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"A stream of spirituality from higher regions of world existence now seeks entry into the earthly life of mankind. Whether this will happen depends upon man opening his heart and soul to what thus seeks entry, through many doors, as it were, into the earthly world from the spiritual world. It will be necessary for man not only to become conscious once more of the spiritual in all nature, but able to perceive it." Rudolf Steiner

Information about House Healing

My house healing mentor is Tim Walter and more can be found on his website and YouTube channel:

His talk about elemental beings and nature spirits:

Tim's mentor was Hamish Miller, a dowser and author of 'The Sun and the Serpent.'

Information about Elven Elemental Beings

Thai Buddhist nun Mae Chee Kaew had many interactions with elemental beings and continued to do so long after her awakening.  Her book can be found online:

Rudolf Steiner was an Austrian philosopher who spoke in great length about elemental beings and included them in the Steiner education of the Waldorf schools.  His lecture on elemental beings can be found online:

I really love Jo Hickey-Hall's channel which includes lots of real-life experiences and interviews:

Layla May's 'Living Natures Essence' - full of interviews about elemental beings and storytelling:

Non-duality teacher Will Brennan's interview in which he described how his encounters with various other-worldly beings helped him to become more open-minded:

Elen Tompkins' book 'The Silver Wheel' contains the Elven wisdom she received after many years of exploring the woods of Wales.

For anyone interested in Tolkien's mythopoeia and the elven spiritual path please visit:

The following blog, 'Myth and Moor,' contains lots of juicy topics about the elemental realms and mythology (including lots of artists from around Dartmoor such as Brian and Wendy Froud who were the artists for films such as 'The Dark Crystal' and 'Labyrinth'):

The Findhorn community in Scotland began with a deep connection to the land and elemental beings. This topic can be found on their YouTube channel and their published books: 

Ethical Farming and Gardening

Permablitz is an incredible movement bringing sustainable gardens and permaculture into suburban areas - the London group can be found online:

Biodynamic farming and gardening which recognises the spirit in nature is based on Rudolf Steiner's philosophies, for more information please visit:

Set up an 'ark' in your garden where half of the garden is given back to nature using a sign so that people are aware that it's not just an unkempt garden, but is an active step in regeneration for the planet.  Other steps include no longer mowing your lawn.  For more information:

Storytelling Sites

The biology of story is an interactive website with lots of great interviews from storytellers worldwide:

For great storytelling events in the UK, please visit:

Events on the Society for Storytelling website:

If you are interested in studying storytelling you might wish to check out the courses at Emerson College or Martin Shaw's Westcountry School of Myth:

Sustainable Living

World Land Trust - it's a great way to offset your carbon footprint for any flights or travel you may have made - this organisation is very good, they can calculate your carbon footprint and accept donations for their projects of land purchase and reforestation. Its patrons include David Attenborough and Chris Packham:

Food waste puts enormous strains on the planet - it is believed that around one third of our food is binned or lost: 


Find applications which help you to share food that you can't eat such as Olio. 


Try wild food foraging - there are many books out there which can help you identify edible plants - more information can be found at Totally Wild UK:

There are many great platforms out there which can help you travel in an eco-friendly way such as WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) which allows people to find places to garden across the world in exchange for food and shelter: 


Work-away is another great initiative and includes a greater variety of placements including retreat centres and working with animals: 

Reduce plastic consumption - use your own shopping bags and if you have the space and time to invest in glass jars there are many shops out there which allow you to buy lose food by bringing in your own sterilised containers such as Bulk Market:



Please see the documentary 'A Life on our Planet' with David Attenborough. “We must radically reduce the area we use to farm so that we can make space for returning wilderness. The quickest and most effective way to do this is for us to change our diet.”

'Land of Hope and Glory' documentary by Earthing Ed shows the full extent of the UK farming industry:

Please see 'Dominion' on YouTube for farming practices in Australia and 'Earthlings' for the USA.

Documentaries On Netflix:


'What the Health'

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