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Pluto Back in Capricorn - Ending Abuse Cycles

Preparing for Extraordinary Times

This year the full moon in Cancer season (mother energy and the home) falls on the 3rd of July 2023 in its opposite sign of Capricorn (father energy, systems, work, government.) Pluto is retrograde and back in the last degree of Capricorn again which gives us more opportunity to look at our systems of government and work and find out what is and what isn't working for us - this critical last degree is creating the birthing pains and what comes up may be confronting and painful but necessary to face. On the 4th of July 1776, when America proclaimed its independence, Pluto was also in Capricorn (at 27 degrees,) preparing for his shift into Aquarius in January 1778 until 1798, spanning the years of the French Revolution. A 'revolution' is the movement of a planet around the sun - it is planetary force.

Intuition as a Guide

The constellation and Decan Argo Navis in watery Cancer.

With our divine feminine moon at 25 degrees Capricorn, she will offer some intuitive insights and wisdom so that we can emotionally and psychologically grow as we process the incoming information. Mercury has joined the sun in Cancer, giving us a way to communicate our truths with emotional feeling, but we may also need to be aware of how to steer our Cancerian ship (Argo) over these waters so that we do not drown in any overwhelming sense of grief or feeling but can use the feelings to show us what is or isn't working and steer our ship towards change. This Luna Cancer energy can also guide us with our divine intuition about the world around us - at any given moment, do we see the divine plan or are we seeing egoic agenda? Our discernment will show us the difference and enable us to spot any manipulation or red flags and alert us when things don't seem right even if at face-value it all adds up.

These are some themes to focus on regarding aspects in our systems which we need to look at in terms of our collective healing - these are messages I have received, as well as from conversations with astrologer Oka Fala. As you read this post, may you remember the divine light which is bringing justice and if any passage stirs up some triggering feelings, please allow these energies to be transformed - this is true shadow and healing work for the collective. I have included peer-reviewed research in some cases and would urge you to look at any resistance arising if you feel a reaction to the words in this blog and to at least hear what is being said rather than judging it or dismissing it - you may disagree with the views presented here, and I encourage you to use your intuition and freedom of thought but please keep an open mind. By being open-minded and aware of these things and not ignoring them, they will receive transformation. All will be transformed by the light of divine grace.

American Politics

The North American continent is home to the root Chakra of the world which is found at Mount Shasta in California. The root Chakra helps us to feel connected to the earth, the home, the mother energy and it gives us a sense of security, belonging and a feeling of support or care from and to the earth. It helps us to feel grounded and at peace on the earth and not in scarcity or lack. Therefore what is happening in North America has a big impact on us collectively in terms of feeling a strong sense of ease and grounded connection with the earth and a sense of belonging and caring purpose here. Regarding individuals in the political sphere - I think it's important to be mindful of the toxicity in the government spheres, divisiveness, manipulation in politics and the huge amounts of money used to sway votes and essentially a lack of choice - it is important to be mindful that in these times, many in politics are not particularly trust-worthy and some people are 'controlled opposition,' meaning they may stand for certain values to gain trust, but are really working for hidden agendas or to eventually corrupt certain truth movements or present ideologies in an unbelievable or wacky way, discrediting the movements. Things can be easily labelled as conspiracy theories or disinformation by corporate-owned media organisations.

Lack of Choice in the Political System

Some questions to ask at this time might be why is there a lack of choice in the political parties and why does it become so dualistic? The American system is set up so that the 'winner takes all' rather than there being a fair representation based on the votes - this means that people may feel forced to hedge their bets on who is more likely to win between the two main candidates, rather than based on who they may actually want. The battle seems to play into some ancient archetypal 'gladiators in the Colosseum' drama - watching people get pulled apart in vicious media coverage with the ultimate 'victor' or hero crushing down their opponent. This means that any third parties receive very little support and since 1852 the only time a third party came in second place was in 1912 with Theodore Roosevelt. In the 1850s, the Republican party was formed by anti-slavery activists in the north to oppose the Democratic party which was founded in 1828 and included many supporters in the south. Yet over time, their ideologies have changed and even swapped over - the system all seems quite mixed-up and manipulative and full of mind-games, with the public being fooled into thinking they have any sense of choice within such a system.

"Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people. To destroy this invisible government, to befoul this unholy alliance between corrupt business and corrupt politics is the first task of statesmanship." President Theodore Roosevelt.

The Gladiator mosaic, from the first half of the 4th century.

In these times, it is so important to remember to focus on the common ground we all share and to not get lost in any divisiveness, judgement or hate - discernment is essential though in these times and to place our energy in the direction we wish to see and to trust the process. I will say that Robert Kennedy is speaking up for pro-choice thought in regard to the vaccines and as such is receiving a lot of mainstream judgement and attack and labelling as an 'anti-vaxxer' - again these are unhealthy patterns of silencing which we need to look at collectively since they diminish healthy debate. May right action unfold, no matter who steps up to take this position.

WHO would agree?

WHO have caused some recent controversy regarding their plans to introduce more sexual education for very young children including teaching children under the age of four about masturbation. We need to protect our children from these agendas so that their nervous systems are not entrained to just seek out sex and orgasm and to give power away to lust. We may end up with a nation of easily-controlled sex-addicted beings (including those of a vulnerable young age) whose bodies and nervous systems will not naturally align to spiritual exercise, such as meditation or yoga, and will constantly seek for stimuli such as masturbation and sexual internet content. Why isn't spiritual practise being introduced for children so that they can connect to their natural peace, self-worth and presence? Do they understand that self-worth or contentment will not be attained through gaining sexual attention or temporary feelings of an orgasm?


Are they aware that they could be controlled by lust which can be driven by the downward force of distraction and/or entities taking their power? Are there any elders in our communities who are sharing other values such as temperance, how to say no to peer pressure, or waiting until you are married or in a trusted commitment? Are these values judged and not given a fair hearing? Everyone's journey is completely different and some beings are very advanced souls and deserve to receive education that can foster and nourish a conscious path.

Meditation (1897) by William de Leftwich Dodge.

Pharmaceutical Profits in Health Systems

I have written here about the billions being made by pharmaceutical corporations recently and the dangers of speedy and unsafe vaccines which need years to ascertain their safety and affect on the body over time; please consider reading the link here if you feel triggered by these words since it includes many peer-reviewed papers and resources regarding evidence collected over the last few years. for example, about the connection between the vaccines, blood clots and strokes. With compassion, and awareness of the military-level programming, there is a lot of denial surrounding this issue and some people are still not linking the dots together or even seeing the holes in their behaviour, for example by continuing to wear masks, despite taking many vaccines (which subconsciously they clearly don't trust,) yet need more and more of. Is it strange that peer-reviewed research is not receiving much attention from the corporate-owned media or government and why aren't certain MPs raising concerns being listened to?

A recent peer-reviewed paper published by Max Schmeling, Vibeke Manniche and Peter Riis Hansen in Denmark in March 2023 has revealed a link between suspected adverse effects (SAEs) and certain batches of vaccines of the same drug - information of the vaccine labels for each dosage was recorded by the Danish Serum Institute. The data revealed a strong correlation between certain batches with one group having little or no effect, one batch having some effects and a third group revealing strong adverse effects. I would urge people to consider why weren't they all the same? How can it be explained why some vaccines of the same drug caused effects and some didn't? Why were they staggered? Were placebos used in some cases?

Each dot represents a vaccine batch and suspected adverse effects of the BNT612b2 mRNA vaccination in Denmark. Three clear types of batches are revealed.

""We do not have a vaccine currently on the market for Covid-19 that is licensed and FDA approved."

"That's correct."" Chilling words exposed by Senator Janae Shamp speaking about mandates in America which still exist in certain areas for the vaccines.

This issue is raising its head again with organisations such as WHO, who are developing plans for a Treaty on Pandemic Preparedness for future pandemics. Are these systems fear-based and controlling - are they based in consciousness and the awareness of how to achieve a good immune system, lifestyle and health and how to live in harmony with the earth and pan (the Greek word for 'all')? What about people who are conscious and consciously live in alignment with their beliefs and don't experience ill health - is anyone curious about how they achieve good health and their views on flus and viruses and if not, why aren't people curious? Would it be wise to give WHO policing powers and do they truly know what pertains to pan? The debate in parliament on this issue can be read here.

"Gentleman says there is a need to move at speed. Does he agree that Pfizer moved at the speed of science, to the effect that it never even tested whether the vaccine actually stopped transmission or contraction of the virus? This House mandated people to lose their jobs for not taking a vaccine that was unproven and unsafe, and that was actually never going to stop them transmitting the virus." MP Andrew Bridgen.

"We have the opportunity to say no, and it is an opportunity we need to take. Once we have said yes, we are then under the obligation to introduce, potentially, terrible infringements on liberty...My final concern about the proposals is that they set the WHO up as the single source of truth on pandemics and responses to pandemics. There is a legitimate and understandable need to challenge misinformation and disinformation—there is a real danger there—but surely Members should recognise that there is an opposite danger as well, whereby a single supranational agency becomes the sole source of information on what is true....These are the people who said that lockdowns would only be short and temporary, rather than lasting the best part of two years, and who said that vaccines stopped transmission, rather than having next to no impact on transmission. They said that vaccines would only be for the vulnerable, rather than everyone—including little babies. They said the vaccines would be voluntary, rather than mandated as they were in many countries, including, very nearly, our own. I do not have confidence in the WHO and its satellites to be the single source of truth on either the science or the response." MP Danny Kruger.

Esoteric Knowledge and Language

There are many beings on this planet with high level knowledge regarding the power of words, numbers, astrology, geometry etc and how to invert this knowledge to enforce the profane, rather than the sacred. I am sharing some things you may wish to see here.

SNOMED Clinical Terms is the name of a systematically-organised collection of medical terms - it is thought to be the most comprehensive healthcare terminology in the world. Read SNOMED backwards.

Pfizer's new logo took 18 months to develop and included a helix design inspired by the double helix of DNA to the left of the name. The old symbol was the word Pfizer in a pill-like shape. "Pfizer’s brand refresh marks its recent shift from being a diversified business to a biopharma business focused on breakthrough science, Mr. Bourla said." As part of this re-brand they spoke the following in their advertising:

"“When you want to save humans from disease, ask science,” she says. “It will make the breakthrough because science is relentless. It never gives up. It keeps asking questions until it finds what it’s looking for.” The ad ends with the new logo and the company’s mantra, “ the end, science will win.”"

Note the normalisation of the term "breakthrough science." How is 'breakthrough science' different to 'normal science'? Is it really experimentation on the human coding, while trying to attain scientific authority, with their psychological strategy? Pfizer made $37 billion in 2022 revenues for their Covid-19 vaccine.

Summer Festivals

The pyramid stage at Glastonbury - it was rebuilt in 1981 and 2000 (Photography by Sheila Burnett)

What are the agendas of the festivals we attend - where are we putting our energy? Is it purely a money-making festival? Do the locals benefit? Do the land and animals benefit? Is it for the raising of consciousness or is it draining and hedonistic? Are the agendas just perpetuating the fake-green ideologies? Are they fake or authentic? Is the spirituality real or is there a lot of 'Tantric distraction' and escape of the Self, rather than facing the layers of stuck emotion, thought, programming, habits and conditioning which disconnect us from the true presence beneath? If we do attend, how can we raise consciousness there? Do we have a fear of missing out and are attending certain events even though our body may need time away from distraction at certain times? Yet sometimes we may need some socialising and yang energy and do we listen to this? Are we listening to our bodies and soul?

Recently Glastonbury Festival hosted over 200,000 people, just after the summer Solstice. It may interest you to know that Glastonbury Festival's famous pyramid stage was inspired in design by the Great Pyramid of Giza and author and metrologist, John Michell, helped to dowse the location, which is at the site of a blind spring, close to a ley line leading to the abbey and Stonehenge. This festival was formerly known as Glastonbury Fayre and began in 1970 (under a different name initially) and was attended by 1,500 people. Energetically this festival is connecting with the heart Chakra of the world - how is it meeting this in terms of that responsibility - in what ways is it meeting the heart and in what ways is it not and is there room for improvement? If you attended the festival, what were your experiences?

Map by Robert Coon showing the heart Chakra in Glastonbury and the root Chakra in California at Mount Shasta.

A System Built on Abuse

Human trafficking and child trafficking is big business and the money, slavery, energy and adrenochrome is used to support our systems, the elite and big business on our planet. Adrenochrome is a compound caused by the oxidation of adrenaline and is being taken from the blood of the youth - before you consider this to be an absurd conspiracy theory (as many do in mainstream media,) please see the list of links I have posted about Satanic abuse happening on our planet and people speaking up such as Elijah Wood - I have also listed many documentaries with witnesses of Satanic ritual or abuse and there is a documentary here about Jeffrey Epstein's sex trafficking ring. Ghislaine Noelle Marion Maxwell was a British sex offender and in 2021 was found guilty for child sex trafficking and other offences connected with Jeffrey Epstein. Ghislaine Noelle Marion Maxwell was a British sex offender and in 2021 was found guilty for child sex trafficking and other offences connected with Jeffrey Epstein. Many famous figures have been recorded as passengers on Epstein's private jet to his island including Prince Andrew and Kevin Spacey and he and Maxwell had ties to many prominent figures including Bill Gates, Fidel Castro and Pope John Paul II.

Sometimes controlled opposition can step into a movement and make it lose credibility - it is likely that we saw this with the 'Pizzagate' issue which was dismissed as a conspiracy theory in mainstream media regarding paedophilia rings thought to be using code words for children such as 'ordering a pizza.' This recent documentary exposed how deep this issue actually goes while pointing out some of the holes in how 'Pizzagate' was interpreted, yet it discussed elite paedophilia rings which have been brought to attention in even mainstream media outlets. The documentary highlighted the following:

In Britain, certain MPs with an interest in children were protected and "Senior political and police figures knew about child sexual abuse linked to Westminster but “turned a blind eye to it” amid a culture of cover-up, an inquiry has found." In America, dozens of Pentagon staff were discovered to have downloaded child pornography in 2010 and in 2007 Operation Flicker identified individuals that had subscribed to child pornography websites. Politicians were found guilty in 2010 of being connected to a paedophile ring in Portugal which preyed on state-run orphanages. The U.S. Catholic Church has paid out over $4 billion in sexual abuse settlements since the 1980s. More evidence is presented along with information from whistle-blowers showing how pervasive this issue, (including 'VIP paedophilia,' and Satanism) is in our society.

The mainstream media has also already revealed that wealthy individuals are paying to receive blood from younger generations in order to restore youth. If you open up any Satanic or dark arts book it is likely that you will find some kind of ritual working with blood or sacrifice, yet if you still doubt all of this, I would ask you to consider the fact that animals are publicly tortured to death at the Yulin meat market in China because this produces adrenaline and it is believed that the more the animal is tortured, the tastier the meat becomes. For various reasons, people are seeking adrenaline or blood:

"pets are not only eaten but tortured first because raised adrenalin levels allegedly 'heighten a man's sexual prowess.'" From the following article.

Please go gently with this information and be mindful of your own nervous system and what you can or cannot support right now energetically. There are organisations which are very well connected and protected and know how to move children around, abuse vulnerable children, perform rituals, hide children, use the 'dark-web' and dispose of bodies. Severe power abuse can also occur in government youth centres. People may also find it hard to imagine that any parent could be abusive or neglectful or be connected with an abusive organisation which may even pay them to use the child in a ritual - yet many souls engage in karmic soul contracts to clear out karmic, ancestral or past life patterns for themselves and for the collective.

Hidden Abuse in the Family

Some people experience very toxic abuse from their parents and we need to be able to accept that this happens in our society. If you are part of a certain 'club' then you may receive certain protections and we need to look at this since justice will prevail on our planet and divine will is unfolding. This corruption is found in our systems and our government - these organisations are old and certain groups can keep people protected. I believe that many organisations started off as pure with hidden esoteric knowledge, but over time, they became corrupted. The true mason received esoteric wisdom about how to build sacred buildings such as cathedrals based on sacred geometry - they understood the deeper and sacred patterns behind geometry, language, numbers, dates and astrology.

Christ in the House of His Parents (1849–50) by John Everett Millais.

Yet the Master Mason faces the biggest test of all since they need to face the darkest shadow - whether they pass this test is down to their own individual path, but many are not passing their tests right now and have fallen into shadow and peril and are stealing or taking energy from others, including the vulnerable, instead of connecting with their soul. May all beings remember their divine Self and come back to the light. May divine justice and Judgement unfold on our planet and may divine will prevail.

Madeleine McCann - MM

There is something very significant, archetypal and astrological about this case. The truth I feel is very deep and points to not just individuals but the whole system we live in and collectively we have needed to prepare psychologically to receive these truths.

In this post I am just going to talk about current evidence and facts which are public and leave it to you to come to your own conclusions or thoughts on this case. I will also discuss the astrology of Madeleine and her parents.

The Armchair Detective

I would urge people to watch this video by the Armchair Detective who has published many videos on this case. In this video he discusses two significant pieces of evidence:

1) Blood was discovered under a tile in the holiday apartment of the McCanns - it contained 15 alleles out of 17 which matched Madeleine however 2 alleles had been damaged and so this evidence couldn't be used. Yet logic points clearly here - it's likely that bleach was used to clear away the blood and destroyed the 2 alleles, suggested the Armchair Detective. However, the media in the UK ran the story that it wasn't Madeleine's blood.

2) Two highly specialised dogs (who had a brilliant track record) detected signs of blood and death in the apartment and in the boot of the car rented by the McCanns. This style of inspection with these dogs is often used in the UK - one cadaver dog is trained to signal the scent of a dead body and one dog is trained to signal the smell of blood. The cadaver and blood dog picked up on scents in the couple’s bedroom, the living room, (behind the sofa,) in clothing belonging to Kate and in the vehicle which was rented on the 27th May, 24 days after she went missing.

Two springer spaniels similar to this one were used in this case, known as Eddie and Keela.

All of the information on this case has been made public by the Portuguese authorities and can be found here.

The "Bungling" Detective

The Portuguese detective Goncalo Amaral was taken off the case and labelled as 'disgraced' by the British media - Goncalo believed the McCanns were involved and as such was ridiculed and accused of 'false claims' and an 'absurd theory' by the media. Goncalo's book The Truth of the Lie was made into a documentary by the Portuguese and was not released to the British public - the McCanns tried to take Goncalo to court over libel but this was overturned due to his freedom of expression. His book was banned from the UK with the McCanns threatening legal action on anyone trying to sell it. The documentary can be found here and discusses the possibility that the death happened in the apartment and was accidental and that an abduction was unlikely due to the evidence. The documentary described how Goncalo was eventually dismissed from the case due to pressures at a political level with meetings between Gordon Brown and former Portuguese prime-minister José Sócrates:

"Before I left, someone came to me, I'm not saying who, with a speech about investigations that don't end, investigations that don't end in the way we desire, that do not succeed, and that if this investigation was archived, or if the investigation was dropped, nobody would question it much, or raise any problems about it." Goncalo Amaral.

The Blue Bird, (1911) by Frederick Cayley Robinson.

Concerns of a British Diplomat which were Over-Ruled

Gordon Brown also sent Clarence Mitchell, a public relations expert to help the McCanns, and he has been aiding them since and the Foreign Office under Tony Blair sent Sheree Dodd to act as a media liasion officer for the McCanns. A British diplomat sent to aid the case in the beginning sent a report with concerns about "inconsistencies" and a "lack of co-operation" from the parents with the police. The concerned diplomat was quoted as saying:

"With the greatest respect, I would like to make you aware of the risks and implications to our relationship with the Portuguese authorities, if you consider the possible involvement of the couple. Please confirm to me, in the light of these concerns, that we want to continue to be closely involved in the case as was requested in your previous ­message."

Why did the Foreign Office provide such a huge amount of political assistance in regard to this case? And what was the response regarding this diplomat's concerns? A request for information about this was sent in 2008 with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office replying that they could not confirm or deny certain questions since to do so "would, or would be likely to prejudice the interests of the United Kingdom abroad (under section 27 (I) (c) of the FOIA) or the protection by the United Kingdom of its interest abroad (under section 27 (I) (d) of the FOIA.)" This letter can be read here on a blog which has recorded many of Gerry's deleted blog-posts.

Praia da Luz in 2015.

Key Witness - Martin Smith

The documentary Truth of the Lie also discussed another key piece of evidence presented by witness Martin Smith and his family who had seen a man carrying a 'sleeping' child at night. Later, upon seeing footage of Gerry McCann carrying one of his children home from Portugal on the plane, Martin was struck by the appearance and mannerisms of Gerry and felt that it matched the person he had seen and that he was "60-80% sure." Yet this evidence received very little attention and the BBC even claimed that the Smiths had retracted this statement about the likeness to Gerry, however Martin insists that at no point did he retract his words. More can be read here.

The McCanns had dinner with British ambassador Sir Clement Freud two months after the disappearance of Madeleine - Clement was later revealed to be a paedophile and abuser of women.

Kate was investigated for 11 hours and asked 48 questions - she answered to only one question. The list of questions can be found here.

A huge amount of money has been poured into this case, including Operation Grange which was launched in May 2011 by Theresa May and so far has cost £11.75 million. May is the month of Taurus - the sign of grains, food, wealth and is connected with the goddess Ceres (Demeter) whose symbols included wheat and grains. The word grange comes from the Latin word, granum, meaning 'grain.' Madeleine is connected to Taurus very strongly and I will discuss that further down in the blog.

Demeter Mourning for Persephone, (1906) by Evelyn de Morgan.

Astrological Observations

Some observations regarding the astrology of Madeleine and her parents:

In astrology, a Davison birth-chart can help to reveal patterns concerning the relationship between two people and the following was observed regarding the relationship between Madeleine and her mother:

The asteroid Nessus (which can relate to ancestral or deep abuse patterns,) appears nearly exactly on their ascendant in Leo in the Decan of the Raven (Corvus.) The raven is often seen as a medium between the worlds - connected with the realm of death (and re-birth,) transition, wisdom and transformation and in Celtic mythology, the raven was connected to death on the battlefield due to its tendency to eat carrion.

Wounded Feminine Energy

Corvus portrayed in Johannes Hevelius' Celestial Atlas (1690)

Their Black Moon Lilith (the wounded feminine energy) is almost exactly on the MC line in Taurus (14°13) in the 10th house. This degree in Taurus for the sun usually falls on the 4th of May which is one day before Madeleine went missing on the 3rd of May. The MC can represent the public persona and their relationship dynamic, (which included the huge wound of the Black Moon Lilith,) was very public.

Their true North Node was almost conjunct with the dwarf planet Sedna; Sedna's mythology included themes of letting go of abusive parent/family/partner patterns and falling down into the ocean as a sea goddess and the fingers her father cut off became the sea creatures. Is there a sea connection with Madeleine and will her body be found at sea or in water? The McCanns stayed at the resort known as 'Ocean Club' at Praia da Luz which means the Beach of Light.

Cliffs at Praia da Luz.

Madeleine's Astrology

Madeleine has a lot of Taurus energy and her True North Node, Mercury, the sun, Ceres, her Vertex and the Black Moon Lilith are all found in Taurus (a sign associated with money, food, wealth, abundance and the physical side of mothering.) Ceres is now being considered by some astrologers to be the correct ruler of Taurus, making this a very powerful placement for her with Ceres in Taurus. There is a huge amount of money pouring into Madeleine's case - more than any other child that has gone missing and yet many children go missing. I imagine that more money is involved than we realise and other forms connected to Madeleine have generated money.

In mythology, Ceres (Demeter) had her daughter Persephone abducted by Pluto who had fallen in love with her; Pluto was the ruler of the Underworld, where souls faced their judgement and karma after death. This mythology was very sacred and gave understanding of the seasons with Persephone eventually returning to her mother every spring and summer and returning to her husband Pluto in the autumn and winter; it was part of the Eleusinian Mysteries which were secret rites for priests, priestesses, hierophants and initiates held at Eleusis in Ancient Greece. The Hierophant is the chief priest and in Tarot it is ruled by Taurus. In the Tarot de Marseille, the Hierophant card is called The Pope. On the 30th May 2007, the McCann parents had a private meeting with Pope Benedict XVI in the Vatican. There is something very deep, archetypal and astrological at play here.

Dark Arts

Her Black Moon Lilith (wounded feminine energy) is in Taurus (10°08). This degree for the sun usually falls on the 30th of April which is Walpurgisnacht (the eve before May Day or Beltane) - this is one of the cross-quarter days in astrology and is a fire festival. On Walpurgisnacht, some people practise dark arts including taking blood and making sacrificial offering and more information on that can be found here. It could be argued that this is quite a testing day astrologically - holding the potential for a lot of light or a lot of shadow (or to bring through lots of light by exposing or transforming the shadow.) This is advanced soul work. May her soul and Praia da Luz (Beach of Light) be remembered because of her divine light and her presence, which graced the land. Madeleine McCann is MM.

Yet what happened to her body afterwards? Was money involved in a cover-up? Was an elite, secret group involved? Was the body eventually discarded in water some time later?

'Madeleine' is the French version of Magdalene, from Mary Magdalene.

It is also interesting to note that Mary means 'drop of the sea' and M comes from the Egyptian hieroglyph for 'N,' meaning water. Mother Mary - Our Lady, Star of the Sea.

May there be justice for Maddie.

Evening Star Over the Sea, (c. 1910 - 1914) by Evelyn De Morgan.

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