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Preparing for the Age of Aquarius

Pluto brings the Purging

Pluto as lord of the Underworld represents death, karma, transformation and rebirth and he is currently doing a retrograde 'dance' back into Capricorn (father, systems and government) so we many see many of these themes surfacing in the coming months.

Pluto reaches its furthest point at 27°53 in Capricorn on the 5th October where it will remain 'stationary' until 20:12 (GMT) on the 16th October 2023; then it will start going forward again and make its way back through Capricorn, reaching Aquarius at 00:57 am (GMT) on the 21st of January 2024. In 2024 it will do another retrograde dance back into Capricorn in September before finally entering Aquarius at 20:40 (GMT) on the 19th November 2024 where it will remain until 2043. Phew...!

It's likely that from now until the 16th October we will see the darkest elements coming to the surface regarding our governments and our systems and more revelations or scandals will be revealed (such as the recent scandals regarding BBC presenters) and I will share some potent words from Hollywood producer John Rice and Dr David Martin regarding darkness in the system. There is something very unwell in our systems now and in this blog-post I am sharing messages, along with some insights from recent conversations with astrologer Oka Fala.

The constellation and Decan Argo Navis in watery Cancer.

New Moon in Cancer

The new moon in Cancer falls on the 17th July at 19:32 (BST) and will oppose Pluto at 29° (the last degree) in Capricorn directly at 4:06 am on the 18th of July. The vertex, which can signify fated events in our life, is in conjunction with Mercury (communication, language, thoughts) in Leo (leadership) meaning we may see some significant pieces of information being communicated at this time by persons with true authority. Our collective North node in Aries (identity and self) is crossing the IC (which can signify our childhood upbringing,) so collectively we may look at how childhood can impact our sense of self and how to heal that - there is some tension with this node and Mercury signifying that we may find speaking about these wounds hard to articulate, or are breaking patterns of silencing. A grand cross is formed with the nodes at 29° in cardinal Aries and Libra, along with the moon and Pluto at 29° in cardinal Cancer and Capricorn - this may give rise to powerful leadership and consciousness expansion moving forward.

The sun in Cancer will directly oppose Pluto (in the final degree of Capricorn) on Saturday the 22nd of July, bringing a powerful torchlight of confirmation to really show what is coming to the surface for transmutation.

Sea Medicine

Remember that Sedna, (a goddess of the sea) is now in playful Gemini and can see more deeply than Pluto with her very long orbit, so if you are finding these energies overwhelming at times, this might be an energy that you may wish to connect with. The peace and depth of the ocean holds the storms - and I shared a recent video about Sedna's folklore which can be found here.

Collage by Water of Awakening - 'the freeing of the fish.'

This new moon will be a powerful day to plant seeds regarding the direction of your ship as well as the systems and government you wish to live in. Cancer is connected with the psychological aspect of mothering, intuition, emotions and the home, so these themes might also be in focus at this time for you.

Keeping grounded during this time is vital and will allow these energies to pass by and to be transmuted. Keep steering your Cancerian ship over the waves of any grief or emotion that arises. You may feel to take each day as it comes - these times may feel quite 'destabilising' and any familiar things that we used to hold onto may feel unstable. Hold onto what is true to you - your Self, your presence - steer your own ship on the waters of these times - taking each day as it comes, following the wisdom in each moment and what uplifts you. It is important to share uplifting messages with others but please take time, if you can, to share about the aspects in our system which aren't working and need transmuting - this is true soul work and deeply appreciated.

Cleaning the Infected Wound

Everything is connected in the quantum energy field. Nothing is separate. The true power is with divinity and in these times it is important to keep steering the ship towards the divine plan that has already been written - agendas which come from the ego derive from false power - they are dependent on us giving our power away to them. They can only manipulate or deceive, but we do not have to give our energy or power to them. In these times, we may witness a lot of dark agendas coming tot he the surface, please remember that this is part of the purging and clearing and is not a sign of things getting worse, but actually a deep cleansing and healing that needs to take place first. We cannot heal the wound unless we take the infection out first. I am presenting research and evidence here but please trust your discernment and keep an open-mind in regard to this information. In these times, truth stands on the edge of a sword - as long as there is evidence to back it up, it cannot be cut down and it will stand, it just relies on us to speak it.

Capricornus by Charles de la Haye, 18th century.

In my blog-posts I incorporate astrology and it is my intention to connect with the purity of the planets and their divine blueprint - although many of the planets are connected with Greek and Roman gods and goddesses, it is always my intention to connect with any archetype in its purest form, beyond any patriarchal filters and conditioning in their mythology.

If Not Now, When?

Part of the reason why much of this darkness has remained hidden for so long is that people haven't been psychologically ready to receive or see just how dark parts of the system have become. In psychology, this is known as the 'boggle threshold' a term coined by Renée Haynes to describe how the brain responds to information and how probable or strange it categorises that information to be. This can cause the brain to reject a story when it becomes too strange as to be believable. 'Wilful blindness' (or ignorance) has also played a part with people turning a blind eye to systemic abuse which has been allowed to fester behind closed doors. And finally, we live in a system which keeps this information hidden - our corporate-owned media and government has been involved in many cover-ups and we have experienced military-level programming through our televisions and media about what we should put our focus on instead. Collectively, we have not been ready to receive certain truths, but now it is time and to evolve forwards with our systems and government, Pluto (the Underworld or subconscious) is bringing everything to the surface for Judgement in these final degrees of Capricorn.

The Heart of the Rose by Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones, 1889.

Child Trafficking - Hollywood Producer Speaks Out

One of the biggest purges for our system will be the clean-up of modern-day slavery and human trafficking, particularly of children. The system is built upon the abuse of children and recently Hollywood producer John Paul Rice, spoke out about this on the 12th July after his film, 'A Child's Voice,' (about child trafficking,) was taken down from His film was a feature film, rather than a documentary, but it was based on research of real trafficking happening:

"we did this based on all the evidence and the facts that we had learned and incorporated into a story that you get involved through the character's journey. Their road to redemption is through love. And this issue of human trafficking, which many people are waking up to today, for a variety of reasons, is the issue that defines all of us in our time. The media corporations, the most powerful six corporations in the world are all implicated in human trafficking of kids...Most people know, in that world, (and the world that I come from in Hollywood,) that it is a hidden layer that everybody knows is there."

Ritual Abuse

These practices are essentially a harvesting of energy, power, blood or adrenachrome (adrenaline released in the blood when fearful.) John Paul Rice also shared about darker aspects regarding why this is happening and the ritual abuse and sacrifice of children. Energy or power can also be taken from sexual abuse (or sexual ritual) and all practitioners of dark arts, such as these, know what they are doing. The innocence in children and animals is the closest thing to God and the perpetrators know this - instead of healing their own wounds and questioning their perversions, these perpetrators continue with these cycles of abuse, domination, destruction and energy stealing,

"So when they get up there and espouse their views on social justice or whatever the hell it is, know that you're hearing a controlled and scripted dialogue that is going through a filter by people who are very powerful, who hold a lot of money and they are controlling and conditioning all of these people through paedophilia. And there's another layer to it, but it's too unbelievable to believe that they would also sacrifice kids and I'll give you one statistic that you can look up and verify for yourself. If you got to Unicef and you look up child sex trafficking or human trafficking you'll find a statistic globally, worldwide, according to the United Nations, that 40 million people a year are trafficked around this world, it's a 150 billion dollar a year industry, for which has very dark and ugly ties and it goes all the way up into Wall Street and beyond. But I will say this, 5.5 million children every year are trafficked around the world, most of whom don't live past age 7 or 8, which means they have to replenish that supply chain. They harvest organs of children on a black market."

It is important to remember that these figures are estimates only and that there could be more involved - this is a world of secrecy and cover-ups.

Healing Division

"We cannot be caught in this division anymore. The people who are doing the division know very well how to make you angry and you have to say that's about enough and when you do and when this world comes together against these monsters, they will have no more power because the only weapon that they have is fear, that's how they get to these kids - they give them fear and they put fear into them and they keep them controlled through fear and they do exactly that with you through the television, through the media, through your politicians, through all the institutions to cause you despair and anger and negativity where you argue amongst each other."

John also shared a valid point that in these systems the information trickles down in very selective ways so that people at certain levels are not working with all the information - the information is filtered along the way down. Therefore how can we be accountable in every level in society?

Catholic Abuse

Child abuse has also been rife in the Catholic church system. The Irish Government conducted a report in 2009 with the Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse (CICA) and revealed that sexual abuse was "endemic" in Catholic boys' institutions and not only were church leaders aware of it but government inspectors failed to "stop beatings, rapes and humiliation." Even the Guardian covered this in 2009 and it can be read about here which discusses the extreme levels of abuse, as well as the problem of denial in the community:

"Why did so many Catholic institutions fail so appallingly? A hundred reasons can be suggested, but three come to mind: undue respect for authority (which was self-justifying and rarely self-critical); religious authoritarianism (government of communities by self-perpetuating cliques, who rarely saw the need for fresh thinking); and a rancid clericalism (product of a religious culture that increasingly turned in on itself)."

When the Abused Becomes the Abuser

This is a system full of wolves in sheep's clothing. Sodomy can be connected with the dark arts and perpetrators use this to take power and energy from the victim child. Please note that this section is concerned with relations with underage boys and not homosexuality in adults which is natural and divine for many beings. The word comes from the two evil biblical cities of Sodom and Gomorrah which were destroyed by God due to sin. In Ancient Greece, this practise of sex between a man and boy (often in their teens) was known as pederasty - it was pervasive and at times was idealised and other times was criticised. The word paedophilia comes from Greek words, with pedo meaning child and philos meaning 'loving.' It is thought that it was involved in rites of passage in Crete as entrance to the military and connected with Zeus (Jupiter) who had once abducted the man Ganymede. Why didn't these rites teach about connecting with one's own power? Why did an older male need to take a younger male's energy instead of breaking the cycle and reclaiming his own power or fragmented soul? Who was willing to break these cycles? This kind of abuse can distort the nervous system of a boy (or girl) who may develop a distorted sexual identity and sexual confusion which can take years to heal. These are pertinent issues right now.

In this blog-post I have written about how astrology can connect with the purest blueprint of Zeus (Jupiter,) beyond any patriarchal filters passed down in mythology.

Unfortunately not many are teaching people how to rewire their brains and nervous systems to heal abuse patterns and unresolved issues in the subconscious. Sexologist Alfred E. Kinsey believed children had a right to sex lives and conducted research on pre-adolescent orgasms and his institute, the Kinsey Institute, is still running in America to this day.

"in 1988 in the publication Behavior Today (December 5, p. 5) it was reported that "a nationally recognized expert on sex offenders ... stated that pedophilia ... may be a sexual orientation rather than a sexual deviation. [This] raised the question as to whether pedophiles may have rights." From Kinsey, Sex and Fraud, by Dr. Judith A. Reisman and Edward W. Eichel.

Who is seeking to give pedophilia more legitimacy, rather than questioning where the root of the perversion arises from? What about the sacredness and innocence of the child? How can people connect to, or heal, their own inner child?

The Madonna of the Lilies by William-Adolphe Bouguereau, 1899.

Modern Slavery

The abuse of power is at the root of human trafficking which can involve forced labour as well as sexual abuse. China now has forced labour camps, known as the Xinjiang internment camps which are being used to 'indoctrinate' Muslims and Uyghurs as part of a 'people's war on terror.' The Uyghurs are a Turkic ethnic group and in 2021 it was thought that there were 1.3 million people in that system which included abuse, torture and rape as part of its indoctrination or 'reeducation' (or whitewashing of their culture.) It has been reported that one of the largest camps had eight factories for shoemaking, mobile phone assembly and tea packaging. Access to the area has been very limited but more recent reports have suggested that some of the camps are empty, while some people are still detained and others have been released under "residential surveillance or labour programmes." While many beings on this planet are caught in 'wage slavery.'

Other Crimes Against Humanity

Dr David Martin recently presented at a European parliament conference about the lies surrounding the Covid pandemic - the video which can be found here is only around 20 minutes long and I would urge everyone to watch it. He shared material about how the Coronavirus was actually identified in 1965 and it was immediately recognised "as a pathogen that could be used and modified for a whole host of reasons." He continued to explain that "in 1966, the very first COV Coronavirus model was used as a 'transatlantic biological experiment and human manipulation' and you heard the date, 1966, I hope you're getting the point of what I'm saying. This is not an overnight thing, this is something that's been long in the making...In 1967 we did the first trials on inoculating people with modified coronavirus."

The people in the esoteric and secret organisations behind these corporations are very knowledgeable about the power of dates, numbers and language and use this knowledge for their self-seeking advantage - the people higher 'up the ladder' have the most information, which is then filtered downwards.

David then explained how Coranavirus was then modified by experimenting with animals including pigs and dogs who experienced gastro-intestinal problems "and that became the basis for Pfizer's first spike protein vaccine patent filed in 1990. 'Operation warp speed,' I'm sorry, where's the warp and the speed?...And in 1990 they found out that there was a problem with vaccines, they didn't work...It turns out that Coronavirus is a very maleable model, it transforms and it changes and it mutates over time and as a matter of fact, every publication on vaccines for Coronavirus from 1990 until 2018, every single publication concluded that Coronavirus escapes the vaccine impulse because it modifies and mutates too quickly for vaccines to be effective...There are thousands of publications to that effect, not a few hundred, and not paid for by pharmaceutical companies, these are publications that are independent scientific research that shows unequivocally...all of them show vaccines do not work."

The Last Judgement by Michelangelo (1536–1541) - note the group of angels with trumpets at the centre signalling the final Judgement.

Biological Weapons

David Martin then explained how this knowledge was used to develop biological weapons: "In 2002, the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill patented, and I quote, that infectious replication defective clone of Coronavirus. Listen to those words, 'infectious replication defective' - what does that phrase actually mean? For those of you not familiar with language, let me unpack it for you. 'Infectious replication defective' means a weapon. It means something meant to target an individual, but not have collateral damage to other individuals...and that work mysteriously preceded SARS 1.0 by a year...We engineered SARS. SARS is not a naturally occurring phenomenon. The naturally occurring phenomenon is called the common cold, it's called influenza-like illness, it's called gastroenteritis. That's the naturally occurring Coronavirus.

"...In 2005, this particular pathogen was specifically labelled as a bio-terrorism and bio-weapon platform technology, that's not my terminology that I'm applying to it...and from 2005 onwards, it was actually a 'bio-warfare enabling agent,' it's official classification..I don't know if that sounds like public health to you."

A US airman wearing a M-17nuclear, biological, and chemical warfare mask.

The Hidden Bio-defence Industry

In the video David then talked about the bio-defence industry which has been in operation since 2005, that "no one in the media talks about." He also spoke about evidence regarding the release of a respiratory pathogen and the premeditated nature of it all. "In September of 2019, the world was informed that we were going to have an 'accidental or intentional release of a respiratory pathogen' so that by September 2020, there would be a worldwide acceptance of a universal vaccine template, that's their words, right in front of you, on the screen (points to screen.) The intent was to get the world to accept a universal vaccine template and the intent was to use Coronavirus to get there....We didn't have independent science, we had hijacked science and unfortunately there was no moral oversight in violation of all of the codes that we stand for, there was no independent, financially disinterested independent review board ever impanelled around Coronavirus, not once, not since 1965...Our job is to say no more weaponisation of nature, period....and no more corporate patronage of science for their own self interest unless they assume 100% product liability for every injury and every death that they maintain."

The quote published on the 10th September 2019 by the Global Preparedness Governing Board (which is co-convened by WHO and The World Bank,) was:

"Were a high-impact respiratory pathogen to emerge, either naturally or as the result of accidental or deliberate release, it would likely have significant public health, economic, social, and political consequences."

Alarmingly, these experimental vaccines are now being given to animals such as around 260 animals at the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park. Not only are they 'playing God' with humans, but also with the animals. The US-based company Zoetis has also conducted a study with dogs and cats and more can be read here.

One of various children's books published during recent years regarding the 'new normal' of compliance.

A System Dependent on Ill Health

Do we have a system which encourages how we can create environments of good health - what habits, thoughts, diet, emotions and behaviour is conducive for health? Are we taught how to have and maintain a healthy immune system? Are we taught about the importance of not being in stress or fear? Are people taught how to relax their nervous system and heart rate variability through practises such as meditation or yoga in order to maintain optimal outcomes for themselves? Does this system depend on keeping sick people unwell and only treating the symptoms (or side-effects) with pharmaceutical drugs which are making billions? Why are we putting harmful toxins such as fluoride in our water and toothpaste and why aren't governments concerned about evidence connecting it with accumulation at the pineal gland, a very sacred part of the brain? What impacts do human thought and behaviour have on the environment and animals around them? How can we all thrive?

When Apples Were Golden and Songs Were Sweet but Summer Had Passed Away by John Melhuish Strudwick, c.1906


In Native American culture, the word 'Wetiko' or 'Wendigo' described a cannibalistic spirit which took over people's minds, leading to greed, selfishness and self-destruction, resulting in possession. Other cultures also speak about the downward force and in Christian culture these forces are known as 'demons' and in spiritual circles we understand this phenomena as entities which have taken control over a person and this can occur through trauma, abuse or ritual for example. If connecting with the Otherworlds, it is vital to connect with intention and with enlightened beings. In these times it is imperative to ensure that we are mindful about what we 'feed' our mind with. I rarely watch films these days and if I do, it is usually for nostalgic or soulful value and older movies and I am very careful about my usage of social media and online content. I am very aware of the high level programming that goes into a lot of modern films and songs and lyrics.

For those who are interested in the relationship between our emotional body and our physical body you might appreciate the work of Louise Hay who connected respiratory issues with fear and dis-empowerment. When we are disconnected from our breath, we are disconnected from prana, from oxygen, from life force, from divinity. We are disconnected from life and harmony and the present moment - we lose touch with all that is.

"Breath: Represents the ability to take in life. – Breathing Problems: Fear. Not trusting the process of life."

"Lung: The ability to take in life. Depression. Grief. Not feeling worthy of living life fully."

Meditation by Elizabeth Nourse, 1902.

Manipulation and Behavioural Sciences

Knowing how to manipulate people using mind control has been studied for many decades now. Perhaps the most famous example of this was the MKUltra illegal program performed by the CIA to weaken people or obtain confession through brainwashing or psychological torture; one document from 1955 revealed that they also researched the effects of drugs with the intention of promoting "illogical thinking and impulsiveness to the point where the recipient would be discredited in public." They also sought to do research on:

"Materials which will render the induction of hypnosis easier or otherwise enhance its usefulness."

"Substances which alter personality structure in such a way the tendency of the recipient to become dependent upon another person is enhanced."

"Substances which will lower the ambition and general working efficiency of men when administered in undetectable amounts."

Think Tanks

The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations is a British organisation which seeks to give advice on social science regarding contemporary challenges and in recent times it has worked for government bodies. They published many anonymous dream accounts on their website under the title 'social dreaming matrix' during the recent few years. The Institute is aware of the interconnectedness of life and has high esoteric knowledge and intelligence - how is it using that intelligence and will it use it responsibly for divine harmony? The following dream is recorded in full on their website involving Covid and Inanna, (the Mesopotamian goddess of love, war and fertility) and is quite cryptic and they use the word 'matrix,' yet what does this mean to them?:

"SDM 22/4/2021 39 Dreamers 13 dreams, 38 associations

Hypothesis The matrix got in touch with an oscillation of despair and hope, the barrenness of the earth and its riches, men and women who cannot be fruitful, the only form of sex is masturbation. The genders are dangerous to each other. There were images of people carrying drugs in their stomachs; risking innocuous -inoculations; excavating the temple of Inanna the goddess of the underworld (are we ready to enter it?), the bat that claws to the flesh of the dreamer, clinging to the left arm evoking the images of the vaccinations.

Those images evoke the present concern with Covid and with the huge impact of vaccinations, connected to the fear of losing control and of interference both with ‘normal’ physiological and psychological functioning.

They may also, at another level, be in touch with a much larger phenomenon, that of life on the planet which is only mildly affected by human life and decisions. Epochs (million of years) of desertification have alternated with epochs of floods, glaciation with ice melting, extreme temperatures with epochs of planetary conditions favourable to the growth of life. It seemed that the matrix faced for brief moments the fact that the planet may carry on its course with or without homo sapiens.

The facilitators hypothesised that there was hope present when the matrix could look fully at despair, paradoxically hope was lost when the matrix started to look for hope. By looking the matrix potentially lost the grip on extremely uncomfortable realities.

Themes Planetary cycles of change and impact on humans. Extinction event. Maybe end of Homo Sapiens Epoch. We have no power. Journey to humility- we are not that powerful. We can’t destroy the planet but it can destroy us. Africa- mines- taking resources from Africa for the rest of the world. Paranoia that Africa will come back and get us for only taking from them- or the earth will get back at us as a species. Prostitutes or sex workers? How words have an influence on possibility to change something. Organisers- organising themselves to have a proper contract/union etc. People who have been on the fringe.... Carrying our own toxicity to some extent. Dream about train and two men administering toxins- about suspicion and confusion around vaccines- two shots. She knew the third shot would be poison. ‘An innocuous man’/inoculation. Bewilderment- government that we most trust are in charge of vaccinations- how can we trust what they are putting into us? Scary. Perhaps war in sight, some dreams ended abruptly mid action- isn’t there more? Excavators of a post apocalyptic future- finding this civilisation of ours which is now being buried in the underworld.Tanks- kept appearing. Leonard Cohen- ‘Inana I am ready my Lord’. Submerged by Covid- but during this matrix I felt Covid is one episode. Being in touch with a larger ending. First time that I got a sense that there was something beyond Covid."

Joseph Interprets Pharaoh's Dream by Jacques Joseph Tissot, (c. 1896–1902.)

Many subconscious fears were revealed in the dreams including fears such as "Will there be more babies or fewer babies at the end of this year?"

The Delaying Dictator

It is also important to be mindful regarding the agendas of 'think tanks.' Why did the coat of arms of the British think tank, the Fabian Society, show a wolf wearing sheep's clothing? The intention of the society was to advance social democracy through gradual change rather than revolutionary overthrow. The Fabian society was named after the Roman dictator Quintus Fabius Maximus Verrucosus, also known as the 'Delayer' whose strategy involved many smaller battles which weakened the enemy, rather than a big battle using his entire army - this technique is known as a 'war of attrition' which involves wearing the enemy down to a point of exhaustion by a series of losses. It is also known as the 'Fabian strategy' and it involves warfare without direct and open attack, relying on wearing the enemy down to the point of exhaustion.

Government and Media Propaganda

At a recent European parliament conference, Fiona Hine shared some powerful words about the need to speak up in these times and protect our rights and freedoms. Her website is called covileaks and exposes the propaganda of the mainstream media and government regarding the pandemic and presents facts and scientific evidence about the vaccine agendas which can be found here - these are not links of conspiracies, but links of research collected over the past few years and factual evidence. Also included is the testimony of the ex Vice-President in the research department of Pfizer, Michael Yeadon, who you will find had been dismissed by mainstream media in earlier days as an 'anti-vaxxer' and 'conspiracy theorist.' On the community edited Wikipedia page for Michael Yeadon you will also find that he is presented unfairly in this way - in order to edit on Wikipedia you need to have an 'autoconfirmed' account and I would encourage anyone, if they have time, to contribute in creating an autoconfirmed account so that they can help to edit on the Wikipedia community. People have experienced serious side effects and died as a result of these experimental vaccines, while corporations have made billions - when are we going to stop a system that puts profits before the people? Fiona Hines now holds several criminal convictions due to holding gatherings with more than 30 people for anti-lockdown rallies.

"They created a science to fit a narrative, while these unscientific measures, restrictions and mandates were forced upon us. During this time it was not easy to be a dissenting voice. Most of us were censored, silenced or cancelled, but some of us were arrested, charged and convicted for exercising our human right to peacefully protest against these cruel and harmful measures. We were isolated, terrified and oppressed and this was their new normal. While dissenting voices were silenced and ridiculed and people who peacefully protested were criminalised, the masses were coerced and manipulated through the use of behavioural science, fear-mongering and wartime propaganda. They were forced into taking an experimental vaccine and this is their 'new normal.' Most recently I have run a six month long campaign that gave a voice to the Covid vaccine injured and bereaved...All tyrannies rule through fraud and force, but once the fraud is exposed, they must rely exclusively on force. This power grab, as we know it, if we do not resist, will be that force and that force will be our 'new normal.' I stand with you today to congratulate these citizens for taking the first steps to tackle the transfer of power from the people to the unelected and unaccountable World Health Organisation. Secondly, I call upon the citizens of the world to unite in with their respective countries as we will do in ours and across all continents of the world and to tell those citizens that you do have a choice, you have the power to affect change and you have a voice, so use it."

Ferdinand Lured by Ariel by John Everett Millais, 1850

Brainwaves and Television

Our brains go into different states throughout the day and night, but a television has been shown to put the brain into a relaxed, hypnotic or alpha state which is the most impressionable for the subconscious. Some people also experience television addiction. This is why it is vital to be selective about what you 'feed' your mind with and if you do watch media to be discerning about what you imprint yourself with. The alpha state is the most relaxed state while still awake. Empowered ways of accessing alpha states include meditation.

Meditation by John Collier, 1921

The etymology of the word 'broadcast' is from 'broad' meaning the adjective 'wide' in reference to seeds which would be widely scattered around and the word 'cast' - to widely cast. To cast means to throw, emit or give out - to 'cast a spell' for example. What behavioural science is used to spread those messages far and wide? You may have noticed how the BBC's intro has changed over the years and they have used various techniques such as Big Ben's chimes and very authoritative and serious voices are used; fear-based news stories are often presented with no solutions in sight.

Where can True Power be Found?

The main bell of Big Ben is set to the note of E while the four quarter bells ring G sharp, F sharp, E, and B. Big Ben was regularly broadcast on the radio from the 1920s with the first broadcasting in 1923 on New Year's Eve. The sounds are thought to transmit authority and power and I am posting words from a blog-post on the parliament website which demonstrates the awareness of what is being transmitted in news programs:

"Big Ben is associated with British democracy and the power, strength and resilience of British people....The qualities of power, strength and resilience discussed earlier are especially pertinent in times of national crisis such as wartime or the national coronavirus lockdown. Everyday sounds such as news announcements become much more significant, taking on a morale-boosting quality as a symbol of shared experience."

Yet where can true power be found? Is this kind of 'British democracy' greater than divinity?

I would like to end this post with a beautiful short video of a deer who stood for love courageously.

"But now the Lord my God has given me peace on every side; I have no enem ies, and all is well." Kings 5:4 NLT

May all beings remember their divine nature.

The White Hind by Arthur Hughes, late 19th century.

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