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Full Moon Truths - A Mayor Apologises

Full Moon in Gemini

Today the full moon in Gemini directly opposed the sun at 4°51 in Sagittarius at exactly 9:16 am GMT. Here we are working with the polarity of the Higher Mind of Sagittarius (ethics, philosophy, morals, astrology, higher education and learning) with the 'Lower' Mind of Gemini (language, quick-wittedness, words, ideas, humour, creativity and communication.) Mars will also be in Sagittarius bringing some fiery warrior energy in expressions or acts related to these themes and Mercury (ruler of Gemini) is also in Sagittarius, adding further emphasis for the need to communicate certain 'higher' truths or morals. Keep an eye out for beautiful moon halos at this time around the moon and nearby Jupiter in Taurus will also shine brightly.

Sagittarius from Urania's Mirror by Sidney Hall.

The wounded feminine, Black Moon Lilith, will be moving over the collective IC which may bring up some painful patterns collectively regarding the ways in which we grew up in childhood and how this impacts us later in life, giving us more revelation about what patterns are or aren't working anymore. Interestingly, Saturn, (the ruler of Capricorn,) will be making his way over the collective mid-heaven, making the focus of our discussions point towards the father, government and our systems - coupled with this strong Sagittarius energy we may feel to discuss this from a philosophical dimension and examine ways in which political systems can empower people or ways in which they can be controlling - we may look at language, words and communication as tools used in politics and what this means to us.

Healing in our Systems and Government - the Mayor of Glastonbury

Pluto is still making his way through the finally degrees of Capricorn (father, government, work) bringing more awareness of what needs to be transformed in the underworld of our systems - Pluto is the ruler of death, karma (cause and effect,) soul lessons, transformation, and rebirth and will leave no stone unturned. He will show us the places that keep us stuck and what we need to let go of, to learn from and where we can grow and evolve in order to experience a rebirth in our systems, as he enters Aquarius on the 21st of January 2024 at 00:57 am GMT.

Today, Venus is in her ruler-ship in Libra (relationships,) and conjunct with the collective South Node - with her love and compassion she can show us what we are ready to move away from and how to close out old lessons with love. This can include in our personal relationships, but also in our relationships with the broader themes we are looking at here - in work, government and our systems. By letting go of old relationships or entanglements with love, we can focus on the divine Self (self-love) with the collective North Node in powerful Aries (self, identity.)

As you read this blog, please trust in your intuition and your Higher Self - I am sharing many questions in this blog for us to reflect on moving forwards. If there is anything here that you find triggering, please be open-minded and question if there is any resistance, egoic filtering, programming or conditioning which is causing this - being open to see is the true healing work required on our planet right now. I pray for our highest timeline of truth, justice, love and peace.

The Mayor of Glastonbury Apologises Publicly

Earth Chakras - Map by Robert Coon (showing the Heart Chakra at Glastonbury, considered by many dowsers to be the heart chakra of the planet and an important energetic site.)

In light of these themes, I would like to share a recent public apology made by the mayor of Glastonbury which was shared online here and can be heard at 14:45 minutes - you may see many of these themes regarding communication and ethics in politics. The apology was made in response to a petition made by locals of Glastonbury regarding Indra's behaviour which had caused a lot of upset. At a Green Gathering talk, Indra had ridiculed many people of Glastonbury including "that woman" (who was local resident Sandi Adams) and disregarded legitimate concerns which she mocked and dismissed as 'conspiracy theory,' and called the concerned people a 'mob;' she also used comical affect and description to completely dismiss their words.

The Green Gathering talk can be watched here and I wrote about these themes for those who are interested in this blog-post here. I write about spirituality and am aware that quantum science and spirituality are compatible - I have a first class Masters in an environmental science and have spent much time and energy researching these fields extensively. I do not trust agencies such as WEF, WHO and the Agenda 2030 with its so-called 'green agendas' and I believe, like Sandi Adams, that it is unwise to not question them in these times of severe power abuse, corruption and control, especially after witnessing the recent corruption regarding the pandemic where trust from many has deteriorated. I have included more content in regards to this at the bottom of the post.

The Mayor Indra's apology can be read below:

"Dear Lila and other signatories of the petition.

I realise my words fell heavy on many ears and caused upset. I am truly sorry. It was not my intention. Causing any distress to our elders with my language or reflections has saddened me and I would like to reach out in reconciliation and in conversation. I am apologising because I feel to, not because of a petition and although it does speak to the strength of your convictions, there is no actual premise or grounds for resignation. But I do take the sentiment to heart and will reflect on my language and for any future talks.

For my excuse, the word mob, it's a status I have personally occupied for many years, it is the voice of the "people" to the authority, it just so happens I have now put myself into a position of authority, as in I stood for election. And so the world turns, I meant no malice, it was an interesting juxtaposition and a steep learning curve. Lila and others who we have corresponded with a lot since the day of the 15 minute city talk in this council chamber in May 2023, without, it would seem, satisfaction from misunderstanding, miscommunication, misrepresenting, perhaps by all parties.

I don't think we will agree on the premise of what is happening in our world, but we all agree, some things are not right. I would like to invite a conversation in time and with parameters agreed by all parties. And lastly I thank you for your patience, you may have missed my opening comments at the October 4th Council, I have been processing a death in my close family and this is signed with an open heart and without prejudice, Indra Donfrancesco, mayor of Glastonbury."

Glastonbury Tor.

Lilith's Speech about the Mayor

Councillor Lilith addressed this petition which had been made by concerned locals regarding Indra's speech, as mentioned. The petition had highlighted the inappropriate behaviour of the mayor which was not in accordance with the Nolan Principles of Public Life which require impartiality as part of the third principle of 'objectivity.'

"Holders of public office must act and take decisions impartially, fairly and on merit, using the best evidence and without discrimination or bias." From the third Nolan Principle.

Here are some extracts from Lilith's speech which begins at 40:17 minutes on the video:

"I do not believe that the words of the mayor were uttered with any kind of evil intent whatsoever, but I think it was rather naivety and being caught up in the moment. If I thought otherwise this would be a motion of no confidence...It is an objective reality that many, many people were offended by the speech that the mayor gave to the Green Gathering and I've had numerous calls and messages and people explaining their hurt and their distress that was caused when they watched that YouTube video. And if you think about it this way, I think there's about between 150-200 signatures on that letter now, that's almost as many, you know if you think about that in terms of the number of people who elected us...It's quite a lot of people and for that reason I don't think that the council can ignore the hurt and distress caused to so many of the town's folk. Causing offence isn't a crime, obviously it's not, because that's what free speech is all about, nobody is suggesting that this was hate speech. But when a speaker is introduced as the mayor of any town, or this town, or whatever, if you're introduced in that capacity, then you are speaking in that capacity and the role is brought into the agenda....

(Lilith then shared a story about canvasing for the Conservatives in London and Surrey)..."And that's how I became quite aware of the kind of tribalism in politics and why for me coming here to Glastonbury has been such a revelation because here we have people who come and actually want to participate in the democracy of this council...It actually broke my heart to hear people who'd come to here to tell people about their concerns and thoughts, to be ridiculed and likened to a Monty Python sketch. Democracy is nothing without participation. Nothing without transparency. Nothing if free speech is curtailed by ridicule."

Glastonbury Abbey. The council meeting was held on the day before the anniversary of the death of the last abbot of Glastonbury, Richard Whiting, who died during the dissolution of the monasteries. King Henry VIII had Richard brutally hung on the Tor, (and drawn and quartered,) on a fabricated charge of treason. The abbey fell into ruins. What can we learn from this? Last year, it was organised for an actor playing Henry VIII to apologise publicly for these deeds of the past and footage of this can be found here.

Councillor Lokabandhu then asked for the motion to be withdrawn since he felt that the apology of the mayor was heartfelt. Councillor Lilith wanted to put it to the people in the room to see how they responded to the apology, but Mayor Indra responded "that's not actually a thing...I know we haven't actually had training in this but it's standing orders, is not to address the public or for the public to address outside of people's participation." Councillor Lilith then presented that the "motion" could relate to whether the people accepted the apology and they discussed whether this would mean it was a new "motion" or not. They then discussed making amendments to this motion since the Mayor had given an apology and they then did a vote and accepted the amended motion. Councillor Cook was the only person to abstain and offered the following remarks:

"I still feel that there's a lot of grievance. I've spoken to quite a few people, who are still not happy. This hasn't gone away. Sandi Adams isn't here tonight is she? I saw Sandi's response to your Green Gathering speech, whatever it was, and I feel that the matter is not settled in any way at all." Councillor Cook was then stopped from speaking further by Indra who responded "We're calling a line under this now...Because we've just done the apology..." Councillor Cook said a few more words, sat down and received a big applause from the public.

The Mayor Indra later finished the discussion with the following remarks:

"I would just basically like to say thank you to councillors for your vote of confidence this evening, I'm sorry to have basically dragged this through, but as I think LB (Councillor Lokabandhu) said, you did vote in an activist and I stand for things and I will continue to stand for things and I think those are the things, rather than the actual way I said it, it's what I say. So, hopefully this will be the end of it. And I just suggest that anything else that comes in, gets taken to another authority basically, a higher authority. Because this is taking up all our time and all my time."


Indra is saying that she is an 'activist' and has a position on "things." Yet how is this in agreement with the third Nolan principle of objectivity which includes being impartial in public life?

A member of the public responded with the following comment on YouTube: "what does that mean? Is she suggesting that to question what she says is now not allowed? Will she call the police if a member of the public wants to challenge her on anything? How is THAT democracy? If she can't take some flack she is definitely in the wrong job."


More issues of corruption may come to the fore with this strong Sagittarius energy which brings the themes of ethics, morals and temperance. How can we blindly trust these organisations such as WHO and their "green" Agenda 2030 as Mayor Indra is advocating with her green "activism"? Many are still wilfully blind about the corruption of these organisations during the pandemic - how can we now trust them further on 'green agendas'?

Regarding WHO and WEF, Pascal Najadi has been raising his concerns and he recently met up with MP Andrew Bridgen who has been raising awareness publicly about the vaccine injured and vaccine deaths which can be viewed here. Najadi has filed a case against Pfizer in New York regarding the vaccine.

Pascal, who is dying after taking a Covid vaccine, shared the following words in this video:

"Everything evil in the world, related to democide, unfortunately comes from Geneva. You have WHO in Geneva. You have GAVI. Then you have the WEF, the World Economic Forum, which my father was a co-founder and left Klaus Schwab out of disgust in the early eighties, that has diplomatic immunity. I, as a Swiss citizen, right here now, declare that the WEF is not eligible anymore for diplomatic immunity. I call on the Swiss authorities and security to arrest those people immediately. Why? The WEF, WHO, GAVI, Big Pharma, Big Tech, Bill Gates, all advocated a global humanity injection, by a bioweapon, injecting Nano Lipids into 5.7 billion people. And we Swiss are hosting them? That's terrible. We cannot tolerate any entity that promotes poison to be injected into humanity. But you have done it. I'm the victim, I'm dying from it. And my mother too. It's a democide, and you will be judged. It will be corrected in the name of humanity...

"Swiss neutrality has to be restored. We have no future not being neutral. And the young people who survive through this will be the guarantors, hopefully, that such institutions can never again take foothold in our blessed country. Never again. The snake head is in Geneva. I call it a direct, clear and present danger to the Swiss population, but I can tell you, it is being cut off...Let's just stand up and say stop. We will not comply...Because we are the guardians of humanity and our light obliterates the darkness of evil. Always."

Peer-Reviewed Research on Vaccine Damage

I have included a list of peer-reviewed scientific research conducted over recent years which has gone public regarding side-effects and death from vaccines in this blog and here.

Is it right to give more power to pharmaceutical companies making billions in profit at the expense of human beings?

Is it right to give our power away to organisations such as WHO and their 'health' and 'green' agendas?

Is it ethical to use the term science when referring to 'corporate-funded science' aka big pharma "breakthrough science" or "operation warp speed" science? This is 'science' which is not peer-reviewed. It is 'science' conducted by billion-dollar pharmaceutical companies which sell products. Is that ethical?

Is it ethical for corruption to exist in our governments and systems?

What About the Immune System? Does it Make Any Profits?

I believe in the healing power to transmute toxins and believe that there can be justice for anyone who took these toxins into the body. Yet why have people been pressurised to put toxins into their body? Why weren't they encouraged to live healthy lives and develop their immune systems by the mass-media and the governments? Why weren't many people interested to hear about those with healthy lifestyles who don't often get sick and how they keep that high vibration? Why weren't people trusting of their immune systems and would prefer to take something with no long-term safety data which has now been shown to have adverse side-effects and even death from those who have gone public with this information?

For those who still doubt these words - here is Pfizer publicly admitting that they did not know whether the vaccine would stop transmission before putting it out into the marketplace.

Many discussions are taking place in the European Parliament regarding government corruption and side-effects of the vaccines, including this talk here.

I would highly recommend this talk by Dr David Martin at the European Parliament regarding the Covid vaccines, for which he used the term 'biowarfare' and he spoke at length about the mutating viruses which he believed were intentionally released.

Those Questioning Big Pharma are Dismissed as "Dangerous"

The following is taken from my blog here on the words of cardiologist, Dr Aseem Malhotra, who believes the vaccine is accelerating coronary artery disease leading to more strokes for example. Despite the fact that his scientific research on vaccine dangers is peer-reviewed, he is still being criticised by the media - the Guardian printed supposed "expert" views that Malhotra was "misguided" for linking recent "excess deaths" with the vaccine in a recent BBC interview. By challenging big pharma he has been cited as displaying “deeply dangerous behaviour” by supposed "experts." Are they self-proclaimed "experts" I wonder? Malhotra's healthy father died shortly after taking the vaccine - does it make a lot of sense that Malhotra would risk his career and reputation to talk a load of dangerous nonsense publicly about big pharma? Would there be quite an incentive to smear him? What are the ethics and morals regarding this style of communication? Why has the word "dangerous" been used against someone conducting peer-reviewed scientific research in a journal? He has thereby been called "controversial" on Wikipedia for his stance on vaccines and his focus on immunity and diet as being important for health. Why are the mass media trying to silence free speech by dismissing some evidence-based views as "dangerous"? Dangerous for whom?

In his talk, Dr Malhotra gave an example of a medicine which was known to cause death, yet despite this, in email exchanges it was discussed how “the drug will do well and we will do well.” These corporations are operating with the level of psychology of a psychopath, he explained in one talk, with an image of Joel Bakar’s book, The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power, in the background and he discussed how they are creating a “toxic culture” from his own observations and experiences as a cardiologist:

“These are institutions that are basically there to make money, through deception, reckless disregard for the safety of others, deceitfulness, repeated lying, conning others for profit, incapacity to experience guilt. That is the institution that is the corporation. That’s how they function. Now think about this conceptually for a second. If you have this kind of institution, what’s it going to do to the culture, which has increasing unchecked power over the last two to three decades over our lives, over our work, over our decision-making. It’s moving away from what it really means to be human, isn’t it...And this is really the root of the problem in my view. The legal entity that is the corporation.”

May there continue to be more disclosure and justice on our planet. The intention is fulfilled, with love and peace.

Illustration by Kay Nielsen from East of the Sun and West of the Moon (1914)

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