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The Green Agendas - Full Moon Truths

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Full Moon in Pisces - the Interconnectedness

At 2.36 am on Thursday the 31st of August, the full moon in Pisces will directly oppose the sun at 7°25 in Virgo. Here we have the divine feminine moon in the most mystical and expansive sign of Pisces (water) which may bring some insights or intuition regarding the 'bigger picture' of our planet and its interconnectedness with all beings - the plants, animals and humans. We may understand more about how things weave together or intuit solutions which serve the consciousness in all beings. Pisces may also reveal the delusions or illusions which have been permeating our systems, as Pluto continues his purging in Capricorn. The sun can support all this in the opposite sign of Virgo (earth) as the healer who is good with the finer details and analysis so that we don't get too lost in the larger picture and can ground these ideas into a tangible reality. Retrograde Mercury (language, communication, trade, creativity, ideas) in Virgo may be able to communicate these ideas in a reflective way, which may provide further insight or revelation.

'Virgo' from Sidney Hall's Urania's Mirror

Time to Reflect - Facing the Shadow

Many planets are in retrograde at the moment meaning that collectively we may be reflecting on a lot of issues, doing shadow work, philosophising or doing self-development. Venus, Mercury, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Pluto and the true nodes will all be in retrograde at the time of this full moon meaning that we have a lot to reflect upon, integrate, digest and contemplate before we can move together with cohesion - certain dreams may come during this time which may be particularly insightful regarding subconscious dynamics which are ready to be transformed. Ask and you will receive. Pluto (death, transformation, karma) is still retrograde in the final degrees of Capricorn (father, systems, government) before he makes his long journey into Aquarius - so more revelations and darker agendas from the bottom of the barrel regarding our systems may emerge between now and the 16th October when he starts going direct through Capricorn towards Aquarius.

As I share this writing on the 28th of August 2023, the divine feminine moon is exactly conjunct with Pluto in Capricorn at 28°18, at 11:48 am in the UK.

The Crisis of WEF

Rather interestingly, the World Economic Forum (WEF) will be holding conferences in September (18-22) for Sustainable Development Impact Meetings and in October (16-18) for the Annual Meeting of the Global Future Councils. These are old paradigm systems and they cannot continue - fearful language about the 'crisis' we are living under is being used to push forward the UN's Agenda 2030 as they claim that the "world struggles to rebuild in the aftermath of the global pandemic." This is not an empowered narrative that I and countless others subscribe to. Pluto at this time will allow us to see what in the system (Capricorn) needs to die, transform and be reborn and what karma can be healed.

Pluto will enter Aquarius on the 21st of January 2024 and interestingly, WEF will be holding their Annual Meeting in Switzerland on the 15-19 of January just as Pluto prepares to leave Capricorn (systems, father, government). On these dates we may wish to hold the vision of a world which honours the divine and the consciousness in all beings; we may envision empowering systems which seek to nourish the individual's unique path, freedom and soul's purpose, rather than controlling systems absent of the heart.

Marie Spartali Stillman, Love’s Messenger (1885)

Conflict Amongst Eco Campaigners

I recently received the message that there is a lot of conflict regarding the 'green issues' with many different groups of campaigners all having their own views about the causes behind changing circumstances on our planet. This is causing a problem since instead of finding solutions and unity amongst environmental campaigners, it is leading to a lot of in-fighting, distraction, conflict and lack of cohesion moving forwards. Instead of focusing on the common grounds eg. habitat loss, pollution and destruction, there is a lot of in-fighting about the causes which leads to hatred, distrust and conflict rather than finding solutions for real issues happening on our planet and as such, the earth continues to suffer. Regardless of the agendas or causes, there is disharmony and disrespect happening on the planet and finding the common ground is vital for those who are concerned, in order to bring the campaigners into unity.

We may also find that an environmental campaigner may publicly share many views that we agree with, but we may notice that they are reluctant to address other areas which we may feel passionate about, or they may play-down certain issues (due to their own unconscious fears or addictions.) Could this be an invitation for us to step up and share our own voice - if we don't, who will?

Spirituality in Science

I would like to add here that I have a first class masters in an environmental science and have done research in this area - I am concerned, like many, about pollution and habitat loss, but I am also aware that there are many untrustworthy groups and organisations on this planet with controlling agendas which I don't adhere to. It was partly for this reason that I did not pursue a career in conservation or environmental science (where I perceived a general lack of spiritual understanding) but wanted to step into a role where I could bring all parts of myself to the table and so I studied house healing instead where I could learn about consciousness in the land, home and in human beings and how to find harmony. For those who are interested I made this film and blog about the spirituality in science and included many quotes from scientists (including in the realm of quantum science) who are aware of the spiritual/energetic dimensions.

I truly believe that this needs to be the way forward for true healing to happen on our planet - for a 'higher science' (and understanding of interconnected consciousness) to prevail over materialism and analytical reductionism ('taking things apart'.) Until we see our earth as a living being with consciousness we will not make progress - this you could call Mother Earth, Gaia, the 'collective,' the 'quantum field,' the 'community paradigm,' or the zeitgeist (world spirit) which is the defining mood of a time. Regardless of what word you use, she exists, beyond us as individuals, and we are at a pivotal point in time right now to address her and her state of well-being. For how can we truly address mental, health or environmental issues if we really don't understand our own consciousness and its interconnected nature?

“I have approximate answers and possible beliefs in different degrees of certainty about different things, but I’m not absolutely sure of anything.” Quantum Physicist, Richard Feynman.

Programming and Manipulation

There is also the problem that even amidst a certain group, different people are on different levels of the 'pyramid,' meaning that on each level they receive a certain narrative and don't have access to the higher levels. This can lead to a lot of manipulation and abuse of power. It may also make people believe that the narrative they have been given is absolutely correct, without knowing that people further up the pyramid may have different knowledge and darker agendas which are not passed down to the 'masses' further down the levels of the pyramid. As one example: a reporter working for the BBC is working at a certain level in the pyramid and may wholeheartedly believe that everything they are sharing is true and ethical without realising that further up the pyramid there are people or corporations who may have manipulated the facts or evidence or may have hidden or corrupt agendas. This is an example of how good people can be manipulated to believe in something without question and with full trust of the 'pyramid' they are participating within, since they do not see what is held in higher and corrupt levels.

The reporter, for example, will be interacting with others on the same 'level' and they will be fed the same narrative which creates cohesion and normality between them all - anything going against this narrative and programming may seem absurd, crazy or dismissed as conspiracy. This is why intuition and discernment is vital in these times so that we can detect manipulation, lies and deception and look out for the red flags. We cannot be blindly trusting of others, but we can trust our intuition. Instead of being open to listen to a conflicting viewpoint, those who are safe and in the comfort zone of their 'level' in the pyramid won't venture to hear about anything that doesn't align with their 'truth.' Their own level with its own rabbit holes and loops and conflicts has held them for so long and they have developed a strong identity within it which further upholds the narrative. They have deluded themselves that they have the truth even if contrary evidence exists - it might feel safer to do so than watch their false reality crumble around them, or leave the comfort zone of the pyramid and empower themselves. This is known as 'wilful blindness.'

Shadow Work Questions

We now have an issue where many conflicting groups, even in spiritual circles, are refusing to hear the other side and falling into judgement, superiority, conflict and distraction. Does it feel frightening to question the narrative of the closest people around you? Is it easier to people please rather than step into empowerment? Does it feel stressful or hard to convey your truth in a peaceful way? Are there techniques we can learn to convey our truth with kindness and authority without caring about what others will think or how they will respond? To let go of controlling outcomes and to just follow truth no matter what? Do we value the responses of others around us or in our community over truth? Do we allow any of our unconscious addictions, fears or worries to influence our viewpoints? Who have we given our power away to - do we fear hurting them if we share our truth? Isn't it better to endure the wisdom found in pain through learning truth, rather than living with lies and deception and never face the wound? Isn't this how we grow and evolve - by peeling away the masks?

Conflicting Thoughts about Maui

Volcanic rocks on a beach in Maui.

Channeler Amanda Ellis recently shared some similar messages regarding conflicting groups and conveyed this perfectly, so I am sharing her words on the recent tragedy at Maui:

"We're fighting over mother. We're fighting over her. (Holds up one hand.) Here we've got a camp which says that all the things that are happening upon her are a result of climate change. (Holds up the other hand.) Here we have a camp who's saying that all of the things such as wild fires, flooding, is the result of man, is the result of manipulation, is the result of weapons maybe being fired, is the result of the powers that were trying to control, trying to manipulate us. (Points to space.) Here we have another camp and it's the camp which talks about the fact that this is just what the earth does every thousand years or so...she reboots, her weather changes, we go into whatever it is, an ice age, we do this, we do that, it's always been thus. But all these different camps, it's becoming really quite unpleasant, because again it's just another subject now where no one is listening to anybody else. This group is shouting over this group, this group is shouting over that group. No-one is listening. And in the centre is mother earth and she's so tired...But she loves us, so she's still present. But she's asking us to come together on this, because whatever you think the cause of things is with regards to let's just call it weather, the end result is the fact that we've got to deal with it."

"When the planet is at a high enough frequency and that frequency is love and unity, anything that is lower energy naturally falls away and dissolves. It can't sustain itself, it has no grip fades away. And so, when we put our energy, which can also sometimes feel like victim energy, into what they are doing to us, what they have done now and that's the only maybe thing we mention, not even like, I hope the people of Maui are ok, it's just all about what they've done now. It's giving more power to them, because energy goes where you put focus on it - it's disempowering yourself. But also realise that change starts with us and the more we can become at peace with ourself, the more we can elevate our own consciousness, one person at a time. Ultimately anybody that you think is up there doing this stuff, they can only do it because we haven't ascended enough. So just work on your own ascension, work on your own awakening, work on your own response."

Maui and Earth's Energetic Body

My own response in reflection about Maui is that my heart goes to all those involved who lost their homes or loved ones.

It is not a clear-cut case at all and something deep happened there. This fire happened with the sun in Leo (fire sign) on Lion's Gate on the 8th of August (8/8.) A timeline of the fire can be found here. As mentioned in my previous blog, the astrology for this day was very intense with a lot of fire including retrograde Venus and Black Moon Lilith (wounded feminine) conjunct in Leo at 23°. What is perhaps far more deep is the fact that Maui is known as the planetary 'fire spinner' and is 'Gate 10' in terms of the earth's energetic body.

Earth Chakras by Robert Coon with Gate 10 marked at the Haleakalā active volcanic crater at Maui.

I do hear the concerns of those who believe that the fire was intentional and part of rebuilding the island in alignment with 'new world agendas,' yet we have to be mindful about giving our power away and being in a state of fear. Suppose the elite did burn down the town in Maui for their corrupt agendas, what would stop another fire from happening which would burn down their 'new and improved town?' Our earth is a living being, it is consciousness and true power is always with her - the elemental beings are consciousness. The element of fire is consciousness - the fire elementals are consciousness. Yet we all have freewill and can choose to exploit and control the elements of earth, or live in humility and peaceful co-creation. Until we live in humility and harmony with them, we will not feel at peace and will fear the karma and consequences of our actions. You can't fight divine fire with fire.

Haleakalā crater in Maui.

Different 'Camps' and the Issue of Net Zero

These issues could be seen in my local community recently with two very different 'camps' of environmental campaigners having conflicting views on a debate about Net Zero to bring greenhouse gas emissions to zero The theme of 'levels' of the pyramid could also be seen clearly with people in the government clearly believing their stance is true and correct, without questioning the narrative they have invested a lot of time and energy into. There is a naivety here, but in these times we need to be discerning and responsible for what we endorse and there are karmic consequences for everything we do. It is not ethical to ignore contrary evidence and dismiss it as conspiracy.

"This is a global agenda for a technocratic dictatorship and we need to get on top of this and get our heads round this. This is really a dystopian future that they have for us which we are not going to accept, we will not accept this...We need to have a clean, unpolluted planet, we all want that, but we don't need this form of control and it's a bit like the Chinese social credit system - we do not need it, we do not want it and we will not have it." Shared Sandi Adams at the beginning of the debate.

In her description, Sandi Adams shared that she gave up working for corporations including GlaxoSmithKline, Google, Microsoft and became aware that "rampant hyper-globalisation was the aim of most of these large corporations...Since then, her interest in the United Nations' Agenda 21 / Agenda 2030 and the Great Reset (World Economic Forum) has grown, and for the last fifteen years she has been hosting talks on the subject, to raise awareness of the coming top-down global-governance, technocratic agenda...

"Sandi is currently writing a book about UN Agenda 2030 and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The events of the last three years have confirmed the research she has been doing, as most of it has manifested. This has been a personal revelation: that we are in a human and spiritual battle for our destiny as human beings on this planet, to determine how we will survive it and endure the pernicious march towards transhumanism and AI, the theft of our souls."

What is Agenda 2030?

The United Nations emblem.

In 2015, the UN released 17 Sustainable Development Goals which they planned to implement across the world by 2030 as part of Agenda 2030 which can be read about here. The UN claims to be the authority with climate science and stated: "Acknowledging that the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change is the primary international, intergovernmental forum for negotiating the global response to climate change." Yet where did they get this authority from - especially if many experts are in disagreement with them?

A recent letter from 500 experts wrote a letter to the UN stating that there is no emergency. Here are some extracts from the letter:

"A global network of more than 500 knowledgeable and experienced scientists and professionals in climate and related fields have the honor to address to Your Excellencies the attached European Climate Declaration, for which the signatories to this letter are the national ambassadors. The general-circulation models of climate on which international policy is at present founded are unfit for their purpose."

"1 Natural as well as anthropogenic factors cause warming.

2. Warming is far slower than predicted.

3. Climate policy relies on inadequate models.

4. CO2 is not a pollutant. It is a plant food that is essential to all life on Earth. Photosynthesis is a blessing. More CO2 is beneficial for nature, greening the Earth: additional CO2 in the air has promoted growth in global plant biomass. It is also good for agriculture, increasing the yields of crops worldwide.

5. Global warming has not increased natural disasters.

6. Climate policy must respect scientific and economic realities.

7. There is no climate emergency. Therefore, there is no cause for panic."

Digital Humans and Dystopia?

With Mercury retrograde at the moment, it is an apt moment to look at the affect of the language we use. Are we in crisis and fear or are we in transition and rebirth? I can understand why environmental activists may be reluctant to no longer use words such as 'emergency,' but how can we heal if we continue to put power outside of ourselves? I am certainly not advocating for being in denial of the huge amount of habitat loss, pollution, loss of biodiversity, greed and lack of respect for the earth - but our approaches moving forward need to be self-aware and conscious. Otherwise we may give our power away to controlling systems recording our digital carbon footprint which may be used to disempower us (such as the social credit systems of China.) Will we give our power away to dystopian systems with digital IDs, digital money, digital footprints and highly centralised AI - the likes of which were recently proposed in the UN's A Global Digital Compact? How can we empower ourselves and co-create the world we want to see? Where our focus goes, energy goes. There has certainly been a crisis in consciousness - a crisis of forgetfulness, arrogance and control - but change truly begins with our own self-empowerment.

Sandi Adams has recently shared her concerns about Agenda 2030 in videos online as well as at the Glastonbury town council Meeting which has been shared widely and her talk begins at 27 minutes. In this interview she spoke about her concerns regarding the merging of regions happening within the UK government with the creation of 'Smart City Mayors' and 'sustainable development' plans such as the National Planning Policy Framework which are removing us from the local and moving us towards centralised decision making processes. She also shares her concerns about '15 minute cities' proposed for places like Oxford to reduce emissions which will restrict freedoms and impose surveillance and monitoring. Is there a way we can ignite care and respect of the earth which doesn't involve control, data collection and surveillance? Imagine a world full of empowered guardians of their local ecology who don't need to be forced or controlled into caring, they just naturally do, because they know themselves.

"There's well-meaning people, they really think they are saving the planet by going along with these government directives, they believe the goodness of their government, they don't believe for a minute that their government could be doing something that doesn't serve them at all...If they could see that they are being conned and that actually all of this has come from the United Nations and the United Nations aren't serving us and that's so obvious about what's happened in the last three years. If people didn't wake up when all that happened and understand that the United Nations were behind that with the WHO and the WEF, but at the end of the day it was a United Nations initiative and the WHO and the WEF were born underneath the United Nations, that all of these agencies have been born from the United Nations and the United Nations have really put all this together along with the Club of Rome, the trilateral commission, all their different agencies, and that this is an absolute plan to bring global control so that they are in charge of everything."

What are their Plans?

A recent debate about Net Zero (the plan to bring greenhouse gas emissions down to zero) which can be watched here, began with Glastonbury Mayor, Indra Donfrancesco, who clearly believes the narrative she is living with and has clearly put a lot of energy into it for a long time. The description of her is as follows:

"Councillor Indra Donfrancesco is the new Green Mayor of Glastonbury Town Council. She has been involved in environmental campaigning and direct action for over 25 years. She has been involved with Earth First!, Stop HS2, Stonehenge Heritage Action Group, and Extinction Rebellion. She is committed to the Town Deal in Glastonbury to deliver net zero by 2030."

A strong identity has developed which has been made within the narrative she believes in and also upholds. She wants Net Zero since she believes that "we as humans are using too much of earth's resources. We should be mindful of our beautiful, one planet and its delicate ecology." She is in a 'level' with its own pot holes, dramas and battles and her enemies include the "hypocritical elite" in the government who are "misusing" the climate science to make money and are "green-washing" and you can see in the video that she finds the heckles of 'conspiracy theorists' in the audience who question the climate science as amusing and she seems to be mocking audience responses at times, despite saying initially about the importance of listening. The heckles are not respectful, but they do reveal that she is not taking those views seriously and is eager to dismiss them rather than validate that they may have fair concerns and equally may have done their research.

So what are all these groups?

1) One group doubts the climate science and sees it as an elite agenda to bring in a new world order with a dystopian credit system such as Agenda 2030. They are distrusting of certain science which may be corporate-funded. They believe that weather patterns are being geoengineered by contrails etc., with much of this explained in the recent documentary 'The Dimming.'

2) One group sees these conspiracy theorists as 'controlled opposition' who, in voicing doubts about the climate science, are allowing polluting corporations, such as oil and gas, to continue unheeded or will allow rich people to continue flying at whim and polluting etc.

3) Some groups are 'controlled opposition' who are infiltrating a group and sharing information in a 'wacky' or unbelievable way to discredit the movement.

4) Some individuals may be unconsciously controlled by entities (for example by smoking too much weed and developing paranoia) and are causing discredit to a movement by presenting their arguments in a 'wacky' or unbelievable way.

5) One group sees it as an astrological shift (the Precession of the Equinoxes which changes every 2,000 years) and that weather is not separate from consciousness and to find harmony externally we need to awaken and heal within first. There is also the understanding that life is always changing and life is cyclical.

6) There is a group of scientists who believe the earth goes through cycles of heating and cooling. This could be explained by the understanding of group 5 however, some of these scientists may have other explanations for its causes. An example of this is Clintel who talk about the earth's varying climate with different cold and warm phases including the recent Ice Age and state that "climate science should be less political."

7) Other groups believe in the climate science, but distrust the government or elite and form their own environmental groups (such as Extinction Rebellion.)

8) While others may believe that these groups are infiltrated or led by 'controlled opposition' and are enforcing a narrative about climate science which the elite will use to impose controlling credit and identity systems.

9) Some believe in a mixture of many things from the groups above.

There is a clear lack of unity and perhaps an unwillingness to see the shadows we carry within.

Where have we invested a lot of our time and energy and are we willing to admit that we may have made a mistake or gone into blame, projection, finger-pointing or judgement? None of us are perfect, sometimes we get it right, sometimes we get it wrong. What if we didn't have to take 'sides' and thereby create an enemy? Can we find any common ground and what are the common fears, concerns or goals? Can we learn to observe and study others, ourselves and our planet and to question many things which we may take for granted? Can we be compassionate and understand where and why others may be trapped in a certain paradigm? Are we willing to question the projects or identities we have invested so much energy into - where have we been manipulated in the past? Would we be willing to undergo the inevitable pain and transformation that comes from layers of our ego dying, in order to find deeper peace and truth? What does our intuition say? What does a Higher Power say?

Indra then shared the following, demonstrating her belief in the climate narrative but also showing her distrust of the elite which she believes is manipulating people with conspiracies and creating disunity: "I believe corporations and the national government do not have our best interests guiding their decisions. I do not agree with creeping surveillance, capitalism, that has come along with US big-tech domination in the internet. I don't agree with the lack of precautionary principle amongst 5G and other things. And yet I also know that the elite love conspiracy porn because it confuses the opposition. So I am angry that the hypocritical elite are misusing climate change for their money-making schemes, but that anger does not blind me from the changing climate and how CO₂ is a significant factor in recent warming...CO₂ reductions are important as they are warming gas, but to focus entirely on CO₂ can distract us from the need to repair climate moderating global cloud-cover by stopping deforestation, enabling sustainable reforestation and shifting to greater agro-forestry. All we can do now here, today and tomorrow, is to support Glastonbury, to become resilient and united."

The question though is how to become united if one person is presenting a narrative which they claim represents the town and expects everyone to agree with it in order to achieve unity?

Indra recently spoke about her concerns about conspiracies causing disunity in her community here too where she criticised Sandi and did not take her concerns about possible underlying agendas or intentions seriously and seemed to mock the conspiracy "mob" of her town with exaggerations and comical affect. She presented Sandi in an unfavourable light and claimed that she (Indra) had been "used." She still did not seek to listen to any of Sandi's points about the UN or their climate science, but seemed intent in the talk on discrediting Sandi as middle-class and "groomed." This does not seem like an ethical way of proceeding to me and instead of listening, she is trying to smear Sandi's character. As one example Indra claimed that Sandi had said the council are bringing in the '15 minute city' to Glastonbury, yet Sandi in the council town meeting began her talk saying she hadn't found anything in Mendip District Council about 15 minute cities, but simply said "it's important that we know about them."

A mosaic from a Roman villa from the 3rd century BC depicting Terra Mater (Mother Earth) or Gaia, who was the Greek equivalent. The god Aion, associated with time, holds the zodiac wheel.

Sandi responded to Indra's talk with the following - her behaviour reflects a good way in which we can cultivate true debate:

"I know that we have differing opinions, but we do have to let people speak and not heckle. It can put people off their stroke and there were things that Indra was saying that, I must admit, I kind of agreed with - the corporatization of everything that is going on and the taking over of public-private partnerships and it's all about money and I agree with her on that point. I know we differ on many points, I agree with her on that one."

I support Sandi Adams and I do not agree with the UN's Agenda 2030. I ask for leaders who are conscious and aware of consciousness on this planet and I hope that you will join with me in this prayer.

Geoengineering Issues

"He who controls the weather will control the world" said Lyndon B. Johnson, former president of America (1963-69) about developing technology to control the weather. His speech can be found in the documentary, The Dimming which includes many concerned researchers, scientists as well as government documents talking about weather modification across the world, which could also be used as a warfare tool. Many are concerned about abnormal contrails in our skies.

Geoengineers are already researching to mitigate the affects of 'global warming' yet the documentary exposes the arrogance and lack of precaution in research to spray our atmosphere with nanoparticulates to deflect sunlight. David Keith has developed Harvard's Solar Geoengineering Research Program and the following is a quote from his book A Case for Climate Engineering:

“Today global spending on clean energy technologies is almost $300 billion per year—about a hundred times the direct cost of stratospheric aerosol geoengineering.”

I call on justice in regard to these matters and ask for the highest timeline of consciousness, harmony, unity and respect with Mother Earth and I hope you will join me with this prayer.

Trust in your Self

Remember that in times of Kali Yuga or the Iron Age in the 'Great Year' cycle there will be a lot of confusion, falsity, lies and manipulation and I spoke about this topic recently here. Trust your intuition in these times. There are a lot of false agendas coming from the ego to perpetuate patterns of fear, addiction, greed, lust, domination and control etc. Please trust your intuition in regard to this blog-post also, there may be some things you agree with, but others you may not resonate with - please trust in your own path.

Agendas, Agendas, Everywhere

As an example of this, I recently saw someone sharing a post about the alternative milk company, Oatly, criticising them by saying they contained many ingredients which weren't healthy, but failed to mention that these are only found in the more specialised Oatly varieties such as the barista milk where ingredients are added to make the milk froth. The Original Oatly only contains water, organic oats and a bit of salt for flavour, yet the post failed to mention this at all. If you had seen the post and didn't do your own research then you may have seen Oatly in a bad and unfair light. They had even used the photo of the Original Oatly carton in the post, rather than the barista Oatly carton with the ingredients they were complaining about. Here is an example of how an agenda can arise to discredit a vegan company using organic ingredients. Unfortunately there have been many smear campaigns against the vegan movement - perhaps the most common one being the claim that soy production is causing deforestation particularly in the Amazon - yet the majority of this soybean is fed to livestock. I don't drink soya milk, but as one example, the company Alpro source their soya from only Europe and Canada - the beans are non-GMO and some are organic and there is no deforestation involved.

Days of Creation (Fifth) by Edward Burne-Jones, 1870-1876.

Systemic and Normalised Abuse

In the past I have done a lot of vegan activism and done a lot of research in this area. I know that many people hold strong opinions about this subject and may feel that reducing their consumption of meat is infringing on their freedoms. However, I would only ask that people could be open-minded and just hear it from the other side. I have made a helpful blog-post here with many good documentaries and research about the need to raise awareness about the systemic abuse currently happening in factory farming and why it is imperative that moving forwards we need to find more harmonious and respectful ways of living with the animals and the land. We cannot expect to shift systemic abuse in our human systems if we perpetuate it with the animals. Everything is interconnected.

With Mercury retrograde in Virgo I would like to share this passage from my vegan blog-post talking about how manipulative language can be used in marketing animal products. As one example vague terms such as "nutrient dense" can be used to describe an egg which does contain many nutrients, but not nutrients designed for a human, a fact which is omitted. This is spoken about in this video about eggs by Nutrition Facts who examine peer-reviewed studies with the intent to ensure there is no unfair bias or profit motive behind their nutritional advice.

In the video, it is explained that eggs can’t be described by marketers as "healthy" but only with vague terms such as "nutrient dense." You can see this language of manipulation used directly in this BBC article: "“The egg is meant to be something that has all the right ingredients to grow an organism, so obviously it’s very nutrient dense,” says Christopher Blesso, associate professor of nutritional science at the University of Connecticut in the US." Notice how he also describes how eggs are "to grow an organism" - not a human, remember, an organism. Soil could also be described as something vague like "nutrient dense" but it doesn't mean it's healthy for humans to put it in their body.

A 'Free Lunch'?

In these times it is vital that we question the systems we are living in, especially the credit systems - there really is no such thing as a 'free lunch.' If we are dependent on these schemes, then in the future we may be obliged to give our power away and accept certain measures or conditions that might be introduced in order to keep receiving the benefits. In 2021, a friend and I came off our employment benefits just after the lock-downs and wanted to trust in our Higher Power, since we had been feeling stagnant and blocked in that situation. Almost straight away, I received regular work and my readings began to increase. My friend had a similar situation and received a job offer as a gardener. It took a lot of courage, but I'm grateful that I took this leap of faith and magic (synchronicity) began flowing in my life again.

Self-Development and Empowerment

With many dis-empowering narratives floating around or organisations trying to manipulate or deceive us that we need their benefits and control, it is vital to connect with your authentic self and nourish and share your gifts with the world. In terms of self-development as a healer, I trained with Tim Walter whose teacher was Hamish Miller who had studied Ley Lines and earth energy in the UK, and had awareness that the earth is consciousness. The course was in land and house healing but it has been a vital aspect of my work now as a card reader and with my writing, as well as the house healing aspect of my work. It has enabled me to do my work by understanding about clearing, protection and channelling with the land to do my writing or card reading. I would highly recommend finding someone you can trust who can help you to develop your gifts. You may even find that a course in a different field can help you to understand your gifts better and how you can empower and serve others.

How can we respect and honour the divine in all beings, including the animals? How can we end abuse cycles, domination and exploitation and say no? How can we connect with the local rather than the global in our politics - can global, centralised decision-making processes work for every unique ecological area, or is it wiser to hear the land around us? Do we want leaders who aren't aware, awake and conscious? How can we end toxic leadership patterns? How can we be natural and true leaders (who empower others and encourage teamwork) with awareness of consciousness and help transform this planet out of its unconsciousness?

Days of Creation by Edward Burne-Jones, 1870-1876.

I would like to finish this post with a dream I wrote about on the 2nd of October 2019, which seems apt for this upcoming full moon in Pisces (dreams, the mystical, visions, interconnectedness):

Last night I had a dream which deeply moved me - it was a profound, 'teaching' dream - not an 'organising' dream.

I was passing a farmer who was loading up a couple of ducks into the back of her car. She separated a duckling from its mother and was about to put the duckling else-where - the mother duck now started making a terrible noise and was in a lot of distress. I insisted to the farmer that the duckling needed to be returned to its mother. The farmer looked at me like I was crazy, 'oh they'll get over it' but I kept on insisting and eventually she put the duckling back with its mother.

As I watched them both, I could sense the energy of love moving between them both, the mother quietened down and they sat in peace and stillness. The energy was very strong and it was clear that this was a deep and ancient bond between these two souls.

I felt an enormous sense of pity in my dream - that this duck was at the mercy of our hands, that we could decide whether she experienced love or not.

This morning I have cried tears in compassion - as humans we are guardians and carers of this land and its animals - we have been entrusted with great responsibility and can be 'in tune' with animals and understand their individual needs better. Their energy bodies are all different and align in different ways and have different needs to be met.

There are many symbols associated with ducks - as beings of the water, they are connected to the unconscious and our emotional body. This dream brought up many feelings for me. Why should only humans have the right to experience loving emotions and not animals? Why was it such an effort to convince the farmer? Is this farmer an aspect of myself and is there a part of me that wants to get things done quickly - rather than embracing the depth, diversity and mystery of what is before me, in whatever form it appears?

Living more consciously with animals would entail slowing down and being more in tune - I suppose that not everyone wants to do that when you can just quickly put a stamp on something and treat it all the same to get the job done as quickly as possible.

I felt compassion because of this felt experience of so much divine love of these two beings, as family constellations in their own right - I had overlooked their capacities, not recognising this profound depth and its right to be expressed - their own attunement from the Universe.

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