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Free Reiki Session if you have received an Energy Card Reading

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Reiki can be sent long-distance and can bring healing and balance.  We are multi-dimensional beings and healing happens in layers - it is important to make wise choices in life in order to raise our vibration and Reiki work can be a powerful way to help us shift onto more positive timelines.  If you have already received an energy card reading in person or online, please contact me for a free Reiki session.

'Reiki' is a Japanese word meaning rei (soul - the divine) and ki (energy force) also known as chi. 

Reiki is a form of energy healing which enables the practitioner to direct chi or life-force energy to another soul. 

Ki, Chi or life-force is studied and understood in many spiritual traditions.
In China, it was studied in Qi Gong - in Chinese, Qi means breath or 'vital energy' as a metaphysical concept and Gong means work, practise or mastery.  
In India, this life-force energy was called Prana and was mastered through breathing techniques, meditation and yoga.
In more modern-times - this life-force energy has been called, for example, 'The Force' in the Star Wars mythology or simply 'energy' and understood in non-dual scientific circles and in quantum physics.

For more information about the compatibility of science and a spiritual understanding of the universe in terms of energy please see the following video:

Through energy work we can learn more about our energy bodies - our aura, chakras and meridians and can heal any tears, blockages or disturbances and bring our energy bodies into harmony and balance.

If you have already received an in-person or online card reading, please contact me for a free Reiki session. 

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