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Easter in the Skull: Healing of the Lovers & the Christ Oil

Easter happens in Aries on the first Sunday after the full moon - it is deeply astrological and in this blog we will look more deeply at how this crucifixion occurs in our bodies with the cross in the brain which is the area of the body ruled by Aries. When we understand the microcosm of our mind-body as a mirror of the macrocosm, we attune to divine power - we find the light or 'Christ within' that Christ was teaching about. When we live a Sol-full (sol - soul - sun) life like Jesus did, these powerful archetypal forces underlying our lives can be more clearly seen.

Christ and Mary Magdalene were often associated with 'anointing oils' yet in spiritual science there is the understanding that the body also generates certain oils which can induce mystical states of mind. Perhaps the most famous example of this is DMT which is found in small quantities in the human cerebral spinal fluid. We will also connect this all up with the mystery of the 'Easter egg' which can be found in its inner chamber or 'Christ tomb' at the centre of the brain - the part of the body ruled by Aries in the human zodiac.

This year the sun is joined by Jupiter, Chiron and the asteroid Manwë in Aries. Jupiter can bring blessings and growth, Chiron can show us healing themes and Manwë can help us connect with our uncorupted codes, the purest aspect of self. There is a lot of powerful fiery energy which can help us connect with the themes of self and identity associated with Aries and walking the divine and true Christ-Mary path for each of us which honours our self and our unique song.

Chrīstós - 'The Anointed One'

In this blog we will look at the 'Christ oil' which passes to the brain up the spine which is made up of 33 bones; this is a significant number since Christ died at the age of 33. And we will explore the deeper mysteries of the head and its connection with the crucifixion and with the sacred lovers Mars and Venus, (or Christ and Mary Magdalene.)

Yat Pinde Tat Brahmande - “Whatever is in the microcosm is also in the macrocosm.”

The Medulla Oblongata of the brain with its two 'pyramids', surrounded by 'olives.'

The writer George Carey once wrote the following about understanding the microcosm regarding the crucifixion and the rising of the Christ seed or oil which passes through the 'cross' in the brain - the part of the body which is ruled by Aries:

"His crucifixion, He went to the Garden of Gethsemene. In anatomy this is near the Medulla Oblongata, with the olives on either side, a physiological fact, as any anatomy proves. There are two "pyramids," also, at this place."

The Cross in the Skull

He also pointed out that the crucifixion occurred on the hill of Golgotha, meaning 'skull' in Aramaic - there is another clue here. The hill was also called Calvary from the Latin word calvaria meaning skull. It is at this part of the body, the Medulla Oblongata, that the cross can be found with nerve fibres 'crossing over' at the pyramidal decussation. The word decussation comes from the Latin word for the Roman numeral 'cross' for ten, 'X' (decussis.)

At a macrocosm scale this is mirrored with the cross of the ecliptic as the sun moves along its pathway, crossing the 'celestial equator' at the Equinox every March - this marks the beginning of Aries and spring and the rebirth of the sun as it moves upwards towards the Tropic of Cancer.

The cross or decussation of the pyramids which happens in the brain, ruled by Aries.

Aries Season - Connecting with Mars

As we collectively go through our purging and purifying, we will find that this is mirrored to us outwardly in the energies around us and the need to connect to archetypes in their authenticity and purity, beyond corruption. In astrology we will look at the archetypal energies in this post of Mars, the ruler of Aries (the 'self'/identity) and the polar opposite energy of Libra (the 'other'/relationship), ruled by Venus. Here we have a god of conflict, Mars, as the lover of the Goddess of Love, Venus, who was sometimes associated with unfaithfulness. But is this a healthy dynamic regarding Mars and Venus and is it true?

We will also look at the need to connect with the inner Christ-Mary oil - to bring the lovers into balance within. It is through this holy science that we can remember that bliss is within - it is not from an external source as a lover, saviour or rescuer. This is true healing of the lovers - healing from entanglement and remembering that true love can only flourish when we are connected to our inner light, song and truth and the Christ-Mary within. When we think we need someone on the external for our happiness, we give our power away to them and can fall into patterns of emotional manipulation, dependence, control or even abuse. It is also important to be mindful of the trappings of 'extreme independence' and ask for support or a mirror when we need it, this can be vital at times to help us see 'blind-spots,' but also to recognise if this becomes a reliance or dependence. Yet ultimately, the healing of the 'lovers' begins within and we will first take a look at Mars as the ruler of Aries and archetypal energies which we can look at collectively.

Mars - God of War

"Mars has been referred to principally as the planet of war, but we feel that it will not be long before the real nature of Mars will become known....If mankind would use the same amount of force and energy in doing constructive, instead of destructive work, we would soon see Mars through rose-coloured glasses, instead of those coloured blood-red. Mars means activity, forcefulness, not necessarily war or bloodshed. Another great war has been prophesied because very great activity of Mars is shown, astrologically; but the world is weary, sick unto death of war." George Carey.

Large statue of Mars, in Rome.

The Guardian

Mars was in fact a guardian of agriculture for the Roman people alongside being a god of war. Yet he differed considerably to his Greek counterpart Ares who was a destructive, blood-thirsty and cruel god of conflict. This energy could be seen in H.G. Wells's classic novel The War of the Worlds which featured a brutal invasion of earth by Martians.

Mars, conversely, was seen as a stabilising force and his military skill was used to secure peace. It is also possible that he was seen as a guardian of nature, as Mars Silvanus, and we will consider this aspect as well. The energy of war-hungry Ares is not helpful for us moving forward and it is vital that we reconsider what Mars truly means as a powerful, charismatic, confident and fiery protector of peace and guardian of nature rather than a 'god of war.'

Mars can help us connect with the element of fire in a healthy way which is not destructive. This energy when channelled correctly can be exhilarating, powerful, energetic, ambitious and can get things done. This is the energy of the eco-warrior who protects the trees, it is the energy which gets a project started, it is the fire which gets us out on the land growing plants or creating. It is a very yang energy and needs to have certain outlets or it can manifest as the shadow or in destructive ways such as in conflict.

Ancient olive trees in the garden of Gethsemane on the Mount of Olives where Jesus was thought to have prayed before the crucifixion. 'Olives' are also found in the brain in the Medulla Oblongata where the cross can be found.

Mars Silvanus

In his play Aulularia, the early Roman writer Titus Maccius Plautus, described a character, Euclio, who hid a pot of gold in an untended grove of Silvanus, found outside the religious boundary of the city of Rome. It is thought that some of the religious sites of this forest god were kept outside the city environment in wild areas, although one writer, Propertius, said that his cult sites could be found within the boundary on the Capitoline Hill of Rome and Pliny the Elder stated that his sites could be found in the Roman Forum. This source from Plautus however suggests that it would have been important to connect with Mars Silvanus out in nature:

"Let me think now; where is some lonely spot to hide this in? (after a moment) There's that grove of Silvanus outside the wall, solitary, willow thickets all around. There's where I'll pick my place. I'd sooner trust Silvanus than Faith, and that's settled." Euclio hiding a pot of gold in Aulularia by Plautus.

Silvanus, the Pine and the Pineal Gland

Bronze statue of the Roman god Silvanus, wearing a pine-wreath and goatskin, and holding a branch and a pine-cone in the right hand. His connection with the pine is interesting here and very symbolic and esoteric writer George Carey connected the pine with the pineal gland organ which he believed was associated with Mars-Uranus. He included the following quote from Santee's "Anatomy of the Brain and Spinal Cord."

"The ancients, from time immemorial, have considered the pine tree as the most sacred of all trees. The pineal gland or Corpus pineale, is shaped like the pine cone, and the ancient physiologist who gave it its name, must as- suredly have understood its great esoteric function. It is 6 mm. (0.25 inches) high, and 4 mm. (0.17 inches) in diameter, joined to the roof of the third ventricle by a flattened stalk, the habenula. It is also called epiphysis and conarium. It is small, reddish and the size of a pea. Its interior is made up of closed follicles surrounded by ingrowths of connective tissue. The follicles are filled with epithelial cells mixed with calcareous (lime) matter, the brain-sand (acervulus cerebri). Calcareous deposits are found also on the pineal stalk and along the choiroid plexuses."

Ancient Cedars of Mesopotamia

One of the most famous pine-cone producing trees is the cedar, of the pine family, which is a very sacred tree; it appears in the Bible and was also used to construct Solomon's Temple which was thought to be the first temple in Jerusalem made with cedar from Lebanon. The 'Cedars of God' are the last remaining parts of a formerly extensive cedar forest in Lebanon which were described in the ancient text the 'Epic of Gilgamesh' from ancient Mesopotamia. In this ancient poem, the story followed the cutting down of a sacred cedar in a forest protected by the giant guardian Humbaba who was also killed, which angered the gods. The similar themes of pine trees and the loss of a forest guardian is intriguing.

Gilgamesh and Enkidu slay the forest guardian Humbaba in the cedar forest, from Iraq, 19th–17th century BCE.

Tree Shepherds - 'Eco-Warriors'

In Tolkien's mythopoeia, the Ents were 'Shepherds of the trees' which brings us back to the sheep theme of Aries/Mars and the guarding and protecting of forests, nature and animals. The word 'ent' came from the Old English word eoten meaning giant, so they were similar in this way to the giant Humbaba of Mesopotamian myth. The Ents were described as being both 'man-like' and 'troll-like,' yet resembling trees.

The following, from The Silmarillion, relayed a conversation between the elven gods about the need to protect the trees and the god Manwë, remembering the first song of creation, set forth the unfolding for the protection of the trees with these 'Shepherds' and Yavanna, (the creator goddess of all growing things) replied:

"Now let thy children beware! For there shall walk a power in the forests whose wrath they will arouse at their peril." From The Silmarillion.

This is interesting to note since the asteroid Manwë is currently in Aries and we may find from him more connection with the true essence of Aries, whose motto is "I am" and is related with themes of identity and the self.

Pilgrimage to Cedars of Lebanon by Hungarian painter Tivadar Csontváry Kosztka, 1907.

Pineal Gland

The word 'pineal' comes from the Latin word pinea meaning 'pine-cone' and it gained this name due to the pine-like shape of this gland. It has been associated with the 'third eye' and releases melatonin which affects the 'body clock' and circadian rhythms including sleep and some researchers believe that this gland secretes the molecule dimethyltryptamine (DMT) which induces mystical brain-states. Other researchers have discovered other parts of the brain with DMT-producing substances such as the hippocampus and neocortex. Perhaps the most famous researcher of DMT is Rick Strassman, author of DMT: The Spirit Molecule, who conducted research in America with many people taking DMT in the 1990s.

In the human zodiac, Aries rules the head of the body and Taurus rules the neck and cerebellum (the little brain at the back of the head.) Mars (Silvanus) as ruler of Aries protects the holiest parts of the body including the thalamus - the 'inner chamber.'

George Carey believed that "We venture to predict that the planet corresponding to the optic thalamus will soon be located in the heavens. "The new order cometh." Mars must be dethroned as ruler of the brain of man." We will now look at the significance of these words regarding the thalamus and its esoteric meaning.

The 'Easter' Egg in the Hidden Chamber

The thalamus is an egg-shaped, paired structure of the brain and its name derives from the Greek word for 'inner chamber,' 'wedding chamber' or 'wedding bed.' This could be said to be the tomb or chamber where Christ was resurrected and met with Mary Magdalene who was the first to see the resurrected Christ. This chamber is where Venus and Mars meet in holy marriage - it is the 'pure' and true wedding bed and is found in the mind, not the sexual organs, which is quite revealing - here is where the real bliss can be found. The thalamus is thought to relay sensory signals and to regulate consciousness and sleep. Yet it's also thought to have spiritual significance and could be connected with the 'cosmic egg' mythologies - the primal egg from which a creator and /or creations emerged. Here we see the connection with the Easter egg theme - these eggs are usually given as a sign of rebirth. This is where we find the truly sacred egg, in the hidden chamber of the head - the area of the body ruled by Aries, so it is an apt time to connect with this egg in Aries season.

Easter - Ostara

The word Easter actually comes from the Anglo-Saxon goddess Eostre or Ostara who was thought to be a goddess of spring and the dawn. In pagan ceremony, Ostara is the name given for the spring Equinox which happens in Aries marking the dawn of a new cycle when the sun rises and crosses the celestial equator into Aries at 6 am, marking the beginning of spring. Yet it's not thought that eggs were used in pagan ceremonies and instead were connected with Christian symbology of the resurrection of Christ and perhaps inspired by the symbol of the Phoenix resurrecting and its egg. Some were stained red in memory of the blood of Christ and Christian folklore also arose including one legend in which Mary Magdalene took cooked eggs to share with the other women at the tomb of Jesus and her eggs turned red when she saw the resurrected Christ.

There are many paintings of Mary Magdalene with anointing oil and red eggs.

The Phoenix's Egg

In Greek mythology, the phoenix was a radiant red and gold feathered bird which was believed to eat Arabian balsam and frankincense (from tree sap) and renewed itself every 500 years, 'rising from the ashes' - and the 'father' body was then placed in an egg of myrrh (from tree sap) and carried to the sun god's temple in Heliopolis in Egypt - this was the Greek name for this ancient city, meaning 'City of the Sun.' Here again we see the significance of essences which can extend the life-force, the theme of resurrection and a sacred egg placed (hidden) in an ancient and pivotal temple of the world.

The Lamp of God

George Carey described the thalamus as the central eye in the centre of the head and said it "is called both "lamp" and "lamb."" Here we see the lamb of god - Aries, in its purest and innocent form. Certainly the war aspect of Mars needs to be 'dethroned' as ruler of the head and we need to find a deeper connection with Mars Silvanus and the lamb instead - it is this energetic, nature god who protects the land and all the animals including the playful and innocent lamb which is 'all-seeing,' within the RAM (MARs.) The symbol of Aries is the ram (and also the lamb) and it is connected with the golden fleece of Greek mythology. Yet now is the time for us to connect to the ram in its purity, as the lamb. The 'lamb of god' was associated with Christ and was mentioned in the Book of Revelations many times - it is a very potent symbol. This imagery also brings meaning to the famous nursery rhyme 'Mary had a little lamb.'

'Little Lamb who made Thee' by Arthur Hughes

"When the oil (ointment) is crucified (to crucify means to increase in power a thousand fold not to kill) it remains two days and a half, (the moon's period in a sign) in the tomb (cerebellum) and on the third day ascends to the Pineal Gland that connects the cerebellum with the Optic Thalmus, the Central Eye in the Throne of God that is the chamber overtopped by the hollow (hallowed) caused by the curve of the cerebrum (the "Most High" of the body) which is the "Temple of the Living God," wrote George Carey regarding the rising of the Christ oil into the living temple, found in our own bodies. The word Christ comes from the Greek word, chrīstós, meaning 'anointed one.' This is truly what it means to become anointed - yet it is through walking our own pure path of truth, practise and diligence that we will find it and not from an external lover, saviour or rescuer.

Mary Magdalene presenting a red egg to Emperor Tiberius in a painting at the Mary Magdalene Monastery in Jerusalem.

The Right-Hand Path or White Tantra

The right-hand path or white tantra is the pathway of purification and Christ-Mary - we preserve the oil rather than waste it on fleeting temporal experiences or manifesting from the ego. When we are solitary (SOL - soul) we can use our Kundalini energy to access the hidden chambers in the bliss of spiritual practise, yoga, meditation and self-awakening and not waste it with fleeting experiences which can leave us depleted - when we have eaten the fruits of the tree of life. Lovers who walk the white tantra path can learn to connect through breath and meditation, mastering the powers of lust which may have controlled them in the past. They become masters with the universe. Instead of dispersing the seed in lovemaking, they use this vital Kundalini energy and rise it up the spine to access the hidden chambers of the mind and experience bliss as part of their being.

In Tantra, Kundalini is described as a dormant force coiled at the base of the spine which rises up the nadis (energy channels) and consists of prana (energy) and bindu (drops of essence.) The parallels described of the Christ oil above are clear. In Hatha Yoga, it is taught that the risen Kundalini energy can access stores of Amrita in the head which can then be dispersed throughout the body and the bliss lasts throughout the day - if this is experienced from Tantric lovemaking, then it differs to a quick orgasm which is a short 'flood' in the head and doesn't necessarily disperse.

Practises of yoga help to unblock the nadi channels and spiritual techniques such as pranayama breathing can help to release the Kundalini and allow us to attain mystical experiences and liberation. The Christ oil is known as Amrita (meaning 'not death' or immortal) in Eastern practises and is considered to be an elixir of the gods which could be obtained by spiritual practise. In Greek mythology, ambrosia was also the drink of the gods and the word also meant 'immortality' - in some myths it was brought to the gods by doves and served in cups by the cup-bearers Ganymede or Hebe. In the Bible, a sacred 'dew-like' substance called manna, which was from heaven, was given to the Israelites when they crossed the desert. In esoteric terms, the desert can represent a period of devoted and disciplined spiritual practise such as fasting or abstinence.

Elixir of the Pine - Pineal Gland

Connecting us back with the tree theme of before - many trees also produce their own 'elixirs' known as saps or resins and some are used in spiritual practises as incenses such as frankincense which is from the Boswellia trees and myrrh from Commiphora shrubs. Amber is fossilised tree resin used in folk medicine and copal is used in ceremonies. All trees produce saps but what is interesting to note is that only the Pinaceae family of trees (pine, fir and cedar trees) produce resin. This brings us back full circle to the pine-cone theme and the pineal gland. When pine resin is distilled it produces turpentine. Oils from the pine trees may be very good to connect with in these spiritual practises.

The Path of Purity - Releasing the Christ Oil

In these times - the left yang hemisphere of the brain has become out of balance and the right yin hemisphere has been diminished. The overly yang aspects dominating on our planet include destruction, conflict and war and as ruler of these aspects, it is vital that we now connect to Mars in his purity.

Aries, ruled by Mars (yang) is in polarity with Libra ruled by Venus (yin.) They are polar opposites, and cannot exist without each other; they need full understanding of the other in order to appreciate themselves fully. The brain is made of two hemispheres, the left and the right - the polarity is evident here and both need to work in balance. Although Aries rules the head and the brain, it is important to acknowledge the polarity contained within - the yin within the yang. Aries is all about the Self - the identity. Libra represents the 'other' - our relationships.

Mars and Venus working together in balance.

Cerebellum - Ceres

The missing planet which many astrologers have speculated about, has been proposed to be the asteroid Ceres in the asteroid belt - it is thought that this used to be a planet which was destroyed. Ceres was discovered in the 'gap' between Mars and Jupiter where a planet should be according to the Titus-Bode Law. Some astrologers feel that Ceres, as a nature, mother and agriculture goddess, suits the energy of Taurus and is therefore the right ruler for this sign and more can be found about that here. If this is true, then we have found 'the new order' spoken about by George Carey regarding the joint rulers of the brain. Taurus has two rulers - the traditional Venus and the rediscovered Ceres. It is the polarity of Venus and Mars, the feminine and masculine ruling the 'upper brain' and its holy chamber, (with Mars Silvanus as the protector) and the motherly earth energy of Venus/Ceres ruling the 'little brain' in the Taurus area of the body, all working together to bring our brain into balance and harmony.

The cerebellum controls the core functions of the body such as balance and coordination and contains its own 'tree of life' (known as the abor vitae due to its tree-like appearance) which allows sensory and motor information to move through the cerebellum. The Latin word cortex meant 'bark' and this is the outer 'covering' of the brain, so here we can see more tree connections which brings us nicely back to the theme of Mars Silvanus as 'guardian of the forest.'

Image of the abor vitae, ('tree of life') shown in red, in the cerebellum.

Tree of Knowledge - Libra

Here the 'Tree of Life' can be seen growing in the head connected with Aries and Taurus - the season of spring, life and energy. The 'Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil' is connected with Libra who holds the scales of justice which measure our hearts for the death cycle of winter as the sun falls below the equator at the Equinox every September; in the human zodiac, the two kidneys are ruled by Libra, which filter and release waste from the body, mirroring the season of autumn. The kidneys were not overlooked by our ancestors who knew their mystical significance and considered them to be a place of conscience and reflection and they were mentioned many times in the Bible with some translations using the term 'reins,' as a synonym for kidneys:

"all the churches shall know that I am he which searcheth the reins and hearts: and I will give unto every one of you according to your works." Book of Revelations 2:23 (KJV)

The bean-like trees of the kidneys, ruled by Libra (and Venus.)

The Lovers in Harmony - The Left in Balance with the Right

In Roman mythology, the partner of Mars was Nerio, the goddess of valour, however it is likely that she was a feminine personification of Mars’s powers. I feel that this interpretation is the most authentic for the archetypes and that Venus was his true lover and counterpart. The Hebrew name 'Adam' meant 'son of the red earth' - Adam is Mars and Eve is VEnus in this context.

Yet what about Venus?

Venus is the second planet from the sun after Mercury and is therefore very bright and full of the sun’s light or love – as such she is the brightest object in the sky after the moon and for this reason was culturally significant for many and poetised as the ‘morning star’ and her symbols included the rose and myrtle. Interestingly, the planet’s cycle is known as the ‘petals of Venus’ or the ‘Rose of Venus’ since its rotational shape around the sun creates a five-pointed star.

The Affair of Venus

In Greek mythology Venus was known as Aphrodite and according to text fragments on the Francois Vase she was relcutantly married to the lame blacksmith Hephaestus who was known as Vulcans in Roman mythology. Hephaestus had been abandoned by his mother Hera at birth due to his deformities and he took revenge in adulthood by creating a golden throne for Hera which entrapped her - Zeus offered Aphrodite in marriage to the god who could bring Hephaestus to Olympus and Aphrodite agreed believing that her beloved Ares (Mars) would win this arrangement. Ares attempted to storm the forge of Hephaestus but was driven back by a shower of flaming metal. Dionysus then approached the forge and suggested that Hephaestus could lay claim on Aphrodite if he returned to Olympus and freed Hera to which Hephaestus agreed "and wed the reluctant Goddess of Love."

Fresco of Venus and Mars, from Pompeii

Ares/Mars was her true love and Hephaestus/Vulcans eventually caught them having an affair. In one myth by Ovid, Hephaestus ensnared the lovers with a net made from a mesh of fine bronze and then called in the gods to see them:

"The two lay there, snarled in their shame. The gods were not displeased; one of them prayed for shame like that. They laughed and laughed; the joyful episode was long the choicest tale to go the rounds of heaven." Ovid, Metamorphoses.

It is thought that Hephaestus then divorced Aphrodite since after this all played out, the Iliad by Homer described how Aglaia was Hephaestus's wife and Aphrodite consorted freely with Ares. In Roman mythology, Venus's husband was called Vulcans who had the same attributes and was a god of fire, smith-work and the forge. Interestingly there was no Latin word for the volcano and they were called mountains - the word volcano was invented in the 1600s and came from this fire god, meaning 'pertaining to Vulcans.' This is interesting and at an esoteric level could represent the marriage of fire (volcano) and water (sea) since Venus was born from 'sea foam.' Her union with the volcano was necessary but not settling and "reluctant." Her true love was with Mars (who was also fiery) which was eventually revealed to all.

Fresco from Pompeii, depicting Venus and Mars, 1st century BCE - 1st century CE

The False Light

Venus was also associated with Lucifer in Roman folklore since this was the name they gave to this planet - etymologically Lucifer meant the ‘light bringer’ from lux meaning light. Known also as the ‘morning star’ Lucifer fell from heaven – this fall from grace into pride is well known in Christian theology and Lucifer became synonymous with the Devil – he embodied the ‘false light’ – the manipulative side of the darkness which can fool us or deceive us – it is the ‘fallen star.’ We see this kind of ‘false light’ behaviour in society, even in modern-day spiritual communities with ‘spiritual bypassing’ - avoiding the shadow by focusing on getting high or 'Tantric pleasure' instead of healing the wounded aspects of the self - this includes the shadow side of Venus and the unfaithfulness themes.

In society, although there has been many advancements in 'sexual freedom' and social rules - the shadow aspect of this has led to promiscuity and people engaging in sexual intimacy without understanding its significance. As such, many people may have many partners without understanding the energetic implications - they end up depleting their Christ oil in non-spiritual practise and lust and also can be drained through energetic cords which can get attached or entity attachments. They may give pieces of themselves away, further causing distortion of identity. They can 'lose themselves' in another or 'others.' The term 'venereal disease' comes from the word Venus. Part of this healing is in connecting with the pure archetype of Venus who uses her passions and love in a mindful and conscience way for spiritual advancement and loyal and true union with the divine counterpart in the hidden 'wedding chamber.'

Venus the Changer of Hearts

Venus was honoured in various different aspects by the Romans and had many epithets. Interestingly her shadow side of unfaithfulness could be seen in her first Roman epithet as Venus Obsequens ("Indulgent Venus"), which was used on her first Roman temple, dedicated to her in 295 BC and apparently funded by women fined for adultery. She was also the goddess of prostitutes and sacred prostitution was also practised in temples - prostitutes followed her as Venus Erycina whose temple was outside the ritual boundary. Interestingly Venus Verticordia ("the changer of hearts") was an epithet of Venus who had the ability to transform lust into chastity. In 114 BC, three Vestal virgins were condemned to death for sexual relations with Roman knights and a shrine to Venus Verticordia was established to atone for this incident and appease societal concerns. In these times we now have the blessings of freedom, yet mindfulness and spiritual discernment is so vital to avoid the trappings of lust and the darkness hidden in promiscuity.

Venus Verticordia by Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1868)

In the Bible, Jesus was also referred to as the ‘morning star’ and this reminds us of the divine and loving qualities of Venus. In Tolkien's mythopoeia, Venus was known as Eärendil's Star and some of its light was captured by Galadriel and given in a phial for Frodo which helped him survive in the darkness of Mordor, home of the volcano, Mount Doom. The dual nature of the scales of Libra, ruled by Venus can be seen and it is our freewill to choose beneficial acts or behaviour such as loyalty which help us ascend the 'Christ oil' or to make degenerate choices which pull us down. Venus can bring us blessings of light and love and wherever she appears in our birth-chart she can reveal aspects of life that we may love and have authentic desires and passions about - she can help us see the beauty, creativity, poetry and art in life and 'brings the flowers' into every moment.

The brightest light of 'Eärendil's Star' or Venus.

Path of purity - the True 'Wedding Chamber'

The path of purity and ascension is the 'upward path' and involves choices and behaviour which are truthful, peaceful and loving to ourselves and to others - this is the path of non-violence, not eating from animals and diligent spiritual practise. This is also not to say that the path of celibacy is greater - we may pass through cycles of celibacy or cycles of being in partnership - what is key is discerning what is true for our soul's path at each moment and making sure our choices are not coming from an inauthentic desire which can usually be from wounding, inner child hurts, desperation or trauma-related escapism. This involves looking at any shadow or corrupted energy - with Mars this includes connecting with his peaceful and protective aspects and with Venus this involves her loving yet faithful side. If we have attracted an unhealthy dynamic aspect, entanglement or abusive relationship in our life then it is vital to discover the underlying patterns we are carrying from the original wounds and do the healing work. It is not our duty to carry, fix or rescue anyone or in turn be rescued or saved by someone - we have to become our own saviour through virtuous choices, thoughts, behaviour and diligent practise.

Cosmic Cycles

When we live on the path of purity, the Christ seed can be 'crucified' at the cross-over point in the Medulla Oblongata and head up into the pineal gland and temple of the brain. In spiritual science, as mentioned, it is held by adherents such as George Carey that this oil is released when the moon enters the sun-sign of our birth and the process is heightened when we are consciously attuned to these cosmic cycles. During this time, it is vital to nurture this oil/seed and not eat of its fruits and corrupt the process - it is vital to abstain, meditate and focus our intention on the sacred oil which is generated - this is when we can recognise the 'Christ within' and allow its presence to grow more and more.

For those who are sceptical, is it still not worth seeing the benefits of perceiving the body as a sacred temple with mystical processes and to not abuse it with harmful lifestyle choices? It is clear that the body is capable of secreting incredibly powerful secretions such as DMT which have led to mystical experiences: "All organisms have tryptophan and all organisms have the two key enzymes that lead to synthesis of DMT and these enzymes are very ancient enzymes, they're all over the place, they're a part of basic metabolism. So theoretically, anything could synthesise DMT...DMT is astonishingly widely available in plants and animals all around the world, but so far nobody knows why it's there, or what its function is...Why is DMT in our bodies? Why is it in plants, all sorts of mammals? And what is the role it plays in humans?" From the documentary DMT: The Spirit Molecule.

'The Birth of Venus' by Sandro Botticelli, c. 1484–1486.

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