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Healing Sessions


Energy Readings with Oracle cards and House Healing Services

House Healing

Do you feel uncomfortable in your home or a particular room? Is something holding you back from experiencing flow of abundance and peace?  Are you experiencing any sleep disturbances, head-aches, emotional problems or feeling drained?


I can help find blockages in your home which are creating geopathic stress, emotional problems or a lack of alignment - this includes areas such as earth energy, ghosts, entities, technopathic stress (EMF), water veins and many other fields.


Clearing and Reiki will also be used to bring the client's energetic body into harmony and this is also included in the full report.  Pets can also be included.

I am clairsentient which means that I can feel energies and I receive guidance from my spirit and healing team.  I am a certified house healer under Tim Walter, founder of KnightsRose House Healing Network.  Please contact me if you need a discount. (A small PayPal fee will also be included.)

"Tess, I have met few people who have your depth of sensitivity to receive highly spiritual concepts and who can also balance this gift with day to day intellect and emotion, like you can. Your heart-felt affinity to the natural world and passion for justice will always be stamped on everything you do and that includes working carefully and caringly in a variety of healing modalities. I am pleased to have helped you nurture just one aspect for your future."  Tim Walter, founder KnightsRose House Healing Network
"The house clearing my partner and I received from Tess was no short of incredible. We received a comprehensive report regarding the energies past and present in the house and on the land. The level of detail pertaining to the energies within the house was astounding, as well as her insights into our personal energy fields. Tess’s dowsing abilities and connection to Spirit is very advanced and I would highly recommend her services." Lauren Pegoli, Melbourne
"Whilst being a healer myself and having undertaken previous energy work at my home, I asked Tess to check-in on and clear the energies of our home as the three of us (myself and 2 children under age 10) were not feeling comfortable when returning home. My son (the most sensitive of the us and who picks up subtle energy changes first) was continuing to be scared at bed time as well as building a force shield around his bed to protect himself. Tess is a wonderful healer. Her approach gentle and non-intrusive and incredibly thorough. Furthermore, it includes a detailed report which certainly did provide some revelations. Her thoroughness is also extended to following up after the dowsing and healing to ensure its completeness, which I believe is an essential part of the healing process. I highly recommend Tess to anyone who is considering getting their home/land energy cleansed. She has a good knowledge of the scope of subtle energies and excellent awareness and sensitivity in picking up anything untoward. The process has lifted the heaviness we were experiencing in our home and left us further enlightened as to how we can protect ourselves to ensure our home is as peaceful and harmonious as it can be. Thank you, Tess, ever grateful for your service." Charlotte Coltman, Salisbury UK  


"We had moved into a quarrellous area where there  had been a lot of neighbourhood conflicts - my cat died after being caught in vertical barbed wire. My car had been interfered with and I had to call the police. 

Tess found a Ley Line and Waterway running under the house straight away, this also went  to the nearby church where we saw a few negative signs.  After being cleared it felt positive and my tiredness has gone. I can recommend Tess for a very thorough and professional House Healing." MPB, UK 

Energy Readings with Oracle and Tarot Cards

Oracle Card Reading 

Using a stone circle layout, we will look at various aspects of your life holistically and will examine any current beliefs being held in the present moment - this reading can aid in showing any blind spots, blockages, ancestral patterns, detrimental energies or to gain clarity on a certain topic.  


The stone circle is divided into four gates which focus on different aspects of your life, or you can bring a focus topic into the reading such as work, relationships, creativity, spiritual connection, home or limiting beliefs in regard to health.  The readings are in-depth and are intended to provide clarity on broad themes happening in your life in the present, as well as more specific energies.


Please ask if you would like a discount for the reading - I wish for the readings to be affordable and in alignment with everyone. 

Thank you for visiting and many blessings.

'Clarity, Groundedness, & a Feeling of Connection with Spirit'

"I had been through a big transition as I moved home to the South Coast of England after 17 years in London, and I felt a sense of being between two worlds, not yet landed, nor having properly left my old home. I felt muddled and a bit lost.  I felt drawn to a reading with Tess, not really knowing what to expect, simply feeling the need of some grounding and support. 


I received the reading and was delighted, with much more detail than I had ever received in a reading before. The care and attention given to me in that space felt really nurturing and gave me a warm and uplifted feeling. I also sensed a clearer quality of presence from the morning I received the reading, and I had asked for an energy clearing as well.


There were several aspects of me presented in the reading, representing me at a soul level, and also how I am at this present moment in time, and how I relate to the world around me. All the aspects presented were extremely accurate, and it is clear that Tess had finely tuned in to specific details and seen beyond the message of the cards with her own intuitive gift. 


I was given clarity, a sense of groundedness, a feeling of connection with spirit, and I became aware of the choices available to me going forward. I noticed that I was immediately responding to the guidance given, and taking better care of myself, along with feeling energetically brighter and clearer." Charlotte Preston.

"The readings that Tess has done for me have all been astonishingly accurate since she knew absolutely nothing about me and I only asked her to do a reading concerning certain topics i.e. creativity or health. The information she came up with helped me to understand what is going on at the moment and why. I highly recommend working with Tess. I love her gentle and highly intuitive way of communication.”

Domi Feichtinger, Austria.

'Renewed Confidence'

"Tess’s in depth reading gave me renewed confidence to know that I am on the right path and to stick with my plans. I find myself reading and rereading the information with more and more insights coming to light each time. Thank you Tess for your guidance." Anna Schmidt, Australia.
'Incredibly Accurate'
"Thank you for the wonderful card reading Tess. You were so incredibly accurate in identifying the issues I’m struggling with. Your intuitive guidance has helped me to see where healing is needed and what to focus on. I also wanted to say that the energy clearing work you did has brought about a noticeable shift and I have felt so much better since. Thank you." Rachel Louisa
'Insightful, clear, honest and true.'
"Tess's card readings are insightful, clear, honest, and true. It helped me a lot to grasp what was happening in my life at that time. It was right on target and to see my situation from another perspective helped me make the right moves. If you want to know more about yourself, you should definitely get a reading with Tess!" Jean-François, Canada
"Many thanks for the insightful and in depth card reading Tess. I have been through a difficult time recently and your words of wisdom from various practitioners has brought some helpful perspective and genuine ways of seeing my way through. I found your interpretation and structuring of the reading easy to apply to my circumstance and I will continue to refer to it as I map my way through life. I thoroughly recommend your highly intuitive and sensitively compassionate services." Carol knight, NSW Australia.
"Tess is my favourite reader. She truly works from a place of integrity and therefore is an authentic channel. The readings I had with her helped me gain so much clarity on the lessons I'm going through. Each reading worked literally like a healing, since the sessions are supported by many benevolent guides and transmit me energy and messages I need to hear. She won't tell you what you want to hear as opposed to other readings that will reinforce your attachments that keep you stuck in codependent patterns. She will tell you what you the truth you need to hear in a very loving and gentle way that will help you advance in a constructive way. Essentially she helps me understand to love myself, to feel whole within myself with the love that is already within me. She helps me understand the lessons on my spiritual path and therefore heal. Thank you Tess, really grateful to be supported by this pure channel." Shanti, London, UK

    House Healing         
Full Report - £300

I will examine 50 aspects which may be influencing you & your home detrimentally including earth energy disturbances, EMF, ghosts, underground water etc.

Star Cluster

Astrology Report
- £150

This is if you have an issue or question and would like to look at the astrological influences and birth-chart.

Flower Buds

Tarot - £45

Please bring your questions or we can do a general reading and we will tune into your Higher Self in a space of truth and presence.

Meditation by the Sea

Reiki - £45

Life enhancement sessions including Reiki, clearing blockages in the chakras and clearing psychic cords.

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