years to complete one Yuga cycle, although Walter Cruttenden points out that there is a lot of misinterpretation regarding Yuga science with some asserting that instead of 'earth years,' the cycle composes of 24,000 'divine years' making the cycle absurdly long and no longer correlating with the Precession of Equinox cycle which is 24,000 years and is an observable aspect of astronomy.

Again, it is good to mindful that these are the darkest of times for humanity and much of our 'divine science' has been lost and is slowly returning in bits and pieces. Cruttenden also quoted from Sri Yukteswar that this error of Yuga science was made during the time of Raja Parikshit who most likely did not want to announce to the world that it had entered into the darkest of ages (Kali Yuga) during his reign and so he prolonged the cycles! This act of deceit was, ironically, as expected of the times of Kali Yuga!

The four ages of the sun in a binary star system showing the golden age of enlightenment as the stars approach each other, followed by darker ages of ignorance as they move away - note the movement creates a figure 8, linking us back to this sacred number again. Graphics by Water of Awakening.

Stars Affect Each Other

"This leads to the proposition of a simple hypothesis: As our Sun moves in a vast orbit around its companion star, it carries the Earth in and out of a magnetic, electromagnetic, or otherwise subtle energy field that impacts the planet and life on a grand scale. Eventually the effect shows outwardly as a positive or negative change in civilization, depending on whether we are getting closer to or farther from the source of influence...This of course implies that we as human beings are not independent of the invisible forces in the cosmos that constantly surround us. We already know that things as subtle as weak magnetic fields and ionic charges in the air affect the way we think, interact with and perceive the world around us...

"Every star produces electrical and magnetic forces in varying degrees, and a number of well-documented cases suggest that certain stars can dramatically impact Earth and its processes...Electricity is a result of electrons in motion and everything has electrons, so it can be said that everything in the physical universe has electrical properties or "electricity" to some degree. All rotating bodies have magnetic fields, from the tiniest electron up to the largest star - albeit some much greater than others. Our universe is literally awash with subtle electrical and magnetic properties or electro and magnetic waves, if you will." From Lost Star of Myth and Time, by Walter Cruttenden.

Effects of Distant Suns and Energy Fields

We see this also play out on a 'micro-scale' regarding the impacts of reduced or increased amounts of sunlight across the different hemispheres throughout the year. Walter also pointed out that we also know that other suns do already impact us and solar flares from distant suns have already been recorded such as radiation from SGR 1900+14 which impacted earth on the 27th August 1998 and radio blackouts were experienced. Research has also been conducted demonstrating the impacts on mental health and well-being regarding differing levels of ions, magnetic fields and EMF for example. We are also discovering more about Schumann resonances and how these may affect us.

The Dark Ages

Some believe we have been in the darkest age - Kali Yuga - the age of conflict and sin. In 499 CE Aryabhata, wrote that the Kali Yuga age began in 3102 BCE and some have said that this cycle will last 432,000 years in total. Whereas Swami Sri Yukteswar believed that the cycles were shorter - in the model he proposed, the great year lasted 24,000 years for the suns to orbit each other. As mentioned, it is perhaps no accident that there is a lack of astrological clarity regarding these cycles or information regarding a binary star system - we have been in the darkest and most ignorant of times and as such this knowledge has been forgotten in our consciousness.

"Brothers will fight and kill each other,

sisters' children will defile kinship.

It is harsh in the world, whoredom rife

—an axe age, a sword age —shields are riven—

a wind age, a wolf age— before the world goes headlong.

No man will have mercy on another."

Ursula Dronke's translation of the Norse poem, Völuspá from the Poetic Edda written during the 13th century.

In the bible, these final or 'iron' times can be seen in the chaotic world of the Book of Revelations:

"And he shall rule them with a rod of iron; as the vessels of a potter shall they be broken to shivers: even as I received of my Father."

In other mythologies different ages have been described such as the 'five suns' of Aztec culture, the four ages of Tolkien's mythopoeia and the three ages of Buddhism. Many ancient myths speak of golden ages and 'gardens' of the past followed by cataclysms and downfalls - instead of dismissing these tales as fabrications, could they hold deeper truths about cyclical existence which is unending, with no beginning and no end and that time is not linear, but cyclical? Isn't this what spiritual texts have always pointed to - the Self was never born and will never die and the Self is one with the cosmos?

'Remembering' by Water of Awakening. The stone is from Göbekli Tepe - the world's oldest temple which is thought to be aligned with Sirius.

The Rise and Fall of the 'Ages'

Graham Hancock also agrees regarding the cyclical nature (the rise and fall of 'ages') of societies which Walter Cruttenden spoke about in his documentary The Great Year rather than the 'linear' model of evolution often presented; both have presented a lot of evidence in their talks and books about highly developed artefacts, sites or items from ancient times suggesting that these ancestors were more than simple 'hunter-gatherers.' Graham also spoke about Göbekli Tepe, the world's oldest temple, discovered in Southern Turkey which is thought to be aligned to Sirius and could be 12,000 years old, putting it in the Age of Leo:

“We are used to things starting out small and simple and then progressing--evolving--to become ever more complex and sophisticated, so this is naturally what we expect to find on archaeological sites. It upsets our carefully structured ideas of how civilizations should behave, how they should mature and develop, when we are confronted by a case like Göbekli Tepe that starts out perfect at the beginning and then slowly devolves until it is just a pale shadow of its former self.” Graham Hancock, Magicians of the Gods: The Forgotten Wisdom of Earth's Lost Civilization.

A lion at Göbekli Tepe.

Scientific Evidence Supporting the Binary Theory

In the following talk, Walter Cruttenden talked about the evidence we currently have from astrophysicists which points to the likelihood of there being a large mass, (either an undiscovered planet or a sun) which is influencing our sun and planets. Walter believes this evidence supports the theory of a binary star. Some astrophysicists are looking in the direction of Sirius, Orion's Belt and up to Pleiades for the discovery. "When we looked at the outer solar system, we realised that while most of the very distant objects beyond Neptune, beyond Pluto - most of these objects they all go around the sun and then they're all sort of pointing off in all different directions, but the most distant objects all swing out in one direction in a very strange way that shouldn't happen and we realised that the only way we could get them all to swing in one direction is if there is a massive planet also very distant in the solar system, keeping them in place while they all go around the sun....There is a big mass out there, it is affecting our solar system. Of course they're not looking for a star at this point, they're just looking for a planet, but a lot of people are looking."

Walter then explained that some researchers at Cornell University are looking into the possibility of this massive planet being a black hole which is of course a 'dead star.'

"A black hole is just some theoretical object that's only like 5 cm or so and so it virtually ensures that they'll never find it. But I think this scenario will play out for twenty or thirty years and then we'll get round to more serious business."

In the Rider-Waite Tarot card for Strength, a goddess is depicted lovingly holding the head of a lion – she has an infinity symbol over her head or the number 8. The binary pattern of two stars moving together forms an infinite figure 8. Could this woman reflect the second binary star? Is she Sirius/Isis? In connecting with this ancient knowledge, will we find our strength?

Sirius Business

It is indeed possible that the second star has already become a black hole which would mean locating it challenging. Yet others believe that Sirius could be the second binary star for a few reasons. Firstly, Sirius doesn't move much like the other stars in precession. From ancient times, its position has not changed much at all. Secondly, Sirius was described by the ancients as a red star meaning that it had 'redshift.' If a star has redshift it means that it is moving away from us. Nowadays Sirius is seen as white or blue-white. 'Blueshift' means that an object is moving towards us. This may suggest that instead of moving 'across' the sky in precession there is something curious happening with Sirius and it may be moving away at times or towards our sun.

Sirius A and Sirius B (a white dwarf known as 'the pup') on the bottom left.

Be mindful and discerning with the information you research in these fields - there are false light workers presenting information in order to get a following or for egoic agenda and there is also 'controlled opposition' meaning someone presenting views in a distorted (and sometimes wacky) way to discredit a movement.

Sirius Research Group

Currently the Binary Research Institute have listed the evidence supporting the binary star theory on their website which can be found here. Walter Cruttenden also believes that Sirius could be a possibility and in his book Lost Star of Myth and Time he wrote the following about its relationship with earth and research by the Hommans at the Sirius Research Group:

"With a telescope mounted in a fixed position (fastened to never move) pointed at Sirius, they take regular transit readings, recording the exact time this star passes the crosshairs of the telescope each day...What they are really measuring is the Earth's exact period of rotation relative to Sirius...they have a synch-generated quartz clock and radio, tuned to the Universal Time Coordinate signal (UTC audible atomic time) broadcast from Fort Collins, Colorado.

By compiling and averaging multiple readings over various time periods they can get extremely accurate measurements of Earth's daily spin rate in relation to the star Sirius. They have found two interesting results: 1) the Earth's rotation period relative to this star is in alignment with the tropical year, not the sidereal year, and 2) when Sirius B went in front of Sirius A in 1989 (relative to Earth, as it does every 50 years), the Earth's spin rate slowed down, losing a full second per day for a period of several weeks before the event - and then speeded up, gaining a second per day for several weeks after the shows that there is an observable gravitational relationship between our system and the Sirius system."

If Sirius is our binary star, then having a 'dog star' as our eternal and loyal 'best friend' seems very apt. The dog is also perhaps the most loving of animals, they have a huge heart and come as a blessing in our lives, just as Sirius was treasured by the ancients.

Mysteries Revealed at Göbekli Tepe

Göbekli Tepe in Southern Turkey

In many temples and cultures across the world, Sirius has been revered and positions have been aligned with her. Göbekli Tepe in Southern Turkey, thought to be the world's oldest temple, is believed by some to be aligned with Sirius. Graham Hancock spoke about this site in his recent documentary 'Ancient Apocalypse;' he believes it is an astrological site demonstrating that our ancient ancestors had highly advanced knowledge and that it is likely that this knowledge was lost through a serous of cataclysms on the earth. Yet repeatedly Hancock has faced a lot of criticism and backlash from more conservative historians.

“to be clear that in signalling the decades around 2012 as the end of a great cycle, the Maya were not speaking of the end of the world, as such, but rather of the end of an age – ‘a time of great transformation and world rebirth’ – that would be followed by the beginning of a new great cycle or world age. This, in the Mayan scheme of things, is the turbulent and dangerous time of transition we live in today. It is therefore strange, and indeed somewhat eerie, to find the solar and astronomical coordinates of the exact same 80-year window between 1960 and 2040 prophesied by the Maya to mark a turning point in human history, carved in high relief on a 12,000-year-old pillar in Göbekli Tepe in far-off Turkey.” From Magicians of the Gods: Evidence for an Ancient Apocalypse by Graham Hancock.

The pillar he is referring to is pillar 43 which, most likely, shows images of constellations which Hancock believed pointed to the sun in Sagittarius (centre of the Milky Way) at a time of winter solstice. Regardless of modern-day interpretations, it is clear that 12,000 years ago, people were not mere 'hunter-gatherers' as our history claims - they had vast astrological knowledge that was lost to time. Many researchers get heavily criticised by 'mainstream' historians who have their own conservative agendas and a lot of research can be dismissed as 'pseudohistory.' Some information is wacky and false, yet some research can be revealing or even revelatory - trust in your intuition in these times.

The Egyptian god Ra travelling across the sky, on his sun barque vessel called the Mandjet or the Boat of Millions of Years.

Is our boat now turning a corner? Are we steering towards a new era of remembrance and consciousness?

Portal of Light

In 2021, while walking along Glastonbury Tor, I met a brother called Hamish who synchronistically had read the same book which I was reading about the Pleiades. We later organised a Lion's Gate ceremony that summer and Hamish shared his light code paintings as part of the ceremony. His artwork can be found on his Instagram page here and prints are also available.

May you have a powerful August and Lion's Gate blessings.

Artwork by Hamish Ross

Additional Information - Added on the 13th August 2023

As predicted in my last blog-post, there was a lot of 'wacky' information circulating around Lion's Gate. This included one astrologer who had made a post which was shared quite widely explaining why she no longer celebrated Lion's Gate for various reasons including linking it to Freemasons who have an interest in Sirius, then contradicting herself and calling it 'new' (even though freemasonry is not new) and 'false light matrix' and then said it could have links with the lion's gate that Jesus past through on his way to his crucifixion! Much of this and the responding comments felt egoic and divisive and there was a clear lack of awareness about why Sirius was so respected by the ancients - which is reflected in theories of alignments to Sirius at ancient sites across the world and how she features in mythology. I have spoken about the deeper significance of Sirius and 8/8 (numerology, Orion correlation theory etc) and how it could be connected with the current search for a binary star in this blog-post here. Shadow Work I also shared that the astrology is quite intense at the moment in regard to shadow work with Venus retrograde and Black Moon Lilith in Leo and there will be some powerful conjunctions coming up next week which I mentioned in the blog. This is not the time to be projecting shadow onto others or falling into dualistic narratives. There can be a tendency to dismiss Freemasonry esoteric knowledge as 'evil' - yet for centuries esoteric knowledge which was concealed from the masses has been passed down - yes, there was a system of patriarchy, but also many people have not been ready also for higher knowledge and may have misused it. We are now waking up from this patriarchal system and many of us are reclaiming lost knowledge. Some Freemasons may have become corrupt along the way, but to judge and consider it all as evil is missing the connection with true masonry - the pure blueprints or esoteric wisdom such as sacred geometry, building cathedrals, numerology and astrology. Yet the astrologer I am mentioning focused on the corrupt nature of the symbols for example calling 8 the '“The Right to Rule” through a bloodline, or other elitist concepts." She was focusing on how a symbol can be inverted, rather than its pure blueprint which she didn't mention at all. In its purity, 8 can represent infinity, the hour glass and it is used in Tarot in connection with Leo and the sun. 8 can also represent a binary movement. I believe strongly that our shift to the Age of Aquarius is about purifying (with the water-bearer's blessings) in order to release the corruptions and return to the pure blueprints. To throw everything away is unwise and fails to see the innocence beneath the layers and corruption. Seeing the Value in What Others Value If some people find value and worth in connecting with Sirius (and there are many reasons why people may, which I explained in the blog,) there is nothing unloving or false about that and I am 'calling out' this kind of behaviour which is not ethical and is divisive in the spiritual community. If we are speaking publicly then we need to be responsible for what we are sharing and in these times if we are sharing that things are false when they can be backed up with real astrology then it's deceptive and misleading and seems to be coming from a 'superior' place of the ego. The ego can struggle to see value in what others value - it may want all the attention on what it sees as important alone and can invalidate or devalue the experiences and values of others which may differ. The path of the soul acknowledges what has genuine value or worth to people - this is the pathway of seeking to empower others, not put them down or dismiss what they are doing as invaluable. Obviously if someone is organising an event (or social media) with an egoic agenda such as making money, just to gain a following or to use the energy for their private agendas and manifestations then this could be considered 'false light' - but this is obvious to spot for those with intuition and also this is about the individual, not the stars! I spent the time acknowledging the stars, visiting a place in nature associated to me with Leo (Lion's Rock) and connected with nature and trying to do my shadow work and purify. But simply acknowledging the Sirius star rising with the morning sun in Leo and connecting with her history and mythology and the deeper esoteric wisdom associated with her doesn't seem unloving or 'false' to me.

Sirius (Isis) lined up beneath the three stars of Orion's Belt (Osiris.) Image by Bob King.

The Heliacal Cycle of Sirius Firstly, the Lion's Gate 'portal' is about Sirius rising with the sun at predawn and her heliacal cycle which is when a star appears before the sun rises annually, after the earth has completed an orbit around the sun and it then becomes the 'morning star.' The term 'lion's gate' has clearly been used because it's happening in Leo whose symbol is the lion. I can't see anything sinister about that and don't feel it's about the gate that Jesus passed through for his crucifixion. No esoteric group 'owns' Sirius and this is definitely not 'new.' Someone also said how they preferred to connect with local energies instead of their latitude, rather than Egypt. That is fair enough, however it is important to remember that Sirius doesn't belong to Egypt - this is the beauty of stars, they are universal - as above, so below. She won't rise just before the sun at predawn until around the 6th of September in the UK. Sirius will still be in our morning skies in the UK for example in August and on the following map you can see that she is visible with the sun by 7am and Venus joins them both shortly after. And by September in the UK you can see how this changes and Sirius rises before the sun and becomes our 'morning star.' In certain places in the Southern hemisphere, Sirius is circumpolar, meaning that she never sets and more information on this can be found here. In New York for example, she rises at predawn on the 17th of August, becoming their 'morning star' - I have included a graph of latitudes in the post below. Yes it's true that people may wish to connect with a local time for Sirius rising at their particular latitude, yet connecting with the 8/8 as she rises in Egypt does have significance.

7th (8th) August Sirius Rises in Egypt - 8/8 It is quite fascinating that she rises just before the sun at predawn in Egypt around the 7th of August which is astrological Lammas of 15° Leo, right next to 8/8 - this is the place where the Giza pyramids, the giant lion Sphinx and the mythology are connected with her; in the sky she 'lines' up beneath Orion's belt (Osiris) which consists of three stars which match the alignment of the three Giza pyramids according to the Orion Correlation theory. Osiris was her 'twin' lover whom Isis (Sirius) resurrected yearly in summer with the flooding of the Nile as she rose at dawn. The Ancient Egyptians also had a Sothic calendar cycle connected to the heliacal rising of Sirius. If people don't find this fascinating, that's totally ok, but some people may find this beautiful and may enjoy the mythology and cultural history of the stars.

Orion's Belt lining up with Sirius and the earth. The 'Dogs Days' of Greece and Rome Her presence in the sky with the sun was thought to bring intensity, fever and heat according to the Greeks and Romans - the Romans called these days in August the 'dog days' after Sirius also known as the 'dog star' in the constellation Canis Major (the Great Dog.) This phrase came from the Latin dies caniculares and the word canicular is used to describe the 'dog days' of summer. If Sirius is our fellow binary star then this significance takes on a whole different level of understanding more about this 'intensity' and why we may wish to connect with her as part of the 'Great Year' understood by the ancients and connected with the Preccession of the Equinoxes - I spoke about this in detail in the blog. Astrologically we have been in the 'dark ages' of Kali Yuga or the 'Iron Age' - so much of our esoteric knowledge has been corrupted or lost in patriarchy. A friend in Bali recently shared with me that the Balinese priests say that we are in the hardest part of Kali Yuga right now, where up is down and down is up. It is the illogical, nonsensical part of the Yuga and no-one knows what is true anymore. In these times people may get lost in polarity and battles of good versus evil and avoid their own shadow work. Connecting with our soul and heart is vital in these times, rather than looking outwardly to find truth. Being discerning and selective is key, rather than judgemental. Some of the Greeks such as Homer even described Sirius as evil. Remember that in classical astrology some of the planets were described in negative terms, such as Mars and Saturn who were called 'malefic' - this is very dualistic and fails to see the wholeness of what something represents and the age in which it is found. If we see Mars, Saturn and Sirius negatively then we will fail to see the gifts and growth that they can bring and I wrote about how we can connect with the divine blueprint of Mars beneath the patriarchal conditioning here and for Saturn here. If the binary model of our sun is correct for Sirius, then our sun moving away from her led to 'dark' times and moving towards her led to golden ages. There are potentially mixed blessings associated with her. "Like Seirios (Sirius) rising from Okeanos (Oceanus), brilliant and beautiful but full of menace for the flocks." Apollonius Rhodius, Argonautica (Greek epic 3rd century B.C.) "A star that keenest of all blazes with a searing flame and him men call Seirios (Sirius). When he rises with Helios (the Sun), no longer do the trees deceive him by the feeble freshness of their leaves. For easily with his keen glance he pierces their ranks, and to some he gives strength but of others he blights the bark utterly." Aratus, Phaenomena (Greek astronomical poem 3rd century B.C.) Graham Hancock has done a lot of research looking at ancient sites and possible connections with Sirius. Sirius: The Star of the Maltese Temples is a book by Lenie Reedijk detailing the alignment of temples in Malta which shift slightly with a Precession curve that fits with Sirius, as one example. There is some information here about Sirius in mythology from across the world including in the Southern hemisphere.

Latitudes and dates for the rising of Sirius at predawn from

'Controlled Opposition'

Keep an eye out for controlled opposition - this is when someone infiltrates a movement spreading false claims to distort or discredit it from within. There is also a lot of false information online so use your discernment and intuition about what is true. Also look out for power struggles in a spiritual community which come from the ego - this can dismiss the value or worth in others and what they are doing while trying to seem superior in knowledge and be on 'the pedestal' at the top. We are all unique and connect with different energies in different ways and we all have our own path to walk which is not better or less than anyone else. There can also be a tendency to dismiss others as 'new age' in a derogatory fashion, yet the reality is we are no longer in the 'old age' of Pisces - we are transitioning into the new Age of Aquarius - this happens every 2,000 years and is part of the Precession of the Equinoxes - an observable part of our astronomy. Two thousand years ago, Jesus, at the beginning of the Age of Pisces, didn't have to grapple with some of the very new things that we now need to integrate into our collective psyche such as the internet and therefore global communication. There are very new things emerging that we need to assimilate and it can be overwhelming at times - but that is also not to say that everything new is helpful and in these times we are needing to be very discerning.

Ego Traps in 'New' Times Yet these times do require new ways of being, perceiving and thinking - just by using the computer we are acting, thinking and using the body in ways that were different to even twenty years ago. We can't be in denial of the changes happening, yet also we don't have to fear them either and the question is how can we assimilate the changes in a way which is soulful and how can we use the new items such as internet in a way which is productive, mindful and wise rather than lose ourselves in it or give our power away. It is a question of how we use our energy in the most conscious way. And how can we co-create together with respect and bring more value and worth to our world, or simply perceive what has value, as it is, in the world. Just because the 'new' is present doesn't mean that the old loses value.

These times require a strong, grounded connection to our roots and our ancestors - it's not about throwing everything away, but a question of seeing what is pure and true and can be brought with us on our journey. Some of our 'new' thoughts, patterns or habits may not be healthy or aligned and self-reflection is vital. Every moment is always new and fresh and those in ego, (caught in either the past or getting to the future) are not living in the ever-changing 'present moment' but stuck in their thoughts about reality. We all are connected with the divine, higher intelligence or quantum field, (however you phrase it) and receive messages and can channel, whether we are consciously attuned to this or not. Our soul knows everything about us and our unique journey. We are not helpless floating ducks on a turbulent storm here without direction or clarity in these times.

Being Grounded

I feel that the question in spiritual communities to ask is if someone is coming from a place of ego or if they are authentically wishing to be of service to something greater than themselves. There can be a lot of spiritual bypassing with people refusing to talk about more uncomfortable things and corruptions going on in our systems and a lot of 'turning the blind eye.' We need to be honest with each other, yet also supportive and empowering in potentially turbulent times as we go through these changes collectively and more is brought to the light about what's not been working in our 'old age' systems. Speaking badly about others or dismissing their value as 'new age' is not helpful - when this derogatory term is used, are people sensing that someone is ungrounded or not genuine and coming from the ego? Would it be helpful to be more specific? What exactly does someone mean when they use this term? If someone is not willing to be specific and continues to dismiss someone without reason (devaluing,) why are they doing this? Competing or putting others down to make yourself seem superior is an egoic pattern.

And of course be wise and discerning about the intentions of the groups around you. I also don't give my power away to any person or any day and don't practise group ceremonies anymore, preferring to be in nature and do my own prayers and blessings - I connect with the sacredness of each moment and the sacredness within rather than give my power away to a day. I also don't follow fixed rules here and am open to how my soul guides me in the flow. Yet I feel the beauty of Sirius (Isis) and her ancient mythology and the deeper implications of what she may represent to us and I hope that people feel safe to also connect with Sirius at this time, if the feeling calls them.

For those who are interested more in earth energies - Egypt and the Giza pyramids are found at the throat chakra of the earth. Perhaps this is also why it has felt so pertinent for me in speaking up for Sirius in Leo and expressing something about all this in response to the negativity. May this throat continue to speak freely and clearly and share its messages. Many blessings.

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