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Free Healthy Debate, Or Silence & Shaming?

‘Compassion in Sheep’s Clothing’ – Fear, Control or Healthy Debate and Freedom in our Collectives?

In one month’s time, on the 23rd March, Pluto will pass out of Capricorn and touch into Aquarius until June when it will retrograde back into Capricorn again and won’t be consistently in the sign until 2024; 2023 may still bring up a lot of purging regarding our government and systems but a window will open in March with this new purifying Aquarian energy and provide a glimpse of our directions forward. Pluto is king of the underworld – the subconscious – he sees into the depths of everything and no stone will be left unturned. Capricorn is home of the father, work, systems and government. This month is a good time to continue looking at systems in our government, workplace or society and find out what can be purged or purified. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and when our systems are overly-controlling or dominating, they can become Satanic – Saturnic. It is vital now that we look at these issues so that these systems are healthy and support empowerment and freewill in society - in this blogpost, I will look at the theme of transgenderism and current discord arising on these topics and how we can encourage healthy discussion from the heart.

A Secret Society known as Order 322 or The Brotherhood of Death


I am writing this blogpost on the 23/02/2023 - the 223/322 or 23 code has connections with secret societies including Order 322 or The Brotherhood of Death and is connected with Capricorn, the Yale (goat,) Pluto (plutocracy,) time, DNA (23 chromosomes,) death or rebirth. A plutocracy is a society ruled or controlled by people of high wealth and there are many beings on this planet who would wish for this to continue, so it is a very pertinent day to contemplate these issues and envision and trust in the highest divine timeline where all beings can access Pluto and their inner wealth.

Constellation of Capricorn

Ordo ab Chao – Order out of Chaos

Our media giants are very good at creating discord and division - shaming or hating a scapegoat (goat - Capricorn.) There can be a problem with a lack of listening and allowing everyone to express their own views – there can be patterns of labelling, shaming or judging anyone who raises any concerns and thereby not allowing for healthy discussion. This is a common strategy in the media to control collective thought and shaming is a popular narcissistic strategy. When chaos reigns and people go into fear, it is very easy to implement controlling outcomes which are accepted often without question. Ordo ab chao – order out of chaos:

“Hegelian dialectic, or problem, reaction, solution. This method basically involves fabricating or intensify a problem, offering a draconian solution, then settling for a “compromise” that nevertheless furthers the intended goal.” Jim Marrs

When one person is right and the other is wrong, we shut down our heart and separate ourselves from the other. If we are in fear or silenced, we are not creating a healthy society – debate and healthy discussion has always been vital for evolution. As an example, some athletes have spoken up about concerns of transgender athletes (with unfair physical advantages) winning and the need to examine the categories – this is an example of healthy discussion which may lead to a positive outcome for everyone.

While all these arguments and conflicts are playing out regarding transgenderism, severe violence has happened too, including the death recently of Brianna Ghey - it is vital that we encourage people to come back to their loving hearts in these times, out of judgement and hate.

Recent Controversy - Sam Smith

Yet there has also been a lot of controversy recently and pertinent issues have come to the surface and it’s clear that some on our planet are heading on a trajectory of getting lost in egoic identity and narcissistic attention-seeking, rather than genuine self-enquiry.

Recently singer Sam Smith, who announced that he was non-binary in 2019, dressed up as Satan at the Grammy’s which was sponsored by Pfizer. For those who are unaware, Pfizer’s annual profit for 2021 increased between 92-95% from the year before – they made $81.3 billion dollars in 2021 and have been doing very ‘well’ in these times.

I’m not a fan of Piers Morgan but I’m including a recent discussion he had regarding Sam Smith to get the ball rolling:

“The problem I have with Sam Smith is that they can’t seem to work out what they are – so we went through a period where he was identifying as a straight man, then he came out as gay and everyone was applauded and then within I think eighteen months he decided he wasn’t a gay man anymore, he was going to be non-binary, gender-fluid, he wanted to be called they, it’s quite hard to keep up...Every eighteen months or so he seems to, like a chameleon, flip into some other identity and then we have to respect those titles that they now want.”

Commentator Lauren Chen replied: “You’re absolutely right and it’s interesting because I was looking back to interviews when Sam Smith first came out as gay and he actually back then would say things along the lines of ‘there’s more to me than my sexuality, I just want this to be normalised, this shouldn’t be a whole thing,’ which I mean by today’s 2023 standards that almost makes him sound like a right-wing extremist - the idea that his sexuality shouldn’t define himself, but fast forward to today and apparently he’s gotten the memo that the trendy thing is to come out as some kind of trendy new gender every other day and I just want to say in regard to Sam Smith dressing as the devil – that's not part of your identity – your fashion choices are not part of your identity – Sam Smith deciding to in his music video, wear a corset doesn’t mean he’s non-binary, all it means is he’s desperate for attention, has absolutely no sense of fashion and probably doesn’t have good friends around him.”

The Hidden World of Satanism

Sam Smith’s Satanic dress caused controversy – yet the reality is the dark face of Satanism isn’t ‘playful or fun’ and it's not wise to play around with these forces - one of Sam Smith’s dancers even claimed that they were using the symbols in a "positive, fabulous way." The reality of Satanism, elite or dark occult sects can involve extreme ritualistic practises in which people and animals can be tortured, abused or killed. I wrote a blogpost about some of these practises last summer including more accounts being revealed such as from Elijah Wood who spoke up about child sexual abuse in Hollywood in 2016:

"There is darkness in the underbelly, if you can imagine it, it’s probably happened.”

Yet behind all of this chaos and discord, what is happening behind the scenes?

Laws have recently been introduced in Canada which have supported environments where people may be compelled to use certain words under threat of legal action – yet what trajectory is this on? What will these kinds of laws lead onto?

The Bill C-16 was an amendment to the Canadian human rights Act that included "gender identity and gender expressions" in matters of discrimination. Although it doesn't seem clear that the document specifically mentioned pronouns, Jordan Peterson’s scepticism was correct that this law could allow for this form of coercion since in March 2021, a man was jailed for contempt for calling his child ‘daughter’ instead of using male pronouns. The father claimed that the gender transitioning happened without his consent within the school – with a psychologist there encouraging this process for the child to take testosterone. Was it ethical for the father not to be included, especially now we are hearing more about the dangers of puberty blockers? The Tavistock clinic in London will soon shut down due to controversy regarding these treatments with children – the centre was accused of wrongly convincing gay or bisexual children that they were transgender and some have since spoken up regarding their regrets of early surgery. It is right for us to hold healthy debate and discussion regarding these pertinent issues which are affecting many children.

Freedom of Speech

Freedom of speech involves a society free from hatred, but it also should allow freedom of thought and belief – no one should feel compelled in their environment to use certain words on demand, on pain of legal action. Never before has this happened under English common law and if it starts now, what else will it lead on to?

Jordan Peterson at a free speech rally in October 2016

I am posting some quotes from Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson regarding his response to those Canadian laws from an online video, along with a public comment to the video.

“A person is compelled under Canadian law to use the pronoun of another’s individual’s choice on pain of law and I thought, well no, that’s not acceptable. It’s one thing to put limits on what a person can’t say like say with hate speech law...but to compel me to use a certain content when I’m formulating my thoughts and my actions under threat of legislative action I thought no, what’s happened there is the government has introduced compelled speech legislation into the private sphere. It’s never happened in the history of English common law and so I said there’s no way I’m abiding by that, I don’t care what your damn rationale is, “we’re compassionate,” no you’re not. You’re playing this radical collectivist left-wing game – you're trying to gain linguistic supremacy in the area of public discourse – you’re doing that using compassion as a guise and you’re pulling the wool over people’s eyes...

“With the more contentious pronouns, like ze and zer, that’s a whole different issue because the question there is exactly what is it that you’re doing when you’re asking me to use those words, like are you compelling me to play your particular ideological game or is this actually a matter of some personal identity that’s important to you and those things are not obvious and so in a situation like that, the first thing I’d have to do is to try and figure out exactly what was going on in the situation and that’s not simple and so there would be no foregone conclusion that I would address you by the pronouns of your choice and the first thing I’d want to find out is: is that just a narcissistic power play because that’s actually the most likely outcome.”

Interacting from Heart to Heart

Public comment to the video: “I am a trans woman full surgery...nothing anyone says to me will ever offend me, call me male, a man, a goat, a pig, call me whatever you like, it does not affect my daily living, being offended is one of the most tiresome human emotions going.”

Jordan Peterson recently came under fire for stating that he would rather avoid transgender people since he doesn’t know what the social norms would be like in a social interaction. Some people responded that perhaps he could treat everyone with kindness or “to treat people like people” - and this is a revealing statement. It suggests that fundamentally, our heart just wants to see everyone as people first and foremost beyond the boxes of separation or identity we try and put ourselves or each other into. These references are obviously needed in society, but we mustn't lose connection with the heart otherwise we can get pulled into emotional drama or egoic power games with others.

A list of 'gender inclusive pronouns' from the University of California website. Yet what is the etymology of all these new words?

The Importance of Healthy Debate

A free society means allowing everyone to formulate their own beliefs, as long as they do not seek to destroy the rights of others. This means it is equally important to give space for people to disagree, otherwise we run the risk of creating a totalitarian regime of control and fear where people are left to feel unsafe or simply unallowed to express their own beliefs. The following case which happened in the UK was pivotal and raised many questions regarding beliefs, freedom and human rights.

Maya Forstater's Legal Case

Maya Forstater was fired for expressing her views on gender and sex in Tweets in 2019 regarding government plans at the time to let people declare their own gender. Maya’s view was that "that sex is immutable and not to be conflated with gender identity" and in 2021 she won her case in the employment tribunal since her beliefs do fall under the Equalities Act since she “did not seek to destroy the rights of trans persons."

“Baroness Falkner, chair of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, said there was a difference between holding a belief and how it was expressed.

She said: "Some may see the beliefs of others as questionable or controversial, but people must be free to hold them.

"This is why this case is so important."

Monica Kurnatowska, employment partner at law firm Baker McKenzie, said the ruling meant that "individuals are entitled not to be discriminated against because of gender critical beliefs... and gives those beliefs the same legal protection as religious beliefs, environmental beliefs and ethical veganism".”

Author JK Rowling who has been involved in online transgender discussions

Silencing Techniques

People may disagree with Jordan Peterson, Maya Forstater or JK Rowling, but to deny their freedom to choose their own thoughts or beliefs is perpetuating the narcissistic shaming techniques employed by many media giants. Some who have wanted to engage in conversation and talk about pertinent issues have been labelled as ‘transphobic’ and received horrific abuse including JK Rowling who was recently defended by Ralph Fiennes who has called out the abuse as “disgusting.” JK Rowling has experienced domestic abuse in her life and her angle has been about safety - she has a right to raise concerns which we need to discuss in healthy debate so we can find solutions which work for everyone.

“She has denied being transphobic, saying she respects "every trans person's right to live any way that feels authentic and comfortable to them" and that she wants trans people to be free from discrimination and abuse.” Quote from the following BBC article.

Silenced Athletes

Others, such as athletes, have felt silenced when wishing to discuss these themes and how to find solutions. Swimmer Sharron Davies was labelled as a “transphobe” and “sharing hate speech” by a transgender athlete for saying what many athletes are feeling that transgender athletes can have an unfair physical advantage. Dr Nicola Williams responded that these claims of transphobia are “wild and unfounded” and are being used as “a tool used to shame women into silence. We want to get past not being able to speak out and to encourage a debate that leads to sports bodies implementing policies that are fair to women.”

Unfortunately, there have also been recent examples where women have been raped in prison by a transgender inmate – to sweep these issues under the carpet is unwise:

"Opponents of the Scottish government’s gender recognition reforms – which the UK government has blocked from going for royal assent because of “safety issues for women and children” – said that the case vindicated their concerns about lack of safeguards in the bill.”

We need to be able to ask questions without fear otherwise we will create a society where everyone is feeling like they are walking on eggshells in fear of narcissistic patterns.

Soul and Body

My own belief is that everything is consciousness, having an experience in a human body – this is a fundamental realisation of the spiritual path and is the pathway to Self-realisation and awakening. When we get too lost in the 3D world, lost in identity, and over-attached to the body, then we can forget our true Self – the pure, eternal awareness – this ancient wisdom has been shared for centuries, yet in these darkest of times, these spiritual beliefs are not given as much attention and there is great suffering and mental dis-ease on our planet as a consequence of this separation.

The yin yang symbol - containing a circle of yin within yang and a circle of yang within yin.

While inhabiting human form, I believe that we experience yin and yang polarities and the law of polarity is a universal law – we see it in atoms (positive protons and negative electrons) and we see it with the sun (yang – electric) and the moon (yin – magnetic.) We see it in the brain with the left and right hemispheres of the brain. By and large despite having both polarities, we tend to embody a certain polarity – yet according to our astrology this spectrum is different for everyone. Androgyny can be a stronger theme for those of ‘mutable’ astrological signs – these are the changeable signs and I’ve written more about gender themes and astrology here. Androgyny comes from the Ancient Greek words (anér, andro-, meaning man) and (gunē, gyné, meaning woman.)

Power of Language

I believe that language is powerful and affects consciousness around us – our spelling is a ‘spell’ and we should feel free to pick and choose our own words and not feel forced in any situation. Our words have etymology and spiritual meaning. Glyphs and letters had spiritual meaning in their initial creation – for example the letter ‘alpha’ in Greek was associated with the letter one and the first or primary status of things. It is pertinent that we should reflect on the significance of the words we use and how they influence us and ultimately to feel free regarding the words we use. The elites in society know the power of words and language - the definition of Legalese in the Cambridge dictionary is:

"language used by lawyers and in legal documents that is difficult for ordinary people to understand."

They always spell it out, if we choose to look.

I believe that we should feel free to evaluate our conversations with each different individual on an individual basis and to respond accordingly, trusted in our highest wisdom and ethics and to never feel coerced to act or think in a certain way. Otherwise we run the risk of creating a society of coercion, not freedom.

In these times it is vital to pull back to our hearts and be discerning so that we can articulate our own genuine thoughts and feelings in every situation.

Awareness of life-giving, electric solar aspects and receiving, magnetic moon aspects. Note the freemasonic symbols - freemasonry has been a path of enlightenment for some, yet control and power for others.

Rebis from Theoria Philosophiae Hermeticae (1617) by Heinrich Nollius

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