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Free E-Book: 'Connecting Deeper with the Elemental Realms' 

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In this book I have shared some ways of connecting more deeply with the elves and faeries -

this is a passion that was with me throughout childhood.  I have shared this information through the use of personal stories of experiences, but I have not spoken too much about the beings of the Otherworld - I wish for there to be space for the reader to be on their own journey, acknowledging the uniqueness of their own path into Faerie, as explorers. It is key to always remember to never give your power away to any being and to acknowledge that we are all consciousness and we are all equal. I work with enlightened beings in my spiritual work including Christ and Mary Magdalene and am always grateful for the nature spirits.

"I am now going to share some real life faery stories with you – they are maps that have been passed down to me and here I pass them on to you should you ever need them– they contain keys which may aid you on your journey into the Otherworld.  They will show you signs to look out for and ways to establish a connection.  The beings of Elfland are shape-shifters - they play with form and sometimes may be ‘invisible’ – yet they may adopt forms that are familiar to us in terms of our cultural conditioning.  Please receive these stories with remembrance of this.  Your experiences with Faerie may be very different.  Your journey may be unfolding in a completely new way.  I share these stories in honour of our infinite possibilities.  With peace and blessings."

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