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Elphia and the Golden Scroll of Pegasus

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Elphia and the Golden Scroll of Pegasus is a book for empaths, nature-lovers, way-showers, star-seeds, light-workers, highly sensitive people and anyone walking the path of their heart. It is full of elves, fairies, poetry, elemental beings, magic, nature, light, love and for everyone waking up to the truth of their reality.  The book started back in the early spring of 2018 – I was walking through West Cork in Ireland and asked myself the following question: ‘if tomorrow is my last day on this planet is there anything I need to share with the world?’  I received the answer that I needed to bring more awareness about elemental beings who are also one with the light.  My intention in writing the book was to express my passion for forests, mythology, storytelling and elemental beings and to inspire that same care and passion in others so that the forests of our precious planet may be seen, honoured and preserved.  It is available as a paperback book on Amazon, it is free for Unlimited Kindle customers and is available to purchase as a Kindle eBook.  Below is a description of the book.  I hope you enjoy reading it! :)

A hermit and empath, Elphia, sets out to leave the forest when her fairy friend, Meka-aladitchi, arrives and they begin a journey to find Mr Mor on the Aran Islands, West Ireland, who has a beard of bees and smokes a pipe. They say he is the King of the Fay, yet no-one quite knows if he exists or not. As they find their way through a portal into the realms of the fairies, Meka-aladitchi is turned, by magic, into a garden statue of the Buddha. To change him back, Elphia will need the blessing of seven of the most powerful people on the island, yet she only has their names and no addresses. Equipped with a wheelbarrow and a List of Extraordinary Names, Elphia begins her long journey, encountering all kinds of magical and intriguing characters such as Madge (an actress on a cheesy TV soap), peculiar ghosts of the sea, giants of the mountain, an evil ostrich monk, a fairy godmother, a woman lost in incest and a talking winged horse. Will she manage to find everyone and complete her mission to bring back her lover and what truths will she learn about herself as she falls deeper into the spiritual realms of the fairies and gains more confidence with her gifts as an empath? And who is Mr Mor, the man with a beard of bees? Inspired by real-life landscapes, folklore and the mythology of Ireland as well as the legends of Ancient Greece, this is a fantastical journey into the world of nature, poetry, elemental beings and the realms of an empathic heart.

"Elphia and the Golden Scroll of Pegasus is many books in one. A novel, a book of poetry, a lucid journal and a collection of short stories. I also suspect it is somewhat auto-biographical. However you approach this tome don't be surprised if it shows up in your dreams and magical journeys of your own. It has a way of planting seeds and activating slumbering parts of the reader's psyche in the most wonderful ways. Perhaps the best description would be to say it is a magical adventure that one embarks upon by reading. Enjoy and Bon Voyage!!" Laura Sequeira, Life Coach and founder of Way of the Rose Life Coaching & Retreats.

To see a small book reading of chapter five where Elphia meets the fairy Pebbleshore in the forests of Glengarriff, please click on the following link:

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