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Healing a Societal Shadow - Russell Brand & Mercury

Upcoming Equinox

This Saturday, we are approaching the Equinox, the beginning of autumn or the 'Fall' - this is the fall of the sun at the horizon towards the Tropic of Capricorn along the ecliptic (pathway of the sun as seen from the earth.) Equinox is the Latin word for 'equal night' meaning that there are equal hours of daylight and night on this day - from this day forth the daylight hours will lessen in the northern hemisphere. In the south, it marks the beginning of spring and I have written more about the equinoxes here.

The equinox will fall on the 23rd of September this year when the sun enters Libra, a sign symbolised by the scales of justice and balance. Libra is a sign of compassion, beauty, art and justice and now is the time for our prayers to be heard. With the sun in this sign, our year is 'measured' out on the scales - we will ascertain our harvest for the upcoming winter and transformative Scorpio will bring the lessons, death of any of these limitations and transformation of our autumn, as we prepare for the stillness and quiet reflection of winter. This September has brought a lot of reflective energy with many retrograde planets and Pluto has been uncovering a lot of scandal and darkness in Capricorn (father, systems, government and work.)

Russell Brand - A Complex Issue

More controversies have been coming up this week and in this post we will look at some of the collective issues and astrology in regard to our systems which have been highlighted by the recent mainstream media news concerning Russell Brand and Channel 4's recent documentary Russell Brand: In Plain Sight which was aired on the 17th September. This is a deeply complex issue which has raised many questions about our society and societal issues - particularly corruption in the corporate media, yet also the problem of misogyny in our systems and trauma-based mind control. We will examine some of the astrological reasons behind why the Higher Self of Russell chose this co-creation. You may disagree with some of the content here and please trust in your intuition. I have tried to be as open-minded as possible, but I am also human and fallible.

Mercurial Russell

Russell Brand has a powerful astrological chart and it is no surprise that he has been famous with these placements with a lot of strong planetary energy - the most significant being his Mercurial/Gemini aspects. Russell is known as a 'Mercurial' meaning that Mercury is dominant in his chart and we can see the influence of Mercury and Gemini through his wit, liveliness, humour, language skills, creativity and power of persuasion. Mercury rules the 'lower mind' in astrology and the word Mercurial has been given to mean 'subject to sudden or unpredictable changes of mood or mind.'

His Mars was also in its ruler-ship in Aries, bringing a lot of fire and yang energy, but the shadow of this can include violence or aggression if it is not directly consciously.

His Ceres was found in Taurus which some astrologers believe is the correct ruler of this sign - it is a powerful position and suggests abundance, self-worth and wealth in life.

His Black Moon Lilith (wounded feminine energy) was in Pisces and the shadow aspect of Pisces can include substance abuse - here we can see the dug addiction energy clearly.

His Nessus (themes of abuse and deviancy) was also in Gemini and therefore Nessus may bring out the shadow-side of Gemini/Mercury - themes of any abuse may be more mental/psychological and involve communication or manipulation, which will need to be healed. Therefore it may not be just the physical acts which caused harm but the impact on the mind. This may include mind-programming or trauma-based mind control which we will look at as a theme in the blog.

Statue of Mercury by the Flemish sculptor Artus Quellinus the Elder, (1609–1668.)

The Trickster

As mentioned, Russell's chart is very Mercurial - Mercury is known as the 'trickster' in astrology and he has a 'cheeky' elemental quality of humour. Mercury's mother was a star nymph and his lover Larunda was a river nymph. I wrote more about that here and how to heal the shadow aspects of Mercury and connect with the pure archetype beyond any Roman patriarchal filters (which included the rape of Larunda.) The positive aspect of trickster energy is that it can bring in light-heartedness, humour and the ability to let go of an egoic mask, which may have been stubborn or stuck on something. Its shadow aspect can include manipulation, maliciousness, deceit or fickleness in a tricky situation.

Russell in the News

Russell has done a lot of therapy and healing work and I'm concerned about how the mainstream media can use a lot of 'black and white thinking' to completely dehumanise and destroy someone, since we are all human with flaws and weaknesses and no-one is perfect - we all deserve the chance to repent and rehabilitate. There has been recent controversy due to testimonials of past controlling and emotional abuse, rape and sexual assault during his 'promiscuous days' which were published in mainstream media on the 16th September 2023 (just after Mercury went direct on the 15th September.) Some believe that this has been a deliberate smear on Russell to silence him due to his work exposing elite agendas.

We also need to consider the possibility that criminal abuse is serious and it would be unfair, on the victims, to just dismiss it as his 'drug-addled days' and they deserve justice if these cases turn out to be true. Likewise, I pray for his justice if Russell turns out to be innocent. Russell is innocent until proven guilty - the media attacking people for criminal offence before anything has gone to the police is another thing we need to look at in our systems. This week however, police have received a report, so it seems that this matter is being taken to the judicial system.

Truth Movements

There is no denying that Russell has done some good work recently regarding highlighting the hidden agendas of corporate-funded science, 'billion-dollar vaccines' and the 'plandemic' in which there is evidence that mutating corona-viruses were intentionally released onto the public - please see this talk by Dr David Martin at the European Parliament for evidence of this. Russell has been dismissed as sharing "conspiracy theories" as a consequence. It is also clear that he has done a lot of therapy on his addictions including pornography, drug and sex addiction through 12 step programs.

His 'fall' may have been intentional to discredit and target the 'truth movements' - it is a powerful spell of 'if you speak up, we will silence you...' Yet this is false power and works through our fear - we are powerful co-creators and our divine life can unfold through intent and we do not have to choose fear-based programming and give our power away. Our Higher Self works beyond limitation, time and space and is in the realm of infinite creation - yet there are energies here in the 3D which may try and deceive us or make us forget this. They can only deceive - that is their only power. At a level of creation, Russell chose to co-create this experience and we will look into the astrological reasons why in this blog.

Street art in Hackney, London.

'In the Club'

This video believes that Russell was part of the controlled opposition as a 'gatekeeper' and quoted from Lenin: "The best way to control the opposition is to lead it." There is a need to understand the tactics of the unconscious dark forces on this planet which involves deception. He added that Russell has 33 tattooed on his wrist (the number of the Master Mason in Freemasonry, yet also the age in which Jesus died and the 33 vertebra in the spine - a highly esoteric number) - his logo of a white dog for The Trews has a collar with 33 on it.

Yet, if you have been 'part of the club' you may face tests and initiations if you attempt to leave it or expose it. Some believe that Russell is innocent and has been targeted and smeared. It may also be that he had unconscious shadow work that he still needed to look at and it is important to be as compassionate and non-judgemental as we can, but also discerning in these times. If we have experienced abuse or trauma, particularly in childhood, we may have experienced mind control techniques (e.g. MK ultra,) 'dark arts' programming or had entities attached, all of which may influence our behaviour without us even being conscious of it. We also may have blind-spots in regard to our trauma and repeat inappropriate patterns of thought or behaviour which are embedded in the nervous system. However it is vital to do our shadow work. With his Nessus (abuse patterns) in Gemini, it is likely that the abuse involved was mental and may have included mind control that even Russell may not have been conscious of which we examine further.

That is why it is vital in these times to not give your power away to any external figure or turn anyone into your guru. The divine is within. It is also the frequency of compassion (and love and higher states) that is healing our planet and not judgement.

In the following interview with Katy Perry and Russell at the Oscars, Russell held up a sign towards Katy with the word 'obey' next to a pentagram, when she said something he didn't seem to approve of:

Katy had described him as being "very controlling" and in the past said the following about their break-up:

"So that was really hurtful, and it was very controlling, which was upsetting. I felt a lot of responsibility for it ending, but then I found out the real truth, which I can’t necessarily disclose because I keep it locked in my safe for a rainy day. I let go and I was like: This isn’t because of me; this is beyond me. So I have moved on from that.”

In contemplating these issues, I have been guided to share about the collective themes and astrology so we can be discerning, but also not get distracted from our own paths and shadow-work. In this post I have included some behaviour that people may wish to be aware of, but in regard to any criminal behaviour, this needs to go to the police rather than the media. This is a societal issue and it is concerning to see the level of (false) power the media has to destroy someone's life overnight and whether people wish to continue feeding this kind of system. This is why I boycott the papers.

What was the Angle of the Documentary?

In the documentary it was presented that many were fearful of speaking up against Russell - many discussed how there seemed to be 'systemic abuse' and a level of protection for abusers amidst the production companies and it was described that many of the women who had consented during his promiscuous days, felt used, exploited or manipulated and his emotionally controlling behaviour was also reported. One lady in the documentary filed a case at a rape centre, but didn't take it further due to his celebrity status. After this alleged rape, text messages of him apologising to the victim have been confirmed as linked to his phone number.

Yet some are suspicious that the victims have waited years until just this timing when Russell is doing vital work speaking out against the globalists. Much of this happened a long time ago and he has done a lot of therapy since then and grappled the 'demons' and addictions of the past. It is unfair to hold past mistakes or poor behaviour onto someone who has engaged in rehabilitation and has changed as it's clear that Russell has and he has been doing a lot of vital work in the 'truth movement,' which has led to some being suspicious of the motives and timing of the documentary. However it is pertinent that the systems are addressed in work-places so people feel safe, including for whistleblowers. That being said, if the crime was more serious (i.e. rape,) I strongly pray that justice is achieved for all involved and that it is taken out of the media and into the judicial system.

Two Faces

As mentioned, the shadow side of Mercury (the Magician card in Tarot) and Gemini can impact the mental realm - meaning it can be manipulative and use language or persuasion to manipulate. Gemini, (meaning 'twins' in Latin,) in its shadow form can be two-faced (e.g. Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde) and narcissistic. Yet in its purity it can embody and balance its duality and embody the archetypal 'Lovers' of Major Arcana in Tarot which is ruled by Gemini. I spoke about these dynamics here.

In the past Russell has even described himself as a "sex narcissist" after giving a stranger a wank in a public toilet for inclusion in a documentary exploring social taboos called RE:Brand.

The following quote was in regard to his 12 step recovery program:

"“I know that. I know I’m narcissistic. I know I’m no different from anyone with ego problems, showing off, going, ‘Love me, love me, adore me, give me attention’, but it ain’t just that. It’s something else. And that thing, I’ve got to do something with it.”

I believe he believes this. But I still think it’s his ego. Brand is working hard on his narcissism, but not enough to stop him thinking he can save us all." From the following article on the Guardian. Russell has never been in denial of his narcissism, particularly in the past during his promiscuous days, and spoke about this in his books using the term an "empty self-parody" about himself. Here we can see the shadow aspects of the 'two-faced' Gemini, which needs to gain consciousness of this proclivity in order to embody the healthy 'twin' archetype.

Russell as the Pied Piper

What's interesting is that Russell wrote a book about the Pied Piper of Hamelin under the title of the 'Trickster Tales.' I have always seen the elemental quality of the flamboyant Pied Piper who had magical abilities with his flute - he abducted the town's children using his entrancing music after the Mayor had dishonoured his contract and refused to pay him for clearing the town of rats. There is a harsh lesson in the book about the importance of not breaking your word, but also the act of the Pied Piper is quite extreme. As a child, I never liked this story and found it quite scary - I didn't understand why the children had to suffer, since they were innocent and I didn't like it that they disappeared into a cave and were never seen again and not rescued. As a child I loved nature spirits and faeries, but I didn't like the energy of the Pied Piper and didn't find him to be a likeable character. In recent years I have tried to connect with the story in a different way and understand its relevance in terms of how we need to honour our contracts and be respectful to the nature spirits - however these are lessons which I have needed to reflect on in adulthood and it is not an easy story to digest or approach, especially for children. The Pied Piper can also represent the land and nature spirits and the loss of innocence that can happen if we don't respect the land or keep our word - we fall into corruption, and lose touch with our inner child.

What is strange, however, is how Russell chose to retell this old story - the image of the Pied Piper blowing into a flute looks like he is having an orgasm with eyes rolled back and it looks completely inappropriate for children - the images can be seen here. I would highly recommend watching this video for more decoding of Russell's creations as well as other dubious behaviours he has exhibited in the past which could be suggestive of unconscious mind control from his own trauma and his time 'in the club.'

The 'elemental' quality of the Pied Piper - a painting copied from a glass window of Marktkirche in Hamelin (1592.)

'Sort of Terrifying'

In a TV interview with Lorraine Kelly, speaking about the book, Russell used the following words to describe the illustrations of the Pied Piper:

"This character here, is irresistible and sort of terrifying. He's a bit like the droogs from Clockwork Orange."

The droogs led by Alex were a group of violent youths who committed rape and murder and the film A Clockwork Orange was banned in the UK for almost 30 years. Why on earth would this be an 'irresistible' type of main character for a children's book?

In response to Lorraine's comment that the Pied Piper looked like Russell, he responded: "in that he's sort of a trickster, a prankster, a trouble-maker, a mischief-maker."

In another TV interview, in a comment about the "terrifying" images of his Pied Piper book, Russell said that "children can handle it" and in regard to the Pied Piper's treatment of the corrupt Mayor and kidnapping of the innocent children as punishment, Russell called him a divine character:

"The Pied Piper represents the connection to the divine, the connection to the sublime."

As the narrator of this film comments: "interesting how Russell feels that an abductor of children is a divine and sublime character." I suspect that there is a lot of unconscious trauma related programming here that Russell has not been conscious of and why he idealised a raping violent character such as Alex from A Clockwork Orange.

Postcard of the Pied Piper, "Gruss aus Hameln" (1902.)

"The Child"

I think it may be fair to say that often we may perpetuate patterns without even being aware of the inherent abuse in them - we may have blind-spots, particularly if we experienced early abuse. Yet if we are speaking publicly we do have a certain responsibility to look at the things we endorse publicly. It's interesting that Russell used the term that kids could "handle" the terrifying images of his book - isn't this saying, on the other hand, that their minds don't deserve better and can just put up with terrifying imagery? Russell experienced sexual abuse from a tutor when growing up and as a teenager was taken to a brothel in Thailand by his father - his youth contained inappropriate sex and he may have a blind-spot in regard to how he perceives a youthful experience and its more innocent possibilities. Perhaps it is rather apt that his main character was an abductor of children. Did Russell need to face the "terrifying" Pied Piper within himself and reclaim his lost child?

Artwork by Kate Greenaway for Robert Browning's The Pied Piper of Hamelin.

According to the Times investigation, one witness called 'Alice' who was 16 years old when she began a relationship with Russell said that he called her 'the child' and during their relationship asked her to read passages from Lolita, (a book about a man who had a sexual relationship with a 12 year old girl.) Many of the witnesses in the Dispatches spoke about their concern that during intercourse, Russell's eyes would "glaze" over:

"She added: “And I saw something come over his eyes, I swear to God, like, black, his eyes had no more colour, they were black, like the devil. Like a different person literally entered his body.”

The following interview with Richard Herring was taken offline and included Russell making 'jokes' about rape, fancying school-age girls and in another rescued clip they laughed together about Greek sex with children and that the "jury is still out" about the "sexual vibration" in front of children. It is old footage and Russell has changed a lot since then and clearly confronted his demons through rehabilitation, but we still need to address these serious issues in our culture:

The Subconscious Mind

In these times I am very mindful about the content I put into my subconscious mind, particularly from films and don't tend to watch modern films. There are many powerful 'magicians' or manipulators who know how to program the minds of others through imagery, content, words and colours and these visuals (often sexual or fear-based) can linger in the mind, influencing us. Concerned about how women in particular were treated and exploited in the film industry, actress Reese Witherspoon set up her own production company Hello Sunshine in 2012, with the aim to focus on women's stories. Reese had been asked to perform an orgasm in a sex scene for the 1996 movie Fear despite stating she didn't want to and this was a big driver for her in seeking change.

The film Oppenheimer recently caused controversy (particularly in India) with the inclusion of a sex scene which offended some people as Oppenheimer stopped intercourse to read from the holy Hindu book, the Bhagavad Gita, the following line: “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds,” before continuing to have sex. There are people who know what they are doing with mind control and slowly we have been seeing the corruption and distortion of much of what we may hold to be sacred and the loss of innocence. Actor Cillian Murphy defended the scene saying: "Listen, no one likes doing them, they’re the most awkward possible part of our job. But sometimes you have to get on with it.” Is it really true that in our society we should be doing things, that deep down, we don't want to? Why has this become 'normalised'?

Sexual desire of children is very concerning in society - it is pathological and 'demonic' - seeking to take energy and power away from the vulnerable. This should never become normalised (WHO recently proposed more inappropriate sexual education for children) and I spoke about this topic here about how some people, such as Alfred Kinsey, concerningly saw paedophilia as a 'sexual orientation' rather than a pathology to heal.

Porn and 'Normalisation'

Something as sacred and intimate as a sexual act can now be broadcast to many and women and men will accept huge sums of money to get naked and enact these scenes in front of millions of people. Is it ethical? What impact does this bombardment have on the subconscious mind at the click of a button? Especially what is the impact of gore and horror films or scenes in which women are treated brutally? Storyteller Martin Shaw spoke about this problem and the need for men to reclaim their subconscious minds again and fill their minds up with their own chosen images:

"Porn provides the picture, a very limited one that short-circuits the entrance of "the mind's eye" to the erotic imagination. A mind's eye view is very different. Just like listening to a story in the old tradition, you have to arc into the story to display the image yourself. A film shuts down that internal awakening. But it is only that internal awakening that reaches back to the lucid world of the mythological. In other words, we fail to develop our own erotic imagery. There is something passive about porn. Someone that can have clear, insightful, even brilliant opinions in another area of one's life, can be happy to sit with one's pants round one's ankles, sipping on a beer and watching the same small rotation of images, over and over again. Let's not give it up so cheaply, boys...

"Porn can become a form of ashes that hide vulnerability, is a way of sending someone else entirely into the bed chamber, of not being present. Ultimately porn attempts to regulate our internal fantasies. It's secretly funded by the fundamentalists." From Snowy Tower: and the Wet, Black Branch of Language by Martin Shaw.

The devil tempts Parzival in the form of a beautiful woman, from Arthur Hacker's 1894 illustration for Thomas Malory's Le Morte d'Arthur.

Sacred Images

This is perhaps the shadow side of technological advancement - the bombardment of imagery taking up space in our subconscious mind and other concerning developments such as the 'dark web' which holds vile content.

For our ancestors, images were carefully considered and shared and they had meaning. Before television and radio or books and writing, imagery was passed down from the archetypal 'storyteller.' People may have had a stronger connection with their own imagination and the world of the mythic in these times - it is an ability we have the potential to grow and foster right now - to connect with our most beautiful and mythical scenes.

In regard to imagery - are people going to attract someone interested in their soul if they are wearing very evocative clothes, or are they going to attract a man who sees them as supply and wants their body? Does it encourage an exploitative culture to wear the kind of clothes that many women in the media might wear? Even in the spiritual communities, I see many women and men pursuing 'freedom' and reacting against puritanical religious upbringings they may have experienced by exploring 'tantric' promiscuity, but I sometimes see people in this community looking lost with a vacuum or black hole that they think only sex can fill and it seems 'vampiric' at times and draining. I'm not judging anyone's lifestyle here and everyone is on their own unique path of freedom - what I'm addressing is the exploitative aspects going on and the victim mentality in choosing disempowering acts with others. It's also vital that conversely we don't go out of balance the other way and repress or shut down authentic aspects of ourselves by denying what we perceive as evocative.

Reprogramming the Sexual Energy from its Conditioning

This sacred healing work is done in the nervous system in the root and sacral chakras in particular. Sexual energy is powerful energy and we can transform old patterns where sexual energy may have been diverted towards domination, submission, devaluation, games, control, violence or other unhealthy conditioning and we can break unhealthy victim cycles that we may have inherited where we may give our power away, (from having experienced abuse or humiliation in the past.) Our fetishes may reveal clues about deeper, suppressed or repressed wounds, which may stem from childhood.

Through conscious healing work, this energy can be diverted towards loving and empowering encounters and imagery instead, which often aren't portrayed as much in modern culture. In such encounters we may connect to the divine through intimacy rather than using sex to get power over someone or take energy through energy cords (energetic vampirism) or be stuck in a trauma bond.

Please note that I am not judging anything here and as long as someone feels empowered and in a loving space with what they are doing and it's consensual then there is no problem with whatever dynamic people may wish to explore. The issue is the amount of abuse in our society and subconscious dynamics where people are co-creating disempowering abusive states with others and may not feel that they deserve anything better than exploitative acts and stay in victim mentality. The normalisation of abuse has become such a problem that people may not even notice it anymore - they have become desensitised.

'Institutionalised' Abuse

Russell Brand's Ascendant (his outward personality) is in Capricorn at 28°12 and Pluto (the Underworld) passed this point in Capricorn on the 3rd of September, bringing up the hidden karma for transformation. On the day that the news broke about Russell and these allegations on the 16th of September, retrograde Pluto was very nearby at 28°01. There is something in the collective connected with Russell that Pluto (Underworld, subconscious, karma, transformation) is looking at in regard to our Capricorn energy (father, systems, government and work.) We urgently need to look at our systems and whether it protects abuse - the breaking story has certainly been a talking point on this pertinent issue of systemic abuse and it was written astrologically.

'Sweet, piercing sweet was the music of Pan's pipe' by Walter Crane.

Pluto in Capricorn - Systemic Abuse

Capricorn is often symbolised by the sea-goat, the goat, the faun and Pan or the Devil card in Tarot, who appears as the goat-like Baphomet. Pan's shadow has been associated with promiscuity in some of the mythology and I will speak more on this topic in a future blog. The pure and true aspect of Pan is the connection with nature and 'all' beings - Pan is the Greek word for 'all.' It is interesting because with his ascendant in Capricorn, Russell's outward personality may have had the inclination towards the shadow of promiscuity, but in later years he strove to overcome this, awaken and connect with 'all' and we saw this with his move away from media corporations to share his own content on Youtube.

In this interview with Jon Snow, Russell spoke about "institutionalised" paedophilia and Jimmy Savile (whom Russell had phoned for radio in 2007 which sparked some controversy for its content in which Russell had offered to send a naked female assistant to Jimmy):

"Russell: I think it speaks to the institutionalised attitude that we addressed a moment ago that it must have been normalised, but I don't think that it should be another - (interrupted)

Jon: Is it still with us?

Russell: Well yeah, I think people are paedophiles aren't they.

Jon: People in the public?

Russell: Presumably.

Jon: But presumably the culture of prevention is better than it was.

Russell: I suppose so. I mean just generally speaking there's more awareness, there's less of a sort of tacit acceptance of prejudice and misogyny and hopefully that reaches as far as paedophilia. But, again, I don't know how one approaches such an enormous, toxic subject."

The video here also made an interesting point that some of the films Russell has been involved in had strange themes and symbols including the Satanic 'devil's horn' and the name of his band in one film was 'Infant Sorrow' - the band artwork for 'Infant Sorrow' included a wolf leaping out of Russell's trousers in one image and for another, Russell licked the end of his guitar with the phrase "just say yes" underneath the words 'Infant Sorrow.' How on earth did anyone think that could be a good idea? How about "just say no"?

Again this points to the need to look at mind control programming in our society, particularly of those 'in the club,' which may oftentimes be trauma-based.

Connecting with the Purity of Mercury

Fresco of Mercury from Pompeii, 1st century.

Mercury in Virgo went direct on the 15th September just before the news broke about Russell - so we may hear more communications and expressions this month regarding the need for more justice in our systems and the healing required (Virgo is also under the ruler-ship of Mercury and is connected with purity, healing, analysis and details.)

Hermes and the Healing Power of Language

Mercury was known as Hermes in Greek culture and one of the greatest esoteric texts known is The Hermetica which was attributed to Hermes Trismegistus who was seen as a syncretic combination of Hermes and his Egyptian equivalent, Thoth. Thoth was the god of writing, and was believed to have invented the system of writing with Egyptian hieroglyphics.

The Hermetica spoke about the profundity of language and the impacts of the words on the cosmos and Hermes described a vision he had been shown of the beginning of creation in which god began ordering the "chaotic waters" with a word and began harmonising the elements. Our words have more power than we may realise - they can create harmony or they can create chaos and discord. The 'Word' he understood, was the mind of the cosmos.

I am including a quote here from the introduction of a translation of The Hermetica by Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy in which you can see how the filters and distortions of time and culture had the ability to corrupt the pure essence of aspects such as language (relating to the archetypal Mercury/Hermes):

"In Book XVI of the Corpus Hermeticum, Hermes writes:

My teachings will seem more obscure

in times to come,

when they are translated

from our Egyptian mother tongue

into that of the Greeks.

Translation will distort much of their meaning.

Expressed in our native language,

the teachings are clear and simple,

for the very sound of an Egyptian word

resonates with the thing signified by it.

All possible measures should be taken

to prevent these holy secrets being corrupted

by translation into Greek,

which is an arrogant, feeble, showy language,

unable to contain the cogent force of my words.

The Greek language lacks the power to convince,

and Greek philosophy is nothing but noisy chatter.

Our Egyptian speech is more than talk.

Its utterances are replete with power.

In the ancient Egyptian language the sound of a word had a magical power which complemented its meaning - a view of language which we unconsciously retain when we talk of 'spelling' a word. Translation inevitably means that we have lost this original power and clarity. Hermes teaches, however, that through the power of the mind all things are possible."

Image from Papyrus of Hunefer (c. 1275 BC) showing Thoth writing down about a soul's heart being weighed on the scales of Maat (Libra) as Anubis, god of the underworld (Scorpio - Pluto) watches for the result.

We all have the right to repent, rehabilitate and ascend our suffering, but repentance does require complete honesty. I pray for honesty and truth in all our systems, especially the media. I pray for systems which are empowering and not exploitative. I pray for justice for everyone affected by trauma-based mind control and programming and our corrupt systems. I pray for intelligent debate about 'freedom from' (i.e. freedom from abuse with boundaries and law) and 'freedom to' (i.e. freedom of speech) and empowering systems that reflect the difference.

I wanted to finish this blog with something uplifting and share the story of Oliver Anthony whose song was shared widely recently and he was subsequently offered an eight million dollar record contract which he turned down, refusing to 'join the club.' He is not sharing images to manipulate or deceive or sell, he is sharing his songs and reaching millions because, in his own words:

"These songs have connected with millions of people on such a deep level because they're being sung by someone feeling the words in the very moment they were being sung...People are SO damn tired of being neglected, divided and manipulated...When is enough, enough? When are we going to fight for what is right again? MILLIONS have died protecting the liberties we have. Freedom of speech is such a precious gift. Never in world history has the world had the freedom it currently does. Don't let them take it away from you."

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