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Julian Assange - A Story of Neptune and Saturn

On the 16th October, Pluto (karma, lessons, death and transformation) starts moving forward from the deepest point it will reach in Capricorn (father, government, systems and work) - it has been an intense time of examining our systems and finding out what is and isn't working and of shining a light and purging the darkness so that we can rebuild. In this post I would like to bring to attention some areas in our systems where justice is still required and I hope that you will join in with these prayers for justice. The main issue we will look at here is Julian Assange and his astrology and what his Higher Self may envision, moving forwards. His astrology is fascinating and very aligned with this theme of the purging of Capricorn, ruled by Saturn (the father) - it is clear to see these father/government issues in Julian's situation.

If you find anything triggering in this post, please be as open-minded as possible and see it as an opportunity to bring healing to any subconscious aspect, shadow, egoic filtering or programming which is ready to be released.

Julian Assange - What is the Plan of his Higher Self?

I believe that Julian has been unfairly smeared in character and ask for justice for Julian, so that he is not extradited to the USA. I am not alone in being incredibly grateful to Julian and all the work he has done in exposing issues of public interest and there are many supporting him during these recent years in which he has suffered extreme physical and mental hardship in confinement.

On the 5th September 2023 it was announced in a statement by Australian human rights lawyer and Assange campaign advisor Greg Barns that: "Australians are united in their view that this matter must come to an end now." Australian MPs have recently visited the USA to start negotiations about Julian and shared a letter from 63 Australian MPs stating that the issue had “dragged on for over a decade” and that it was:

“wrong for Mr Assange to be further persecuted and denied his liberty when one considers the duration and circumstances of the detention he has already suffered. It serves no purpose, it is unjust, and we say clearly – as friends should always be honest with friends – that the prolonged pursuit of Mr Assange wears away at the substantial foundation of regard and respect that Australians have for the justice system of the United States of America.”

Photo of Julian Assange from 2014, by David G. Silvers, Cancillería del Ecuador.

Julian's Astrology

Julian's higher self is working through a major conflict with the opposing energies of Neptune at 0°42 in Sagittarius (higher mind) and Saturn at 1°40 in Gemini (lower mind) on his descendent. His ascendant at 2° in Sagittarius may mean that he has a natural predilection towards the dreams and visions of Neptune in Sagittarius (higher thinking, philosophy, beliefs, astrology, ethics) meaning that he may have strong principles and ethics, but may be ungrounded and get lost in his visions which may be 'ahead of time' and therefore seen as unrealistic for the current systems. He has a strong need to ground these visions with the opposing Saturn who rules Capricorn and governs our systems and work in society. At the moment he needs to befriend Saturn's energy in order to bring some of his higher visions of Neptune in Sagittarius into reality. Instead of seeing the system (Saturn) as something to fight and oppose, how can his Neptune help the systems of Saturn to evolve and grow? In this way he can help to balance these opposing energies in his chart and get through this internal conflict which is manifesting as external struggle.

Saturn can also represent the father which is interesting because Julian's father was absent from his life from the age of three until Julian was in his twenties. His mother then divorced her second partner when Julian was eight and later had a turbulent relationship with Leif Meynell of an Australian cult called The Family for three years. There may be deep-held childhood beliefs of feeling unwanted by the father or worse.

Healing with the Father

This may explain why Julian may have got lost in the Neptune energy instead of finding a balance between his opposing Neptune (the son) and Saturn, (the father.) The shadow side of Neptune (ruler of Pisces) can include delusions, escapism, drugs, codependency and messy boundaries and since his Neptune is found in the higher mental realm of Sagittarius, he may have got lost in his mind with thoughts and visions which may not have been grounded with the present day realities and systems - this has enabled him to show the problems with current systems, but he has sorely paid the consequences for it. Growing up, Julian became a skilled hacker, yet he followed a system of self-imposed ethics (Sagittarius) and used the following term on his Wikileaks autobiography, calling himself Australia's "most famous ethical computer hacker."

Julian will need to heal this by connecting with a healthy father energy of Saturn so that there is not a tendency to get lost in the mind or go into escapism. He needs a father/system/government/Saturn that cares about him and is there for him. Apparently Julian's father re-entered his life a few years ago, campaigning for his son's freedom and the recent news about Australian MPs stepping forward is a good blessing for him.

The Triumph of Neptune - Roman mosaic, Tunisia, late 2nd century.

At the moment, the USA is playing out this conflict between his idealising Neptune and the old systems of Saturn. His conflict between the son Neptune and father Saturn is astrological - playing out as Wikileaks as 'the son' against the American system and it has been reported that CIA officials had discussed plans to assassinate Julian in the past. Julian may need to find a way to connect with the American systems as they are right now and see himself (and Wikileaks) as a vehicle for visionary evolution and change within that system, rather than as a force of conflict or total destruction - what system does he envision where there is no conflict and he would not be attacked and what would that look like? What would a system be like where Julian and all beings are heard and respected - a system of responsibility and accountability - a system of repentance for past deeds and making amends regarding any issue of public interest? The following quote by Julian is quite revealing and perhaps reveals the crux of the issue:

"We all only live once. So we are obligated to make good use of the time that we have and to do something that is meaningful and satisfying. This is something that I find meaningful and satisfying. That is my temperament. I enjoy creating systems on a grand scale, and I enjoy helping people who are vulnerable. And I enjoy crushing bastards."

Saturn holding a sickle - fresco from a Roman house in Pompeii.

At the moment his Saturn (father) doesn't want to allow this opposing son to get too powerful and he's making that very clear - no human being is ever given that much power - can Julian's Neptune become more humble and work for the evolution and change of Saturn's systems instead of being totally against them and appearing as a powerful threat?

Mythology of Saturn and Neptune

In the mythology of Saturn (Cronus in Greek mythology) it was told that he feared his children would become more powerful than him and overthrow him and so he swallowed up Neptune (Poseidon) and his siblings after they were born. Neptune's mother Ops (Rhea,) the goddess of earth and fertility, tried to save her children and when she was pregnant with her last child Jupiter (Zeus,) she gave Saturn a rock wrapped in clothing which he swallowed instead and she raised Jupiter in secret. In the Greek mythology, Zeus was given an emetic by Gaia which he used on his father Cronus (Saturn) who vomited up his children. A great war then broke out called the Titanomachy or War of the Titans in which Zeus and his siblings including Poseidon, overthrew Cronus and the Titans. The mythological stories then differed with some describing how Cronus remained in Tartarus, the prison of the gods, for all time. While other stories said that Zeus freed Cronus who went to live in the divine Isle of the Blessed.

Cronus receiving the wrapped rock from Rhea, thinking it was his son Zeus - 19th century frieze by Karl Friedrich Schinkel.

The Ancient Systems of Saturn

The following is taken from my blog-post about Saturn and time:

In Roman mythology, Saturn was the father of many gods including Pluto, Neptune, Jupiter, and was the founder of the first Latin tribe - he strongly embodied 'father' energy. He was the god of time, wealth, periodic renewal, agriculture and liberation – his name was derived from satus meaning sowing. Saturn reigned during a Golden Age of peace and abundance. In Roman mythology, according to Virgil, he arrived to Italy as a fugitive but brought agriculture, statutes and systems of civilisation and taught the nature spirits many things including law and how to yoke bulls and save their grains. Yet it was described that this golden age was followed by degradation, which we have directly experienced in our age now:

"thus, in peace and quietness, did he rule the nations; till gradually there crept in a sunken and stained time, the rage of war, and the lust of possession.” From Virgil's Aeneid.

Chronos and his Child by Giovanni Francesco Romanelli from the 17th century.

Julian needs to see that he is the son (Neptune on ascendant) but he is also the father (Saturn on descendant.) Can he embrace the trustworthy and responsible father part of himself and end the power struggle?

Through Wikileaks, Julian created a system which allowed sensitive or secret documents to be published which revealed hidden agendas of the current systems. Here you can see the conflict of Neptune in the higher mind, opposing Saturn in the lower mind. Many of these documents revealed how the USA had made plans to isolate Iran politically and economically due to fears about its development of nuclear weapons and Wikileaks published nearly 750,000 sensitive documents leaked by whistleblower Chelsea Manning concerning the Iraq and Afganistan wars. In 2016 Wikileaks released documents regarding the presidential campaigns in America and Hilary Clinton.

Sexual Assault Allegations

In 2010, he faced allegations of sexual assault from two women in Sweden who had volunteered for Wikileaks and an international arrest warrant was issued - Assange said he would go to Sweden if it was guaranteed that he would not be handed over to America, but was not given this guarantee and by 2017, Sweden suspended their investigation due to a lack of evidence over time.

The following was written about Anna Ardin, (one lady who had made allegations,) in an article published in 2010:

"In January this year, well before WikiLeaks began dumping US diplomatic cables on the web and long before she had ever met Assange, she published a manual on how to ''systematically take revenge'' on ''someone who cheated or who dumped you''.

She wrote: ''Do a brainstorm of appropriate measures for the category of revenge you're after … You can sabotage your victim's current relationship, such as getting his new partner to be unfaithful or ensure that he gets a madman after him.''"

In 2021, Anna wrote a book about her experiences with Assange and the following was written about it, from this article:

"Ardin's move to promote her book on a TV chat show has been sharply criticised by Anne Ramberg, the former head of Sweden's bar association, who claims Assange is the real victim of the legal and diplomatic fray.

'To now write a book and make a career of what is described as abuse seems extremely questionable,' Ramberg tweeted, adding that Assange 'should be considered innocent'."

Julian in 2006, photo by Julian Assange & Martina Haris.

Healing the Lessons of Nessus

The allegations of 'humiliation' and 'abuse' involved Julian apparently leaving turds in the toilet of her flat, not washing and leaving the smell of sweat in the house and not using a condom and having unprotected sex - despite this Anna continued to allow him to stay in the flat and later threw a crayfish party for him. A second complainant had consensual sex with Julian, but one morning woke up to discover he was having sex while she was "half asleep" - to which Assange's lawyers said would indicate she was "half awake." It was considered to be an allegation of a minor rape, yet the investigation was dropped in 2019 due to weak evidence over that time. If the unprotected aspect is true, it is a disrespectful and unfortunate mistake of the past, but in the grand scheme of things, it seems to have been pounced upon and blown out of proportion and the defence team of Assange suggested "motivations of malice and money in going to the police." Assange shared his own version of events publicly which can be read about here which described how Anna had thrown a party for him after the alleged 'assault' and had seemed happy and had even shared a photo on Facebook of Assange in her bed. Assange admits to being "cold" in sleeping with the two women at the same time and that his distant and self-confessed "chauvinist" behaviour, in not returning calls or paying enough attention afterwards, may have stirred up the revenge of the women.

Anna's book was published in 2021, eleven years after the alleged assault happened and the issue brought up a lot of controversy, with some believing that these allegations were false and part of a smear campaign and a political agenda to silence Assange. Perhaps we will never know the truth on this, due to the lack of evidence, but I'm sure all individuals involved learnt whatever lessons or karma they needed to and that everyone deserves to move on and make different choices.

"The theory that Ardin may be an active spy - or even just a naive participant in a conspiracy involving a Swedish intelligence agency trying to get close to its American counterpart - could obscure a more simple proposition: that she is a spurned lover who has seized the chance to go after a man who has made himself the No.1 enemy of the US." From the following article.

Julian's Nessus (abuse patterns) is found in his 7th house which is to do with relationships meaning that if there is any form of abuse happening in his life, then it's likely to spill into his relationships, which he will need to gain awareness of and I am sure he has over the years - he is now blessed with marriage and has a family. What is quite remarkable is that a partner chart between Julian and Anna reveals that her Nessus in Cancer at 10°39, lines up almost exactly with Julian's sun in Cancer at 10°38 - their encounter was written in the stars and something involving Nessus (abuse patterns, revenge, obsession, manipulation and deviant sexuality) needed to be resolved.

Wall fresco from Pompeii showing Heracles with the devious centaur Nessus.

Healing Between Men and Women

Nessus in Cancer can relate to family abuse (the mother,) manipulative abuse or abuse in the home (domestic abuse.) Nessus is called 'the abuser' in astrology and can represent intergenerational or ancestral wounds. The astrological alignment suggests that Anna's Nessus at 10° Cancer may have put a severe dampening on Julian's sun (light) at 10° Cancer and Julian would need to go within and connect with his core divine Self in order to heal it and shine love to all beings, with respect and compassion. This is deep healing work and likely represents something ancestral (or collective) most likely relating to a lack of respect between women and men and manipulative or lustful sexuality. Nessus also allows us to end generational abuse patterns - understanding what our Nessus is doing allows us to have awareness.

"I may be a chauvinist pig of some sort but I am no rapist, and only a distorted version of sexual politics could attempt to turn me into one" - Julian Assange.

A Davison chart for Julian and Anna reveals the relationship dynamic or third energy that is generated between them and it is quite revealing. Neptune is conjunct with their IC (childhood) meaning that they both may have experienced escapism in childhood or an absent parent, leading to getting lost in the oceanic imaginal world. Mercury is in his ruler-ship in Gemini conjunct with their MC (mid-heaven) meaning that they have clear things to communicate, even publicly. Their part of fortune is conjunct with their ascendant in Virgo (the healer) meaning they came together to do some profound healing work and may have triggered each other to bring up some deeper aspects from childhood. Black Moon Lilith (the wounded feminine - Lilith was Adam's first wife) is conjunct with the descendant in Pisces - this can relate to a wound in trust, intimacy and vulnerability and a need to escape through addictions with substances or people.

I pray for all these issues to be resolved and collectively for there to be more respect and compassion in relationships between men and women on this planet.

Living for 7 Years in the Ecuadorian Embassy

During this time of these Swedish allegations, Assange sought political asylum from the Ecuadorian government and had felt abandoned by the Australian government (the father) and his lawyers described a letter by Australian attorney-general, Nicola Roxon, as a "declaration of abandonment" in its refusal to aid Julian at an international level.

In 2012, Ecuador granted Assange asylum stating that "as a consequence of Assange's determined defense to freedom of expression and freedom of press... in any given moment, a situation may come where his life, safety or personal integrity will be in danger" and he could stay at the embassy indefinitely where he lived in a converted office until 2019. Julian's partner conceived two children during this time and there was clearly a strong emotional bond between them all despite the challenges of living in these extreme conditions.

In 2019, Julian faced another abandonment when Ecuador revoked his asylum status (Julian's father believed this was due to Ecuador receiving a loan from the USA) yet Ecuador listed nine reasons which had included Assange accessing Ecuador's security files and the president Moreno stated "the patience of Ecuador has reached its limit on the behaviour of Mr. Assange." It must be remembered that Julian spent seven years in a confined space at the embassy experiencing surveillance and it must have had a toll on his physical and mental health. During those years Wikileaks released a lot of information regarding US tactics including global surveillance of other country's governments and CIA hacking techniques. During this time, a Wikileaks staff member assisted Edward Snowden who had leaked classified documents about global surveillance. The roots of this can be traced back to the 1940s with the UKUSA Agreement which eventually expanded to become the Five Eyes Alliance with New Zealand, Australia and Canada joining the alliance.

Julian at the Ecuadorian embassy in London in 2012. Photo by Snapperjack from London, UK.

Belmarsh Prison

After leaving the embassy, Julian was placed in Belmarsh prison on the 1st May 2019, (which was Beltane.)

17 more charges were placed against Julian related to the Espionage Act of 1917 of a USA court of law. This Espionage Act made it a crime to;

"To convey information with the intent to interfere with the operation or success of the armed forces of the United States or to promote its enemies' success. This was punishable by death or imprisonment for not more than 30 years or both."

The act has been criticised however due to the obvious problem for whistleblowers and free speech in situations pertaining to public interest. A 2015 study revealed that non-governmental representatives who were interviewed all:

"thought the Espionage Act had been used inappropriately in leak cases that have a public interest component....experts described it as 'too blunt an instrument,' 'aggressive, broad and suppressive,' a 'tool of intimidation,' 'chilling of free speech,' and a 'poor vehicle for prosecuting leakers and whistleblowers.'"

According to Amnesty International:

"Publishing information that is in the public interest is a cornerstone of media freedom and the public’s right to information about government wrongdoing. Publishing information in the public interest is protected under international human rights law and should not be criminalized."

Protecting Whistleblowers

I pray for justice in regard to this system and ask for more protection for whistleblowers and free speech so that any abuse of power can be brought to the attention of the public. If a system is engaging in any abuse of power, there needs to be safeguards for whistleblowers.

Since being detained, Julian's health has been deteriorating and in 2020 Australian MPs became involved to try and prevent his extradition - many are concerned about his mental and physical health and that he has showed signs of severe mental distress. In January 2021, due to his mental health and risk of suicide it was announced that he would not be extradited. Yet in 2022 the extradition to the USA was approved and an appeal was presented to the European Court of Human Rights. The European Federation of Journalists also appealed to the UK government on Julian's behalf amidst concerns about the impact of his detention on journalist freedoms and the International Federation of Journalists appealed to the US government. In September 2023, 63 Australian MPs asked the US to drop charges and some MPs flew out to America for discussions.

Julian's wife Stella and supporters in 2022 - photo by Alisdare Hickson.

'Free the Truth: Free Assange'

Films for Change are currently finishing their documentary called 'Free the Truth: Free Assange' and it will be shown at the Byron Bay film festival in the last week of October 2023. It will be shown at festivals across the world and they are aiming to get it into cinemas. Please see the following to support this project. A trailer for the film can be found here.

"We have a right for this nightmare to come to an end, once and for all." Stella Assange, Julian's wife.

Julian's true North Node is found at true astrological Imbolc at 15° in Aquarius, falling on one of the four cross-quarter days. This area of Aquarius (truth, frequency, society, technology) is found in his third house, ruled by Gemini governing the 'lower mind,' of language, words, ideas, creativity and wit. Julian's true direction is working with technology to bring more truth in society and developed understanding in the realm of ideas and language - this fits his work perfectly.

The Internal and the External

Julian's case may bring up some things for us all to reflect upon regarding our own father/government/Saturn energy. Some of the following questions may be triggering which may reveal something deeper for vital healing since we manifest from a place of love rather than conflict. These themes may bring up a lot of shadow work, for us all.

What parts of the system are working and we can be grateful for and respect? Do we overlook the benefits of our current systems and constantly focus on the faults and corruption? There are many aspects of the current system which we may overlook and take for granted since they are so ancient, for example the system of time. Can we see that corrupt aspects exist alongside the positive aspects? How can we balance our gratitude for aspects of the current system, while recognising that there is space for it to evolve and change and what do we wish to manifest collectively moving forwards? Distrust of our father and distrust of the government are interconnected - that it is not to say that any distrust is without reason - but how do we resolve it? How do we perceive our own father? With love, with compassion, with fear, with terror, with hatred or with sorrow? If we experienced trauma with our father, can we remember any bits that did work and 'milk them'? How can we bring out the best in our father, rather than constantly focus on the negatives? These are also questions for myself.

If you would like to show some support for Julian, the following website and this website have many useful links including petitions and how to write to Julian.

A Cashless Society? A Digital Era? Centralised AI?

Cash campaigners have been protesting in London at Parliament Square and there are concerns about agendas pushing for a cashless society. A recent YouGov survey in June 2023 of 2,101 people revealed that 69% were opposed to the UK becoming a cashless society and only 12% supported the UK becoming cashless. 71% said that they supported a proposal to make it a legal requirement for businesses to accept cash as a payment choice and 7% opposed this. Only 3% claimed to have never used cash in the last 12 months, with 27% people claiming to have used it within a week and 20% used it within a fortnight. It's a small survey, yet these figures demonstrate that the majority of those asked are using cash despite what the banks or "research fellows" might claim that cash is becoming a minority interest and I do not feel that any bank should be given that amount of centralised control. That being said, I do not trust some people who are campaigning for cash. It is wise to be discerning in these times and to be aware of controlled opposition who can infiltrate movements or discredit them and they can thereby lose momentum.

Cash in my Local Town

If we truly wish to protect cash it is vital that we use it. A cafe in our town of Glastonbury no longer accepts cash and I asked why this was the case and a worker shared that it was because they didn't have business banking in the High Street and that it wasn't easy to do satellite banking etc. After my discussion with him, I did wonder why certain banks don't make it easy for some businesses to process their cash. There didn't seem to be any agenda for the cafe in promoting going cashless, however they were aware that people in the local community are concerned about the implications of making these choices. Another shop owner in Glastonbury said he will never stop taking cash and didn't seem convinced about the inconveniences involved in taking cash - he said that although he had to go to another town to process the cash and that it does take up time, he said that it has benefits in other ways which outweigh the negatives. He was also concerned about agendas of control involved in any propositions to go cashless in society - control issues which we have seen in recent years in particular.

Perhaps there needs to be more support for local businesses to process their cash. There are many in the community here that don't wish for banks to become too powerful and overly centralised through digital footprints and digital IDs etc. No bank or entity should have this much power where they could see every detail of our lives and where we would be reliant on them for our every transaction. China is an example of a society heading towards becoming cashless and recently launched the Digital Yuan.

I usually shop at my local health-food shop on the high street but needed to get a special ingredient at a local supermarket recently. To pay, I went to the only till that was manned by a human being, the rest of the shop was filled with self-checkout machines. As a principle, I avoid these machines and prefer to wait in queues and meet with a person and pay with cash. I also will boycott any places not accepting cash out of principle.

I do not like how these machines record our faces with cameras and the increasing surveillance of centralised AI intelligence which may in the future collect our shopping choices, 'digital identity' and bank details - this is not a future I ask for. (I believe that surveillance has a role in our society and at times it can be of benefit, for example in aiding crime, however there needs to be a balance and it should be used with wisdom.) In making this choice, I am letting my actions reflect my principles in supporting human jobs and prioritising human needs.

Digital Footprints

As I stood in the queue waiting to pay for my items, we noticed that a cup had been left in a coffee machine and was overflowing with coffee and steam was wafting all over the place. The lady called for help and soon a group of people had come out of the cafe and were trying to fix the machine. For some reason it felt very apt to see this, especially when I had made this deliberate choice to go to the only human at a till, instead of a self-checkout machine, (which have been developing in recent years to include cameras and other AI features.) Some scanners even replay footage back to the customer if an item has not been scanned correctly, with critics questioning the privacy issues here. The theme of privacy is coming up a lot in this blog.

I am not criticising AI in general and have written about this topic in the following blog - I respect this form of technology and also use it, (for example every time I use a search engine) but I believe that we are at a critical point in society to decide its direction and the need for it to be in harmony and balance with nature and used with respect, yet discernment. I am against giving our power away to AI and feel that we need to be very wise about our future and choices. Technological advancements which are marketed as more 'convenient' may actually strip us of our connection with our Higher Self - for example, people dependent on AI art generators fail to develop their own skill and craft and do not channel their soul's visions.

"Not everyone wants a digital trail and others simply cannot pay by card. The petitioners also expressed concerns about the cashless payments creating an enforced dependency on banks and a threat to privacy as people cannot meet anonymous payments. They stated that if we wish to uphold freedom of choice and the right to privacy, it is imperative that we protect the use of cash. There are dangerous political implications with going cashless as instances of banks and financial service providers closing accounts for political reasons are not unprecedented and are clearly at odds with liberal society's cornerstone of freedom of belief. In an age of technology, of algorithms, digital footprints and cybercrimes, it is understandable that some and indeed perhaps many of our constituents would prefer the financial privacy offered by cash transactions. Indeed some of those constituents who wrote to me in recent weeks to raise this point, many stated they regard barriers to using cash as a violation of their right to privacy. Clearly cash remains an important and valued part of our transactional landscape, and as such, the ability to both access and use cash must be protected." Shared MP Martyn Day in a talk to government in the spring of 2023 amidst concerns about certain shops not accepting cash in the UK. Whereas in France, it is illegal for businesses to refuse to accept cash.

Protests Regarding Dangerous Driving

In September, protests were held across UK towns and cities in concerns about dangerous driving and concerns that Rishi Sunak is planning to curb speed restrictions in certain areas. There have been many concerns about dangerous driving involving high speeds in Birmingham in particular with the recent death of four people including two children, and the serious injury of four others. One twelve year old, Azaan Khan, was killed after being hit on his bike, by a driver who was on drugs.

Phoebe Johnson was killed in October 2021 in a car crash after her friend Melissa admitted to being too drunk to drive and in their last moments they were listening to loud dance music. Melissa was jailed for three years and will have to live with this for the rest of her life. Phoebe's parents have allowed the videos to be shared as a warning about the perils of dangerous driving.

I'm a cyclist and I've been feeling apprehensive and unsafe recently and it's not a nice feeling. I have had people shouting abuse at me from cars and on the pavement and this is dangerous - I could get startled and lose my focus. There needs to be more presence and patience on our roads - our energy and behaviour ripples out. It's not okay to hurl abuse at someone cycling uphill for example which may slow someone down for a few moments in a rare moment where there's not enough space to pass by. Every person we meet gives us the opportunity to send out blessings and uplift their day, or hurl out abuse and disrespect and lower the vibration of everything around them - why are people projecting their hatred or impatience onto cyclists? If people have tight deadlines, then why not leave earlier or plan ahead for any traffic? A friend told me that her cyclist friend received abuse from a driver who yelled at her for not paying road tax. This is someone going into blame, rather than becoming responsible for their own life.

Life is the Journey, not the Destination

Are people so intent on escaping the present moment to get to the destination because they are not enjoying the journey and are disrespecting everything they see and forgetting that everything is divine consciousness? How will they learn to enjoy being in their body and presence if they are so intent on escaping and getting to a goal - if they hate their commute so much, is it time to reflect on making a change? Are we lost in time and not in the present? Why is there more dangerous driving? Are delivery companies put on too much pressure to deliver by a certain time due to more online shopping and speedy delivery options? Are people lost in their minds and not in their bodies - are they distracted by phones, music or substances? Do people fully understand the consequences of what dangerous driving can entail and that it would completely turn their lives upside down if they ever knocked someone over? I ask for justice, wisdom and compassion in the collective systems in this regard.

Housing Concerns

A final note about housing. I have spoken to many people recently who have experienced housing concerns and struggled to find a place to rent or buy. A recent report has revealed that England is the hardest place in the 'developed world' to find housing and that many are trapped in poverty with rent prices being the highest in the UK out of Europe. Our system needs to support more varieties of homes including making it easier to put up small eco-homes and I ask for more creative initiative from our government in this respect and I hope you will join in with these prayers.

Many blessings for a beautiful new earth.

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