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Returning to Self in the Age of Aquarius

We are coming to the end astrologically of the Age of Pisces which began over 2,000 years ago with the coming of Christ, the fish, (the symbol of Pisces) beginning in around 1 A.D.

Some believe we are in the 'preparation stages' for the Aquarian Age starting in 2,150 A.D. but others (including myself) are receiving the message that we are stepping into the Aquarian age now and going through that shift - this is because the dates change slightly due to the nature of the precession meaning that the constellation sections are not all the same size - they can be roughly divided into sections of 2,150 years but some are longer and some are shorter. There is some information about the precession of the equinoxes here. I have recently written about Pluto entering Aquarius in March 2023 and the powerful significance of this here.

To make a smooth transition into the new Aquarian age which is categorised by societal themes of truth, freedom, uniqueness and (enlightened) technology, we will need to come back to Self, to presence, so that we are able to receive the new frequencies and understandings that will come with this age.

Lost Fragments

The Age of Pisces (mysticism, global interconnectedness, visions, dreams) brought great spiritual evolution to our planet, but as part of the duality we also witnessed great darkness. Unhealthy Piscean energies which are needing to be healed and transmuted include messy energetic dynamics in relationships and connections - soul fragments may also have been lost through trauma and it is vital to do the healing work to bring those aspects back home. Through our desire to help others, we may also have given pieces of ourselves away. Yet at a frequency level, this 'lifeboat' just keeps the person floating, and needing more and more of our energy to stay afloat. Rather than doing their own work to learn how to swim in the seas of Pisces, they may have become dependent upon us and we may feel trapped or drained by the energy cord. This can happen in family dynamics, friendships and in relationships.

Power Play

This will affect our sense of 'wholeness' and we are also at risk of drowning which is not helpful for anyone - this can lead to feelings of resentment, incompleteness and feeling drained. True healing requires returning back to wholeness and inspiring others to make that same journey and leap for themselves, rather than walking the walk for them. When we are whole, we are connected to our soul and the divine, and not dependent upon others to heal us or 'supply' us with energy. When we give a piece of our soul to others, we may subconsciously be telling them - 'you need me, rather than the divine, to feel good about yourself' and a power dynamic plays out, subtly or overtly. This doesn't allow the other person to find that connection with their inner peace or inspire them to do the deeper healing work involved in the journey back to the divine.

Stuck in Unhappy Situations

Messy energy dynamics can lead to confusion and stagnation since we are carrying other people's frequencies in our field which may influence our habits, thoughts and feelings or we may find it hard to discern our authentic feelings. We may lose a strong sense of identity or self and may adopt more masculine or feminine frequencies from the other. If we have given a piece of ourselves to someone else, then we may also feel dependent on being around them - we may get 'stuck' together, simply because we yearn for the fulfilment of feeling whole with the person whom we have given some of our soul to. These kinds of messy energy dynamics can keep couples stuck in unhappy relationships or situations without understanding fully why they 'need' to be with that other person, often frequently - it may become an addiction and there might be craving, especially regarding sexual dynamics which may focus on escaping the body, orgasms or attaching cords, rather than being present in the body with the other. We may want to be around that piece of ourselves in the other in order to feel a sense of completeness, so we remain in the situation, without seeing a way out. These dynamics can also play out with a dependence on substances or habits too such as alcohol, drugs, porn, television, gambling, games or any form of addiction or 'downward force.'

The Fall of Adam and Eve, on the Sistine Chapel ceiling

Emotional Manipulation

Emotional manipulation has been common in the Piscean Age and it is vital for us to discern it. This, in the most extreme form can include suicidal threats both subtle (giving hints of its possibility if someone leaves) or overt threats - either way it leaves the message in the subconscious and can be powerfully controlling.

Usually suicide comes out of the blue - people often won't tell anyone if they're really considering it so it's good to keep this in mind when learning about emotional manipulation. These kind of ancient dynamics can make us feel responsible for another person's unhappiness or fear their death and feel responsible for that too - but surrendering our boundaries and staying in a relationship out of an emotional threat or fear is not a healthy pattern to perpetuate in society for anyone. Holding clear boundaries in these situations is vital - we will need to be clear with the other just how much we can be in their life in a new dynamic so that they can adjust to their crisis and develop the empowerment to deal with their own life, choices, spiritual journey, actions and thoughts. No human being should feel responsible for anyone else's happiness.

“Ultimately, we are not responsible for another person’s actions – and this includes if your partner chooses to be abusive or is contemplating suicide.... If your partner is struggling with suicidal thoughts, that is sadly something that’s outside of your control.” From Love is Respect which can be found here.

Spiritual Dimensions

A person’s mental instability may be influenced by a dark entity – this may have been with them so long that it’s become normal – from childhood often. There may be a disconnection with the divine and a lack of trust in Life, often due to early abuse or trauma. It is down to the individual whether they wish to take the steps to heal themselves in all dimensions and take responsibility for their soul so it is not influenced or even controlled by an external force. This requires a commitment to the divine and the necessary uncomfortable steps that may be involved in reclaiming the soul fragments and power. It is that person’s choice alone whether they wish to return to their divine path or not and heal their shadow - to transform the serpent, the DNA.

Our Divine Blueprint

The key is to understand that giving part of ourselves away to anyone is a form of entrapment. We are here on this planet to live out our soul's divine purpose or 'blueprint', yet due to karmic patterns and conditionings (which we inherit from our family dynamics, collective, ancestors or past lives,) we may continue to repeat these ancient messy energetic dynamics and never fully step up onto our true path of Self where we can be happy and whole and potentially meet someone who can reflect that back to us. In this way, we can allow the divine's plans to unfold through us and truly 'help' this world.

Patterns to Heal

These dynamics may manifest due to themes such as sacrifice, self-punishment or unworthiness. It can also relate to control issues which might be unconscious - we may enjoy the sense of 'owning' someone else from their gratitude for our help. We may enjoy feeling superior, like a 'god' to someone, but instead, we may block their passage to really connecting with their own soul and journey back to wholeness and the divine. The Piscean era has been characterised by great spirituality, worldwide connection and mysticism (Christ consciousness) yet it also has held certain negative traits (Anti-Christ) such as its abuse of power, blurry boundaries, deception, delusion, energetic draining, lies, brain-washing, sacrifice, programming and messy energy dynamics.

Sacrifice in our culture is ancient, yet it is not a healthy pattern. Although some still participate in actual sacrificial offerings, most of us sacrifice in other ways – we sacrifice our time and energy to gain approval or acceptance from others and are pulled from our true path. Part of our awakening will include the necessity of realising that we don’t need to sacrifice our identity, (self or presence) in order to walk our true path, we can Just Be and observe the divine's story – this is the wisdom of the grandfather, Uranus, ruler of Aquarius who can teach us how to understand true reality and higher sciences.

The Age of Pisces

In Greek mythology, the Pisces constellation was connected with Aphrodite who was helped in several stories by fish. In one myth, Aphrodite (or Venus) and her son Eros (or Cupid) turned themselves into fish to escape the monster Typhon (who may have been a wind god, or typhoon) and they tied their tails together with a long cord so they wouldn’t lose each other in the Euphrates River. They were aided by Pan who had changed into a goat-fish (Capricorn.) It was thought by Ptolemy that the alpha star Alrisha represents the knot in the cord joining them together.

In another story, Aphrodite and her son were carried away from the monster by fish. In gratitude, Aphrodite placed the fish in the sky as a constellation. We can see the significance of the umbilical cord metaphor between this mother and son, Aphrodite and Eros. The connection between parent and child can be pure and may aid in development, growth or survival, or it can be toxic and draining which may form unhealthy patterns in our nervous system regarding our attachment style for future relationships. Each person in the Age of Pisces will need to contemplate their own patterns of energy dynamics and how they play out with different friendships and relationships.

Vesica Piscis

Pisces is a water sign and its motto is ‘I believe.’ As we’ve moved through the Age of Pisces, we’ve come to find that there are an infinite number of things to believe in and give our attention or energy to, yet with the two helpful fish we may find a way to navigate through such deep waters truthfully, without melting into an existential whirlpool. Yet boundaries are important for the fish so that they don’t get lost in the ocean’s depth and can remember to come back to their individual wholeness as represented in the Vesica Piscis symbol. The words Vesica Piscis come from the Latin words meaning ‘the bladder of the fish’ since it depicts two overlapping circles which are similar to the conjoined air bladders found in many fish. In this symbol, there are no straight lines or ropes as seen in the Pisces astrological symbol (♓︎) there are only two whole circles which overlap each other. It is a beautiful symbol for a healthy relationship which is not based on binds – here, two people who feel whole in themselves, can come together to enrich each other’s lives.

Vesica Piscis symbol at Chalice Well, Glastonbury

Cutting Cords

As we prepare to enter the Age of Aquarius, there is the invitation to cut that cord, to allow the two fish to swim freely in their true directions. Many of us may feel constricted by energetic bonds from parents and may still have energetic ‘umbilical cords,’ or other binds attached which drain our energy and prevent us from moving forward. Part of our personal shift out of the messy waters of Pisces will involve cutting draining energetic cords and reclaiming all soul fragments to allow ourselves to follow our true path.

Christ - the Fish

The New Testament was written in the Age of Pisces with the birth of Christ as the fish and we can see the watery elements throughout this book with its fishermen, fish miracles (the five loaves and two fish story) and allegories and the deeper mysticism and spirituality associated with Pisces and ruling Neptune:

“If a son shall ask bread of any of you that is a father, will he give him a stone? or if he ask a fish, will he for a fish give him a serpent?” Luke 11:11

Pisces is the realm of the imaginal and thus has lead to rather chaotic systems at times where nothing may be in its ‘right place’ due to the negative and messy dynamics and disharmony which has prevailed towards the end of this age. The Greek equivalent of Neptune was Poseidon who was the son of Cronus, the Greek version of Saturn (the father.) Pisces was traditionally ruled by Jupiter before Neptune’s discovery and Jupiter was another son of Saturn. They are the grandchildren of Caelus, the Roman equivalent of grandfather Uranus who will lead the Age of Aquarius. The Age of Pisces was focused on the ‘son’ energy and we see this very archetypally in the Bible which is heavily focused on the ‘son’ or Christ as part of the holy trinity.

Astrologers believe that the Age of Pisces began in 1 A.D. around the time of Christ’s birth and therefore Christ is intimately connected with this sign and its symbol, the fishes. The codeword for Jesus was the Greek word Ikhthus for fish, which was adopted as a symbol, of two crossing arcs, by the Christians and by the first century, an acrostic was developed from this Greek word Ikhthus: Iesous Christos Theou Yios Soter (meaning Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior.) Followers of Christ were called “fishers of men” in the Bible and many fishing or fish analogies were made including the famous ‘feeding of the 5,000’ in which Christ fed a crowd of people with only a loaf and ‘two fishes.’ The Christian writer Tertullian, who was born around 155AD, once wrote the following in On Baptism:

But we, little fishes, after the example of our ΙΧΘΥΣ Jesus Christ, are born in water, nor have we safety in any other way than by permanently abiding in water.”

Christian marks of "ΙΧΘΥΣ" and the circular symbol containing all glyphs, carved in the ruins of the ancient Greek city of Ephesus, Turkey

Aquarius - the Water-Carrier

Aquarius is co-ruled by Saturn (traditionally) and Uranus, yet modern astrologers usually allocate Uranus as the ruler. Yet the planet Uranus wasn’t discovered until 1781 and as such didn’t have the same strong background in ancient civilisations or in classical astrology that the other planets did. However, the naming of this planet was apt – he was named after the ‘grandfather’ of the Greek gods. It is interesting to note that the planet Uranus is the only one with a near vertical axis spin – it is an ‘oddball’ and goes against the grain. Uranus thinks differently to all the others.

Aquarius is derived from Latin words, meaning ‘water-carrier’ or ‘cup-bearer’ and the water carrier depicted in the constellation was based on the Greek myth of the beautiful hero Ganymede. While tending to his father’s flocks, Zeus came down in the shape of a bird and whisked Ganymede away to tend to the gods as a cup-bearer.

In images of this constellation, an older male figure with a white beard is often depicted pouring a bowl (or water-pitcher) of water (or stars) into a body of water, such as a river. Perhaps this archetype represents Ganymede in his maturity and wisdom, sharing blessings of the gods - or it could depict the ruling planet of Aquarius, ‘grandfather’ Uranus. The image of pouring water out of a bowl onto water is interesting – the person is giving, rather than taking or collecting water.

The Cup-Bearer

This symbol of a mysterious or sacred cup has appeared in other mythologies including the pursuit of the holy grail by the Knights Templar. According to the canonical gospels, it was Joseph of Arimathea who buried Jesus after the crucifixion; it is also believed that he was entrusted with certain holy relics including the holy grail or a vessel containing the blood and sweat of Christ which he carried with him to Britain, as an archetypal ‘cup-bearer.’

Associated with Aquarius is the Star card in Tarot and the Rider-Waite card depicts a naked female figure, holding two water-pitchers which she is pouring out, one over the land and one into the water – she is kneeling down with one foot in the pool. Above her head are seven white stars and a large golden star which could represent her soul or star chakra; the others could signify the seven chakras – or they could symbolise the seven stars of the Pleiades which could represent opening up to cosmic intelligence, often referred to as ‘starseed’ knowledge in these times. Again, her water-pitcher is not collecting water – it is pouring water out. It is a very symbolic and potent image to reflect upon.

It is significant that a naked female has been portrayed – with every archetype there is a male and female counterpart, representing the yin and yang in balance. This image reminds us to move away from any patriarchal visions moving forward into the Age of Aquarius and although it is being led by the ‘grandfather’ energy of Uranus, this is kept in balance by his wife, the grandmother (Gaia.)

Waves and Frequencies

The glyph of Aquarius (♒︎) also could resemble water, yet this is an air sign and so it could reflect themes of the air such as waves, vibrations, frequencies or sound which ‘carry’ through the air as a sound wave or brain wave. The water-carrier could therefore be someone who has gained knowledge of the vibratory state of the universe and has used that wisdom to share blessings. Atoms are not solid matter and are in a state of constant motion – there is nothing ‘odder’ than quantum reality. Collectively we are shifting out of the Age of Pisces (water) into the Age of Aquarius (air) and as such our technology is increasing and improving and we have greater understanding about waves as carriers of information for example through Wi-Fi technology. The famous scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla once stated:

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Technology in Harmony

We are stepping out of the waters of evolution towards a ‘mini-golden age,’ since the opposite sign of Aquarius is Leo (the sun) so golden aspects will also be mirrored. With these discoveries connected to the element of air we may experience advances in communication and technology and a deeper scientific knowledge concerning the vibratory state of the universe and quantum mechanics.

Yet this shift has had the potential to go either way – some have sought to control people in this new age using advanced technology and AI to create a ‘new world order’ based on control. It is good to be mindful of the ‘false light’ or Lucifer in this age which may distract us from our true path. With wisdom we can use technology in this Age of Aquarius for enlightenment – to share information and to connect with people to spread or carry the light, or we can use it to manipulate or distract others and spread fear.

Although new technology is coming in, the Age of Aquarius is, as mentioned, co-ruled by the wise planets ‘grandfather Uranus’ and ‘father Saturn’ – embodying older wisdom which can give direction for our technology so that it is in harmony with the earth, nature and our psychology and is not used in a mindless or destructive way.

Higher Science

We are moving into the age of purification – a time for earth healing and purifying the detrimental ‘frequencies’ of the previous age with the blessings of 'living water' from the sacred cup of Aquarius. We can transform the patterns or frequencies that we’ve been ‘carrying’ which we may have inherited from our ancestors or society and now we have the chance to change it. Higher science gives us the power to change our frequency and thereby change our life. It is in these times that we may witness more advances in technology but also greater esoteric knowledge in our ability to heal for example through sound healing and it is vital that this technology is used in harmony with the earth.

This knowledge is not new – it belonged to grandfather Uranus, (the ruler of Aquarius,) but for centuries was kept hidden since the collective at large was not ready for it and may have misused its power. The Tibetan singing bowl is perhaps a perfect symbol of the Aquarian age due to its ability to carry sound waves combined with positive intention or prayer as a healing tool. Many cultures such as the Tibetans are now sharing their gifts and esoteric wisdom or higher science.

An Age of Healing

In his book ‘Healing Sounds: The Power of Harmonics,’ Jonathan Goldman quoted from his friend Steven Halpern: “Sound is a carrier wave of consciousness.” He came to this conclusion through his own personal experiences of listening to the same music orchestrated with different composers who had very different characters – around one composer, his body felt some stress and he realised that he felt relaxed around the composer who sought harmony with the musicians. He believed that healing is not simply about the frequencies we tune into, but the intentions (thoughts) behind that process and came up with the following formula:

“frequency + intention = healing.”

Many blessings for your journey into the Aquarian Age.

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