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Vaccinations and Corporations: Full Moon Truths

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

It’s the full moon, when truths can seem bright and apparent to us. This full moon is in Aries – a powerful sign for courage, taking action or taking a stand and this sign is ruled by Mars, the Roman God of War. Yet there is a softness to the energy of this full moon with Venus (the lover of Mars and Goddess of Love) being strong in her ruling sign of Libra. Mercury (who in Roman mythology held the Caduceus staff with two snakes - a symbol used in healthcare) is also now direct and in his ruling sign of Virgo, the realm of health. Pluto in Capricorn has finally gone direct, so there is some clear direction in the subconscious Underworld for our navigations ahead. Chiron, the Wounded Healer, is still in retrograde in Aries meaning that there can still be some things to reflect on in the field of health and healing, particularly on the topics of courage and speaking up (Aries.) With these placements, it now feels like an opportune time to discuss some recent events that have happened in the UK regarding vaccinations and health. I would encourage you to read the email in full with an open mind before making any conclusions. For some time, I have wanted to write on this topic, but I have been waiting for the right moment. That time is now.

'Mercury' by Evelyn de Morgan, (1875-1880)

Closure of a Vaccine Centre

On Saturday the 1st of October, former police officer Mark Sexton and a group of people with the support of the police were granted the closure of a vaccine centre at the University of Bristol on review of the safety of the vaccinations due to new scientific research which has just been released by cardiologist Dr Aseem Malhotra whose father suddenly died from a cardiac arrest; Malhotra has claimed that the vaccines are damaging the heart and are a danger to health. Sexton has presented a case to the police and spoken with MPs regarding crimes of corporate manslaughter and gross criminal manslaughter: Here are snippets of the conversation between Mark Sexton and his group with the inspector and how they managed to alert him to the damning research recently made public on the dangers. Hearing the evidence presented, the centre was subsequently closed and I would encourage you to read some of their extracted words to the end, with-holding judgement, which I have transcribed below or watch the complete videos of Mark Sexton and Aseem Malhotra:

Mark Sexton: “On Tuesday, five doctors went to Downing Street and they demanded the vaccine be stopped immediately. That has been ignored. We’ve waited patiently, we’ve been trying to get these things withdrawn. We know they’re causing damage. We’ve come from all over the country today. We haven’t picked on Bristol because we’re bored, it’s a central location. We respect that the people have the right to put whatever they want into their body but the issue we have is that they are not getting informed consent. The other issue we have is, the evidence that is now pointing to serious harm is being suppressed by the government, and then we find out it’s not being suppressed, they’re putting it out there but people are not looking. We’re looking. We’ve found it. We have it here... Peer-Reviewed Research

“Evidence has now come out from the government that these vaccines are causing harm, injury and death on a huge scale. The government hasn’t done the right thing by with-drawing them. Dr Aseem Malhotra, who is an imminent consultant cardiologist based in London has over the last nine months produced a peer-review paper, that peer-review paper was released on Tuesday to the public, it was also released to the press. It’s a very damning peer-review paper. He’s calling for an immediate removal of all vaccines because of the harm, injury and death they are causing. They are causing more damage than Covid itself and that is never right. On the same day, the World Council for Health also supported this document and they too, and their doctors have demanded for the vaccine to be stopped immediately. Likewise, five doctors went to Downing Street on Tuesday and they too produced this document that said you’ve got to stop this vaccine roll-out. So, we’ve been waiting for the government to do the right thing. They haven’t. People are coming in here today and all over the country and being injected with something, a poison, that is causing harm, injury and death on a scale that is unprecedented. I’m not expecting you to go through every document that we’ve brought today, that would be unrealistic but what I can do is I can show you government data that is new and fresh. I can show you a four minute video from the doctor himself that is showing and explaining these things are dangerous, they are toxic and they have to be withdrawn...

Russian Roulette "We are here today as peaceful, we’re good people, we’re here out of love, respect and to protect our fellow man from the harm, injury and death. We are all devastated to see so many children coming in here today. The data is through the roof about the harm it's causing. We don’t want any more children to suffer, we don’t want anybody else to suffer. What you will see is alarming. We want these vaccines stopped. They are a weapon. They are not doing anything medically, that is now proven and we have that today and you as police officers, constables, have a duty to protect the public from harm, injury and death...We understand legislation. I understand you’ve got rules and regulations. I understand you have to follow orders. However, when those orders become unlawful and people are knowingly being hurt, your duty is to the people, not to the government and not to your bosses. You swore an oath. That oath was to be independent, protect us from harm, injury, death and loss. Today, people are walking into that room and they’re walking into a situation of Russian Roulette – we're demanding that that pistol is removed, these vials are taken into police custody because they are part of a really evil and wicked crime against humanity, against every man, woman and child in the United Kingdom... Nuremberg Code

“This might sound far-fetched, however the evidence fully supports what I’ve just said. I’m not here because I’m crazy. I’m not here because I’ve got nothing better to do. I’m here because I care. I care about you, I care about everybody here, my children and my grandchildren. These things are causing so much harm, the public is not being told the truth and that’s why we’re here today....We know that harm, injury and death is being caused, we’ve got the data, we’ve been doing this for two and a half years. The government knows, the police know, the senior police, not you personally, the NHS knows and all these people know the harm that is being caused and they are continuing to push a vaccine they know is causing harm, injury and death, a vaccine they know does not work, a vaccine that does not protect you, does not stop transmission, that is negative efficacy, and people are taking their 6th dose. It’s a lie, the information is here, pregnant women are losing their babies, elderly are dying, people are suffering heart-attacks all across the world on the football pitch, athletes. We’re all seeing it. They’re blaming everything else. They’re blaming, too much sun, they’re blaming shovelling the snow, they’re blaming your tea’s too strong. They’re blaming everything else, but the problem is the vaccine...They’re not getting informed consent. In law, the Nuremberg Code states that if you are given a medication you have to be told the pros and the cons – people are not being told the devastation that these things are causing. They’re not being told.”

Second man: “A lot of us got lied to in the beginning. It was get the jab or lose your job.” Crimes Against Humanity

Third Man: “This was orchestrated by governments all round the world. This was a genocidal attack. Every government around the world is complicit. There has been a military-global alliance in the background. There are lots of other things going on – children being rescued – there's a massive problem within the UK, 112,000 children a year get taken, 8 million children a year worldwide. You have a moral duty today to stop all of this...the truth will be told and you will be complicit, as I’ve said before, in one of the greatest crimes against humanity. It takes one good man to do the right thing. Today is your day sir.”

Mark Sexton: “We have got a problem and it’s not because of Covid, it’s because of the vaccine. This is all government data. This is all government statistics. Our own government...Covid-19 vaccine is weakening the immune system, that’s why people keep having to have boosters. They’re having boosters because the vaccines are failing and they’re harming people...That's government extrapolated data.” Why is this happening?

Mark Sexton: “I’ll tell you what’s going to happen. You’ll go back to your bosses, they’re going to push it up the chain – it's going to get so far up the chain and they’ll say we’re not doing anything about it. ‘Government legislation, if they want to complain they need to speak to the MPs.’ We’ve done that to death. So, when you leave here today, nothing’s going to happen. That’s fact. We’ve identified crime. We’ve identified that the government is responsible for the murder and manslaughter of thousands and thousands of people and the harm and serious injury of hundreds of thousands of people, because they know. I spoke to Nadhim Zahawi the vaccine minister via email in June of 2021 and made him aware that this is what’s happening, you need to stop the vaccine. Three hours later he went on national TV saying ‘the vaccines are safe, keep going.’ That was basically ‘up yours Mark Sexton.’ Now, that man is complicit and every person since that day who suffered from harm, injury or death – that's on him. This is what we’re up against. It doesn’t matter what we say or do, it’s ‘vaccine, vaccine, vaccine, booster, vaccine, booster.’ For some reason, all over the world, they want everybody vaccinated. Why? And this is the question you guys, we need, and every man, woman and child in the world not just in the UK, why are they so hell-bent on getting everybody vaccinated for a disease that is on par with the flu and pneumonia?”

Inspector: “I’m not a medical expert, I can’t tell you any of this.”

Mark Sexton: “You’re an intelligent man. You’re an inspector. You have to rationalise what is being said. Why is Bill Gates, a computer genius, pushing vaccines?”

Inspector: “My personal viewpoint away outside of the uniform is a different matter. But as a policeman, I’ve got to be independent, I’d like to think, you said we were outstanding – we've listened to everything we’ve done and I’d like to think we’ve given you a good time. Someone else said that earlier that previously we made you go outside of the police station and stand in the cold to talk to us – I think we’ve been reasonable in allowing you here to use the facilities for the toilets and stuff that people have been coming and going. Listening to it. Some officers don’t like a lot of video being very in their face and they asked for you to come away but I get that this is a group, you’re all together, you’re all one and want the same message to be spread, so we’ve been respectful of it.” Crimes have been Identified

Mark Sexton: “But now in law, your law, my law, crimes have been identified. You have a duty now to investigate this crime. You also have a duty to contact the Metropolitan police and ask them to re-open the crime number 6029679-21. They can’t hide this evidence anymore. It’s out in the public domain. They have a duty to the people that pay them...You police by consent. We give you the consent, it’s a gentleman’s agreement, and lady’s agreement. You uphold your part of it, which is you protect us from harm, injury, death and loss and we don’t break the King’s peace. So, we will uphold that part of it, but you’ve got to do your job which is to protect us from those. And at the moment, the police are not protecting the people. We’re not telling you how to do your job, we’re asking you to do your job.”

The link for Mark Sexton's case file for these crimes of corporate manslaughter and gross criminal manslaughter can be found here. The document includes some of the evidence regarding the toxicology of the contents found in the vaccines, including graphene and glass shards.

As he predicted, little seemed to transpire after Mark Sexton's efforts with the police case. The follow-up video recorded on the 4th when the vaccine centre was re-opened can be found here. Let's hope that something shifts with this. Wilful Blindness

Cardiologist, Dr Aseem Malhotra

Mark Sexton referred to the recent published research of Dr Aseem Malhotra and his documentary can be watched in full here; he began his talk by explaining the concept of ‘wilful blindness.’

“So, it’s something that all of us are very much capable of and wilful blindness is essentially human beings turning a blind eye to clear facts in order to feel safe, to avoid conflict, reduce anxiety, and to protect prestige. And there’s a history of many instances where institutions have become wilfully blind – when you look at situations such as Jimmy Saville, or the Mid Staffs of the NHS, Harvey Weinstein. Even to some degree, controversially maybe me saying this, even during the whole history of what happened during the Holocaust, many German people were probably wilfully blind to what was actually going on in those concentration camps. So I think it’s something that we need to be aware of that we’re all capable of in certain circumstances. And for me as well and I’m going to mention throughout my talk, you know I was wilfully blind, certainly in relation to the vaccine and its harms, until I wasn’t. And that’s why it’s crucial that we tackle this with both compassion because there are many people who are still willfully blind and I think remaining in echo chambers and pointing fingers isn’t getting us anywhere, so we have to have some compassion for people who are in a position different to us. But the way to tackle it, is really with the facts and to speak with empathy to people.” The Negative Effects of Pharmaceutical Industries

In regard to the ‘illusion of knowledge,’ circulating on these topics, Dr Malhotra included a quote by a former editor-in-chief of a medical journal, Marcia Angell: “Similar conflicts of interest and biases exist in virtually every field of medicine, particularly those that rely heavily on drugs or devices. It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine.”

Dr Malhotra expressed that the pharmaceutical industry has been growing in power but it’s not a positive movement forward:

“What’s the overall net effect of the pharmaceutical industry, certainly in the last few decades, it’s very clear, it’s been negative. Even if you just look at the waste, the colossal waste. And whose paying for it? We are paying for it. The taxpayer is paying for this. You’ve got big corporations making all this money, they also then don’t pay their taxes, so we’ve got a system if you like which steals from the poor and is giving to the rich, and you wonder why society is disintegrating.”


Dr Malhotra spoke about the dangers for ‘whistle-blowers’ who have spoken up, been silenced or fired from their jobs. He also spoke about how data can be represented in a misleading way and provided the example of how words can be used to focus on the positives and downplay the negatives in trials or scientific research. Here he shared his story about how he changed his views about the vaccine and what happened to convince him of the dangers:

“Why was I wilfully blind? I was one of the first people to have the Covid-19 vaccine in January 2021. I helped out a vaccine centre and had the leftovers...There were a couple of personal reasons. One was my dad was very worried, he’d lost my mum a few months earlier, he was very worried and fearful of Covid like many people were and he was worried I was going to get Covid...he was on my case...The other reason was that I at the time did not even conceive and I can tell you that this is a problem even now and I’ve spoken to doctors who still have this issue, I did not conceive that the vaccine could cause any real harm at all. It wasn’t anywhere in my brain. I wouldn’t even go there...I was getting sent stuff which I considered at the time complete anti-vax nonsense...So, what happened? Well, over a few months conversations with various people started to make me think a little bit differently. So, one of the people that I consider, I won’t name him, he was of the brightest cardiologists in the country of high scientific integrity, I’ve worked with him, I’ve published with him...he came to me and he works in a cardiac centre...and he said ‘Aseem I just want to tell you something,’ (I met him in April last year) ‘I’ve not had the vaccine.’ I said ‘really?’ He’s a very smart guy, he publishes for fun and he can take papers apart. ‘One, I’m a bit uncertain about this new technology.‘ (Which I didn’t know about at the time.) And he said, ‘the other thing is, I’m not at risk.’ And he was right. He understood that he was low risk, late thirties, he was low risk of Covid. But he said the other thing that really concerned him was that in the supplementary appendix of the original Pfizer trial which led to the approval of the drug he said ‘I’m hoping that this is erroneous, this is just coincidence, but he said there were 4 cardiac arrests in the vaccine group and one in the placebo.’ And he said, ‘that concerns me.’ And I said, ‘ok fine.’ And I kind of listened to him but I carried on and you know then what happened after that is my father suffered a sudden cardiac arrest in July last year... "Many of you may know of this, it was quite a harrowing experience, my dad was my best friend, the last surviving member of my immediate family. I’m a cardiologist, his lifestyle was great, he was very healthy and it was very shocking to everybody in the community, because this guy was super fit you know...We got a post mortem done on him...didn’t make sense to me, you know I’m a cardiologist that does a lot of research and understands how coronary disease develops right...he had two critical narrows in his arteries and we knew he’d had a heart scan a few years earlier, he didn’t have anything significant, his lifestyle had in fact got better since then. It didn’t make any sense. And I just thought, what was this? Was it stress? I couldn’t explain it. And then a number of things happened simultaneously and I know this got a lot of attention at the time... "I got contacted by a whistle-blower from a very prestigious British institution, I won’t name it but let's say it’s one of the most in the world - prestigious institutions. And he told me that there is a group of researchers, cardiologists in his department who had actually accidently found from use of coronary imaging that in vaccinated versus unvaccinated there was a huge signal of coronary inflammation related to the mRNA vaccine. And they had a meeting and they said, we’re not going to publish these findings because it may threaten our funding from the drug industry. Now after I did this GBNews interview (points to screen), he then informed me, because obviously they saw it, non-disclosure agreements were sent out to several of these people....Was this replicated anywhere independently with people who didn’t know each other? Yes. Steven Gundry published an abstract in circulation and what he found... is that within about 8 weeks of people having the mRNA vaccine (the people he was following up in their middle age) there was a massive increase of coronary inflammatory markers, increased risk of heart-attacks from 25% which I can tell you is a massive increase...It means that the mRNA vaccine could be accelerating coronary artery disease.”

The link to Steven Gundry’s paper can be found here:

So, can we trust the regulators? “No,” says Dr Malhotra who provided the following quote by Professor Donald Light:

“It’s the opposite of having a trustworthy organisation independently and rigorously assessing medicines. They’re not rigorous, they’re not independent, they are selective and they withhold data. Doctors and patients must appreciate how deeply and extensively drug regulators can’t be trusted so long as they’re captured by industry funding.” Layers of Deep Corruption#

Dr Malhotra also spoke about the ‘strategies’ of those in 'power' and how most of us don’t know what is happening behind the scenes. People are doing lobbying based on only one view, without having had access to counter evidence or only getting half the story which can be corrupted by industries making huge profits:

“I’m paraphrasing Noam Chomsky here. Doctors, patients and members of the public don’t know what’s happening and they don’t even know that they don’t know...Bill Gates. How many of you know here that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is heavily invested in pharmaceutical industry stocks, McDonalds and Coca Cola? Bill Gates is not interested in tackling chronic disease through dietary changes or lifestyle and he certainly isn’t interested in highlighting the excesses and manipulations of the pharmaceutical industry. I wonder why that is. Capture of the media. A lot of people’s public opinions as we know is shaped by the mainstream media...Most of the research that doctors are making clinical decisions on is funded by the industry. Legal environment. Limited liability. The shareholders and the people within those companies are protected legally, even if the corporation ends up causing harm they are protected. Unregulated activity....If you’ve got whistle-blowers, if you’ve got people who are trying to get information that’s important out to the public, smear them. De-platform them. It’s all part of the strategy. And what ultimately happens? It causes huge problems in population health...Most of what drives disease is lifestyle. Diet, inactivity, sleep and stress. These big corporations are manipulating all of that and not allowing us to lead the best lives that we can lead.”

For those who are interested in this topic of Bill Gates, you may wish to see this blogpost from his website in which he recommends reading the book How to Lie with Statistics. The top comment on the blog reads: “This knowledge can come in handy when trying to convince people of a pandemic or the safety and effectiveness of an experimental drug.” The Root of the Problem

Dr Malhotra then gave an example of a medicine which was known to cause death, yet despite this, in email exchanges it was discussed how “the drug will do well and we will do well.” These corporations are operating with the level of psychology of a psychopath he explained with an image of Joel Bakar’s book, The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power, in the background and are creating a “toxic culture”:

“These are institutions that are basically there to make money, through deception, reckless disregard for the safety of others, deceitfulness, repeated lying, conning others for profit, incapacity to experience guilt. That is the institution that is the corporation. That’s how they function. Now think about this conceptually for a second. If you have this kind of institution, what’s it going to do to the culture, which has increasing unchecked power over the last two to three decades over our lives, over our work, over our decision-making. It’s moving away from what it really means to be human, isn’t it...And this is really the root of the problem in my view. The legal entity that is the corporation.”

True Power That all being said, I would urge everyone to reflect on where true power lies. These corporations and corrupt entities can only manipulate and deceive people since their power is false and we don't have to give it to them. True power resides with consciousness, with the divine and we don't have to pretend otherwise - we are all servants of the divine and we are all equal. Mark Sexton demonstrated this beautifully by reminding the police officers that their duty was to protect the people - they swore these oaths when they first became police including the promise to: "I will, to the best of my power, cause the peace to be kept and preserved and prevent all offences against people and property." By standing in our power we can avoid any fear-based perceptions or victim-mentality. In this place we can remember that our thoughts influence our reality. The following quotes are taken from a blogpost I wrote last year which I feel is relevant to share here. Thoughts Influence Reality

At a young age I experienced a severe asthma attack on my bed with my mother sat near me and suddenly realised that I was struggling to get my breath - my throat was closing up and I just couldn't breathe. I looked up in terror at my mother thinking I was about to die when she said to me, "don't worry, you can't die from asthma attacks." Her words reassured me and a tension was released in my throat - I finally managed to get my breath back.

Yet in my early twenties, remembering this incident, I felt compelled to research whether it was actually possible to die from asthma and discovered that it was. I realised that my mother had helped to save my life at that time by directing my thoughts towards a positive outcome and shifting me out of fear (karmic energy.) Our thoughts are powerful and are not separate from consciousness.

There is nothing separate from consciousness. Everything operates in the universe according to divine laws including mathematics, the law of karma and the law of attraction. What we think influences our reality – whether we are doing this consciously or unconsciously and I say this with the utmost compassion since we are waking up from the darkest of times – a time of great suffering, ancestral patterns, karma and conditioning.

“Our life is shaped by our mind, for we become what we think.” Dhammapada – sayings of the Buddha.

Plant Positive Seeds

It is our responsibility to keep our minds clear and free of programming and conditioning and we can do this by avoiding certain frequencies (such as television programs) and through meditation each morning, to keep clearing out the weeds and to plant positive seeds. We also have the power to self-heal - whether that's through the power of belief, visualisation or energy healing such as Reiki - we can access the 'realm of miracles' by our power of belief and heal damage from toxins.

“...every disease has a corresponding cure right in the plants. These cures are instantly discovered once you have learned what that disease is teaching you.” - Barbara Hand Clow

“Your body knows how to heal itself. If you feed it healthy foods and beverages, give it exercise and sufficient sleep, and think happy thoughts, then its work is easy. The cells are working in a happy, healthy atmosphere…I believe that we create every so-called illness in our body. The body, like everything else in life, is a mirror of our inner thoughts and beliefs…Learn to accept that your life is not a series of random events, but a pathway of awakening.” -Louise Hay, from her website.

“The overuse of prescription drugs provides a vacation from personal responsibility.”

― Bruce H. Lipton, The Biology of Belief. We now can understand how the whole agenda and psychology of 'Covid-19' was a big ‘red flag’ showing us how far society had shifted out of harmonious balance with nature. Corporations and pharmaceutical companies have taken 'power' over nature and are no longer co-creating in balance and respect with the earth. They are exploiting and destroying the earth and her people for profit and power at psychopathic levels and many people are losing their lives at the hands of toxic drugs.

The Eternal Now Yet the philosophy of deep ecology teaches about the inherent value of every living being outside of its utility to human needs. It also reconsiders human society in relationship with these themes. This standpoint is not anthropocentric and takes a holistic view of the world in which humans occupy roles as part of a much larger system. Coronaviruses are not separate from consciousness and have inherent value and something to teach us and once we can see this lesson from a place of humility, we can evolve as a human species - having a flu for example can be a time of detoxification for example. A 'dis-ease' can highlight some emotional energy needing to be released. These things do not 'happen to us' - this is a victim mentality and brings us into fear. Everything happens for a reason and once we remember this, we step back into our power and onto our true path. Following this philosophy, I rarely get sick - I keep my mind in good health, I exercise daily and do qi gong and have a very healthy diet.

I live in a paradigm where I understand that everything happens for a reason – if we meditate and go to the root, we may discover more - everything is there to help us grow and evolve and have experience as soul in human form. This is a never-ending and exciting journey and it is truly a blessing to be here on earth at this time.

What do we truly request in this eternal now?

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