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Starseed Awakening - Bringing Home To Earth

Since childhood, I have always had a fascination with faery and alien energy – in my first year at primary school I admitted to a couple of girls that I was an alien which wasn’t welcomed - I decided to keep these feelings to myself, yet they continued to persist. In my teenage years I remember walking down the road and feeling very peculiar in my body – I would look at my hands as if I was seeing an alien’s body and examine people’s faces with a sense of unfamiliarity, wondering why certain features were in those particular positions and had those shapes. In the playground at school, I loved creating games, using my imagination and enjoyed creating stories inspired by the X-Files in which I would usually play out the character of an alien.

As I matured, I no longer focused on these feelings and had forgotten about them until more recent times when I have been exploring spirituality and through listening to various spiritual mentors. I have found myself drawn to mentors who talked about souls with memories of incarnating in different star systems. During my awakening, I’ve had many mystical experiences with either elemental or alien realms and began to experience intense longings to go back home, away from earth – I felt a resonation with the elves as well as the Pleiades and was drawn to others who had described Pleiadian elves. I recently experienced a vision of another planet which felt like home and I had intense feelings of homesickness and being out-of-place – yet this information feels fully integrated into my field now and I know that part of my mission is to bring that harmony of home into my Earth experiences and these longings have lessened in intensity.

A popular topic discussed regarding this subject is the three waves of volunteers which was written about in a book by hypnotist Dolores Cannon. In her work she met many souls who revealed more about their mission in coming to the planet earth to aid with the collective ascension into a new earth out of patterns of fear, abuse, domination and control. Through this hypnosis work, Dolores identified three distinct groups or waves of souls. The first wave generation are currently in their late 50s to early 70s and had a very difficult time adjusting to life on this planet and were the pioneers, paving a spiritual pathway for the next generations to incarnate. The second wave of volunteers are in their early 30s and 40s and do not need to do anything during their time here – their presence alone is healing, yet paradoxically these individuals may find it hard to be around people – they don’t wish to create karma during their time on Earth and often want to fulfil their mission and go home. The third wave consists of highly evolved children who are sometimes referred to as crystal or rainbow children who have advanced DNA compatible with the new earth. These souls often identify with various star systems including the Pleiades, Sirius, Arcturus, Orion, Andromeda, Lyra and many more.

The Pleiades

“The soul is simply consciousness and when consciousness comes into form and comes into form through a human body, it differentiates itself, it allows itself to create an imprint through each life that it then carries into the next…What has been happening in recent decades is more and more people jumping onto the earth to try and raise the frequency of the earth, for the earth is a very important resource universally. It is very important that this planet gets to lift, not decline and so even though at this time you may identify that one of your problems is the way that humanity is using earth, it is taking more and more of you to see and feel things that way to help raise the vibration of the planet.” A channeled message from The Z’s by Lee Harris.

“We came here to bring home here. So it’s ok if you find yourself being cosmically homesick but calling this an illusion isn’t going to help you. Someone once said to me ‘this is all an illusion.’ I said ‘if it’s all an illusion then transform it, transform it so that everyone can dance’…and then we find why we’re really here which is to play at full capacity…Out of this eternal I Am came the entire universe with infinite versions of the universe and yet the first place where civilization as the dancing creation of that one I Am creator began in a cluster of stars called the Pleiades…and in the Pleiades came a society of beings who were perfect expressions of the one I Am. The Pleiades is the first place any soul travels from Source into form and oftentimes souls were returned to the Pleiades before returning to the one I Am Source…As the human started to go through its celestial and cosmic upgrade process during which time many souls from the Pleiades began entering the earth plane taking on human personas and to go through the journey throughout all levels of consciousness so to anchor the energy of the Pleiades that they were bringing through into all cells and DNA strands of the collective human experience.” Matt Kahn, ‘the Pleiadian Prophecy.’

“I ultimately believe in Oneness and that we are all from the Prime Source of the whole Universe that is the Universal Mind, but I think what really describes me best on earth now in this physical body is that I am a Pleiadian Starseed…I am also known as an Otherkin, a person who identifies with something else besides being just a human. As many of you can already tell, our perceptions of being human is changing and expanding to include different genders, identities, and now Otherkins. I am more specifically an Elvenkin, a person who identifies with Elves & the Fae in general within the Otherkin community.” Kimberley Lennon

“The Elven Ones came from the stars long ago, one of the Founder Guardian races of earth. They came in the beginning, and are woven with the earth's original celestial and starlight dream. They are a remembered aspect of our own STAR CREATOR soul, the one who creates from Pure Love and SOURCE CONSCIOUSNESS, in harmony with all the realms. There is an agreement, long written in the stars amongst the People of Peace, the sequencing of stargates that would be awoken ~ the galactic, celestial and Lemurian records made available once more so that we may return to the reality of earth's celestial, primordial light, the path of Immortal Starlight for a NEW DAWN.” Elen Elenna

"By the starlit mere of Cuiviénen, Water of Awakening, they rose from the sleep of Ilúvatar; and while they dwelt yet silent by Cuiviénen their eyes beheld first of all things the stars of heaven. Therefore they have ever loved the starlight, and have revered Varda Elentári above all the Valar.By J.R.R. Tolkien, 'The Silmarillion' on the waking of the first elves.

“I don't care if people believe in this whole idea of starseeds. I don't care. A lot of people will look at it and be like, oh, this is really weird, or they'll have their own perspectives of it, but I realized that my, my goal in life was not to come here just to like meekly put out information like I want to be somebody that's just always expressing what I believe and what I feel.” Aaron Doughty

“Are you having a starseed awakening? Is that you deep diver? Do you sometimes wake up realising that your entire life, something has shifted? You’re seeing life in a whole new way.” Ralph Smart, ‘10 Signs of A Starseed Awakening.’

“I have been channeling for 20 years now, working with a variety of beings from different star systems and dimensions. After about a year of channeling via automatic writing my abilities had strengthened to the point where I was hearing the words well before I was writing them. I put down the pen and paper and that’s when The 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective came through. The Ps, as I affectionately call them, were waiting for me to begin channeling verbally before working with me directly. Unlike most of the beings I channel, The Ps work with tone and sound which is why their dialect is different than my own. It’s not any one specific dialect. They simply use tones and sounds that resonate with you at a cellular level. When they work with you not only do you receive the information consciously but also at the cellular level as if you are receiving a healing.” Wendy Kennedy

“Why would you want to remember your story again? Of course, it might be creative and fun – and it is – but the real reason for telling the story now is so you can make a choice about which reality you will inhabit when your world splits into two paths…Since we believe that each one of you deserves total choice, we have come into your reality to describe these two paths to you…We have come all this distance and time because if you do not have a choice, then you have no free will, and then the essential basis of the universe – freedom of consciousness – ends.” ‘The Pleiadian Agenda’ by Barbara Hand Clow

Teal Swan, describing one of her medicine paintings: “The Vibration of the star cluster called Pleiades in the constellation Taurus, whose primary energy stems from it's nine brightest stars: Alcyone, Atlas, Electra, Maia, Merope, Taygeta, Pleione, Celaeno and Sterope. It is home to the extremely spiritually evolved and high frequency beings called the Pleiadians, whose purpose on our earth is to work through the layers of human consciousness to bring higher wisdom, greater connection and enlightenment to individuals during mankind's quest for the divine.”

“Our perspective is that all of you came into incarnation this lifetime not only for your own Earth experience, but to assist Earth in transforming its old templates, clearing it of the dark and negative energies that have seized power and control for millennia, and creating “New Earth”, a higher vibration planet based on the energies of love, true Divine power, and love, balanced with the masculine and feminine, with the Divine/Spirit/Source/God at the center, guiding everything.” Jill and Remi, Twin Flame Healers

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