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Ghosts, the Afterlife and House Healing

Trapped Souls

When doing a healing on a property, I will always start with a clearing for ghosts since they are very tuned into the house’s energies and can become quite disturbed when these energies shift. For my training in house healing, we studied from Adrian Incledon-Webber’s book ‘Heal Your Home’ who wrote the following about ghosts:

“Spirits are energy, just as we are, only subtly different. They have lost their outer shell (physical body), and exist only as energy patterns. However, they can still affect us – it really depends on how sensitive we are to their presence. All souls should move on from the earth plane. However, when they pass over, some get lost in the fog, whilst others die so suddenly that they don’t even realize that they are dead – especially those killed during a war or murdered. They can become trapped here on the earth plane. It is possible that some lose their faith just before they die…Once discovered, these lost souls can normally be quite easily moved on. This is not an exorcism; they are not being banished or sent off to bother someone else, but they are merely being given another chance to go to the light, to move off the earth plane. In fact, most are very keen to go, once given the chance…You will sometimes find a ‘tricky spirit’, someone who won’t move on due to the fear of what awaits them, perhaps retribution for what they have done whilst alive…Fear of retribution is a major reason for spirits not going to the light; it can keep them linked to the earth plane for many years – sometimes hundreds of years. They may fear what awaits them once they ascend, the possibility that it might be hell rather than heaven.”

'Tricksy Souls'

During a clearing, I always greet spirits with honour and explain that they will not receive punishment when they leave earth and that this was a learning planet where we experience many different archetypes, energies and karma as part of our soul’s evolution.

I recently lived at a hotel in Somerset during lockdown while the place was closed and I was looking for accommodation in the area. The hotel was an old farmhouse with parts dating from the 16th century. On my first night, I slept in a room next to the stairs and was woken up in the middle of the night by the sensation of a person sitting down on my neck. It didn’t feel good at all and I sat up, put the light on and did some healing energy work in the room. A couple of days later, I did some dowsing on the property and ghosts came up in the reading. Two were ‘tricksy’ souls and I needed to send some healing before they were willing to return to the light since they had been engaged in some detrimental activities on the earth planes.

Hotel Ghost

I later spoke with the owner of the hotel and she explained that her father, who didn’t believe in ghosts, had once stayed in the room opposite me and had been woken up by footsteps walking up and down the stairs and corridor every morning at 6am. He kept opening the door, yet saw nothing. These sounds also woke up a young lady who had been staying in my room. Interestingly, two clairvoyants once stayed at the house – one of the lady’s was followed by the ghost as she walked up the stairs and both could see him clairvoyantly. They described him as a ‘cantankerous sea-captain’ who was ‘long-toothed’ and well ‘in need of moving on.’ All of these descriptions matched perfectly with the energies I had felt through clairsentience on my first night at the hotel.

Conscious Transition

I recently attended a conscious death retreat by twin sisters Hannah and Eartha and we spoke about the process that a soul will take when they leave their body and experience life review where they lovingly examine the choices of their life and learn more about their soul’s evolution. We were taught a beautiful ceremony the sisters had received from the Q’ero people of Peru called a despacho in which gratitude or healing can be offered or a soul can be blessed as they move on through the various planes. We were also shown another way of helping a soul which is getting ready to transition who may be struggling due to regrets – it is possible to help people reclaim fragments of their soul and to forgive others or themselves – we were shown beautiful practises in which we can aid souls to let go of regrets or unfollowed dreams and help them in leaving the body.

Soul's Evolution

Eartha has a connection with a loved one in spirit who was present during the retreat - she feels him on the right-hand side of her body which she senses as goosebumps and cold rushes and often sees blue lights which can be seen captured in the photo here. This spirit is actively working with her soul through their heart connection in continuation of the rites of passage work they were doing together on the earth plane in a divine soul contract. This differs from a spirit who is stuck or lost on the earth-plane since they are working together in partnership for their soul’s evolution and collective ascension.

For more information about their work please visit:


The Dalai lama once wrote:

“Sometimes when I think about death I get some kind of excitement. Instead of fear, I have a feeling of curiosity and this makes it much easier for me to accept death.” Dalai Lama

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