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The Consciousness of Weather and Storms - Neptune, Jupiter & the Moon

Something a bit lighter for this Pisces season for this full moon in Virgo on the 7th March 2023...

The photo of breaking waves was taken by Jeff Overs at Newhaven - please see the following article.

I was amazed to see some great shots of faces caught in waves during storms and one really shows a resemblance to Neptune, god of the sea. Yet what is perhaps more extraordinary is the astrology behind the scenes...during many of the storms, not only was Neptune in his ruling house of Pisces but he was in an intense opposition with the moon in Virgo. I've included some photos here, along with the astrology of the days. Neptune was the Roman god of waters and seas who also controlled the winds and storms. He is the ruler of Pisces, a water sign, with an astrological symbol of the two fish. It's also interesting to see the involvement of Jupiter in the astrology, intensifying the situations - Jupiter was the god of the sky, lightning and thunder and his symbol included the thunderbolt. Jupiter is thought to be a highly stormy planet and its great red spot is the largest storm in the solar system. These stormy days also seemed to show intense squares or oppositions, particularly involving the moon or Black Moon Lilith - aspects of astrology which are associated with water, tides, emotions and the shadow (wounded aspects and hidden power.)

Luna Healing

It is apt to share this today with Neptune in Pisces and the sun in Pisces at 16° 40' directly opposing the moon in Virgo tomorrow at 16° 40' at 12.40 pm! The sun is also in the decan of Andromeda, ruled by the moon, so divine feminine aspects or shadow may be brought to the surface. Andromeda in Greek mythology was the princess daughter chained to a rock in sacrifice to the sea monster Cetus in punishment by Poseidon (Neptune) for her mother's pride, vanity and arrogance. Yet Andromeda was rescued by Perseus (carrying the head of Medusa) and later became a queen in Greece. We may be invited to look at any of these shadow aspects and also to honour Andromeda's courage, vulnerability and willingness to face this 'ancestral monster' and heal these wounds of the mother line, releasing any chains that may bind us.

Hidden Power

Andromeda contained a hidden power - her name comes from Greek words meaning 'protector,' 'ruler over' or 'mindful of' her husband, men or human beings (andrós.) She could represent divine feminine or Luna energy which is protective and willing to use its power in a responsible, mindful and empowering way. Andromeda is connected with the mind and emotion - the moon. Totally alone and abandoned to the elements, Andromeda was stripped bare and left to find her own strength and soul - she was forced to let go of the outwardly power of fine dresses, make-up or expensive jewelry of a princess. Through facing a watery sea monster (destructive emotion,) and being willing to die (ego death,) Andromeda stepped deeper into her power; this yang energy was reflected outwardly, with the arrival of Perseus - a man who had also faced his feminine shadow (Medusa) and was subsequently blessed with its power. Being willing to face the unconscious undercurrents that bind us is powerful, not weak - through acknowledging where we are stuck or chained up, we can begin to find a way out and understand why we unconsciously choose to repeat old or hurtful patterns or emotions and understand more about the wiring of our nervous system. Andromeda also invites us to discover where we unconsciously sacrifice, self-punish or dishonour ourselves and the choices we can make to honour our lives, despite any ancestral burdens we may have witnessed. Conversely, Cetus the sea-monster asks us in what ways have we forgotten our divinity or truth and do we have the courage to acknowledge the (ancestral) pain, emotional hurt or anger we unconsciously create or may even be addicted to?

Every story can contain an empowering narrative - even the really bleak ones where at first glance it can seem like a weak female was rescued by a male. We don't have to throw our myths away - the wisdom in their bones is timeless. Like Andromeda (moon - mind,) we can know that we truly deserve to live to our highest potential and honour our soul (sol -sun,) even in the bleakest moments when all is stripped away and we are left to face the storms, seemingly alone. Never are we separate from the divine and sometimes all we need is patience and faith as we release old archetypal layers that do not honour us.

'The Horses of Neptune' by Walter Crane - his Greek equivalent Poseidon was connected with horses and Neptune became known as a god of horses (Neptunus equestris)

Everything is Consciousness

When we begin to understand that everything is consciousness - everything is the quantum field of energy and is interconnected, we can begin to understand how we are not separate from the weather. As we collectively evolve and are able to look deeper into our collective shadow, we may begin to gain more mastery with the elements and the elemental beings which are in tune with these cosmic forces.

“As above, so below; as below, so above”– The Kybalion.

The photo of breaking waves was taken by Jeff Overs at Newhaven - please see the following article.

This photo bears an uncanny resemblance to Neptune which was in its ruling house of Pisces at 23° 10' when this photo was taken on Tuesday, 6th July 2021 at 09:00 BST in East Sussex, UK.

Photo by Ian Sproat - taken from this article.

Just recently another face was seen in the breaking waves by photographer Ian Sproat who took photographs of the lighthouse at Roker Pier in Sunderland in north England on Saturday 25th February 2023. On this day, the sun was in Pisces along with Neptune again at 24° 25.'

Storm Justine - Neptune in Pisces opposing Moon in Virgo

Photo by Mathieu Rivrin / Solent News - please see the following article.

When this photo was taken during Storm Justine in Brittany, France on Saturday 30th January 2021, Black Moon Lilith and fiery Mars were both conjunct in Taurus at 11 degrees and Neptune was in Pisces again at 19 degrees. The photographer Mathieu thought that the image resembled Poseidon, (the Greek equivalent of Neptune.)

The following day on the 31st January at 17:08 pm, Neptune was in Pisces at 19° 15' and directly opposed the moon in Virgo at 19° 15.' Note the tension with Black Moon Lilith conjunct with Mars in Taurus and their tension from the square with Jupiter and the sun in Aquarius and many planets nearby.

Storm Dennis - Neptune in Pisces opposing Moon in Virgo

Photo by Simon Emmett from the following article.

When this image of waves of storm Dennis was taken on Friday, the 14th February 2020, Neptune was in Pisces again at 17° 32'.

Yet the storm actually began on the 11th February and you can see where the opposition and tension began with Neptune in Pisces 17° 25' directly opposite the moon in Virgo at 17° 25' at 3:29 am! Storm Dennis was considered to be one of the largest extratropical cyclones recorded - the cyclone developed into a storm on the 11th in the north Atlantic affecting the north of Europe - mainly Ireland, the UK, Sweden, the Netherlands and Norway bringing destructive winds and heavy rainfall, creating flooding in areas.

Astrology for Storm Dennis - 11th February 2020, 3:29 am - the red lines show the tension between the opposing moon and Neptune. Nearby Mercury in Pisces communicates the message clearly! Note the fiery Aries energy with Black Moon Lilith, Chiron and Venus all close together in neighbouring Aries.

Storm Eunice - Neptune in Pisces opposing Moon in Virgo

Interestingly, a similar opposition between the moon and Neptune occurred during Storm Eunice which formed on the 17th February 2022 - it was an intense extratropical cyclone which caused much damage across Europe and included strong winds reaching its highest record of 196 km/h in the UK - millions of people were left without power and properties were damaged.

Astrology for Storm Eunice - 18th February 2022, 13:22 pm. Note the tension between the exact opposition of Neptune in Pisces at 22° 01' and the moon in Virgo at 22° 01' - Jupiter is near Neptune in Pisces, expanding those watery energies. Note also the tension from the T-Square with Black Moon Lilith as well at 23° 50' in Gemini.

Longest Lightning Flash

Image of the lightning bolt from this article.

On the 29th April 2020, the longest lightning flash was recorded, measuring over 767 kilometres (477 miles) across Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi in the USA. Severe weather was seen throughout USA in the month of April with wind damage, storms and tornadoes - with 267 tornadoes confirmed throughout the month. Interestingly, the astrology is revealing - Jupiter, the god of the sky, thunder and lightning was in an exact opposition with the moon in watery Cancer on this day! Neptune was also in his favoured place, in Pisces!

Astrology for the 29th April 2020 at 14:28 pm in Texas. Note the exact opposition between the Moon in its ruling sign, Cancer at 26° 53' with Jupiter in Capricorn at 26° 53' and neighbouring Pluto (king of the underworld/subconscious) and Saturn (father/systems/government) close together. There is also a T-square with the sun in Taurus and nearby Uranus and Mercury. Neptune is happy in Pisces, yet Black Moon Lilith and the wounded healer Chiron are adding some tension from Aries. There is a supporting earthy energy pushing the collective out of the south node in Capricorn towards the north node in Cancer where the moon is and the "electrifying" polarising energy to work through. Interestingly, it was during this year that the USA had their presidential elections.

The Great Storm of 1987

The Great Storm of 1987 happened on the 15-16th October 1987 with the most important warning issued by the Met Office at 01:35 am to the Ministry of Defence regarding anticipated affects from the storm and the possible need for military assistance. It was close to this time (01:50 am) that the moon and Black Moon Lilith were in exact conjunction in Leo! This extratropical cyclone brought hurricane-force winds which caused damage and casualties across the UK, France and the channel islands. The highest gust recorded was 119 kn (220 km/h; 137 mph) in Brittany and many trees fell down - in the UK it is thought that 15 million trees came down and there were power cuts in the south-east.

Photo from the following article about the storm of 1987 in Cornwall.

Astrology for the Great Storm on the 16th October 1987 at 01:50 am. Note the exact conjunction of Black Moon Lilith and the moon at 6° 33' in Leo. There is tension between this conjunction and three planets in Scorpio (including Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio) and a close opposition with the sun in Libra and Jupiter in opposing Aries. Jupiter, the king of the sky, thunder and lightning was expanding the energies. Interestingly, the collective north node is at the start of Aries as well at 1° 14.'

The Great Blizzard of 1891

The great blizzard affected the south of England mainly between the 9-13th March 1891 - an estimated 200 people and 6000 animals died in cold conditions with strong winds and up to 4.3 metres of snow in some areas! The astrology was particularly intense during this time with many opposing energies and includes our favourites again in strong positions including a T-Square with the moon, Black Moon Lilith, Jupiter and Neptune!

The astrology for Monday, 9th March 1891 at 14:01 pm - quite intense! At 14:01 pm the moon in Pisces at 5° 42' directly opposed Black Moon Lilith in Virgo at 5° 42.' Jupiter, god of the sky, had also entered nearby in Pisces and the Piscean energy had formed a T-Square with Neptune and Pluto (god of the underworld/subconscious) in Gemini as well as the collective north node - note the cross of the four mutable signs. On top of that, Uranus at 0° 55' in Scorpio was directly opposing fiery Mars at 0° 50' in Taurus! Here we see another cross with the four fixed signs (Chiron just leaving fixed Leo.)

In six out of eight of these examples, Neptune (god of the sea) was in his ruling house of watery Pisces - here he is really in his 'element.'

Walter Crane's Neptune's Horses (c.1892)

"Down Poseidon dove and yoked his bronze-hoofed horses

onto his battle-car, his pair that raced the wind

with their golden manes streaming on behind them,

and strapping the golden armor round his body,

seized his whip that coils lithe and gold

and boarded his chariot launching up and out,

skimming the waves, and over the swells they came,

dolphins leaving their lairs to sport across his wake,

leaping left and right—well they knew their lord.

And the sea heaved in joy, cleaving a path for him

and the team flew on in a blurring burst of speed,

the bronze axle under the war-car never flecked with foam,

the stallions vaulting, speeding Poseidon toward Achaea’s fleet."

Homer describing Poseidon (Neptune) in The Iliad, Book XIII

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